What Is Vaping About-It’s Simple Thinking Know Read

As you should all know what is vaping about the simple thinking that comes with it. The way you should be thinking about CBD Vaping.

This is not considered an ordinary pain reliever it is an all-natural plant. That has compounds within the flower itself and CBD is one of them.
As you may all know that CBD is the cousin of the THC plant Marijuana.

This one gets you stoned and high and releases endorphins in your head. That makes you feel that greatness the psycho affect. On the other hand, CBD is a targeted compound. Helps with different disorders such as,

CBD Vape

  • Epilepsy gives you seizures that you can not control.
  • Cancer patients, help with the pain they may experience or eating habits may not want to eat, and helps lots.
  • Arthritis can be in the hands, feet, knees, neck, back, anything that has a hinge or joint swollen and pocket of air.
  • PTSD helps you with calming down and relaxing as you should be not anxious.
  • Depression puts you in good moods and changes your thinking.
  • OCD, everything has to be done a certain way of obsession.

These all give you the benefits without the high involved like THC.


CBD is derived from the hemp plant itself.

Researchers found many results and use them for this plant with the magic that helps others.  Builds materials, rope, fabric, with many issues that we go through in life, not just you EVERYONE.

It is a natural pain reliever and stops serious seizures Epilepsy episodes. This is how it all got started with Charlottes Web the Farmers Bill was passed on December 20th, 2018 and made legal in all 50 states.

That is power, but they make so much more than just vape juice they make clothing, creams, tinctures, capsules, gummies, Flower, Dabs, Drinks, Candy, Paper, so many other things can be useful to the world.

  • Little Story, did you know in char noble nuclear plant. That had radiation everywhere do you know how they got rid of it, Hemp Plants.

  • The hemp plant has helped char-noble out so much. And with all the junk in the ocean, that could be cleaned up with? Hemp Plants, and but it would cost too much for them to grow them. To help out the world. There are so many great things CBD/THC has done.

  • Image by Mayya666 from Pixabay

Why Vaping

Vaping CBD is a great way to stop smoking cigarettes. And enjoy the clouds of relieving pain from the vape pen. That gives you the pleasure of not smoking and stinking like smoke.

This will not stop the pain completely, now that we have said that.

This is a self-treatment that you give yourself if you feel fatigued or in pain. That is continuous, helps relax, and keep you calm without the high.

These are all tips to take in if you have never been here before And know how we explain.
If not then we are prepared to educate you with the knowledge we have about vaping and why we do it.

Could be a good way to test if the pain subsides, off that Sciatica nerve, sometimes. It will not let up from pinching your back.
Vaping is the fastest way to ingest CBD to affect the body faster and feel relief.

How to tell the real from the fake?

Your asking probably, now this is the real deal and there are stories after story to tell.

Do we know that people think that you may get high from this plant?
NO, you may self treat yourself for the pain or any disorder that you may have or experience.

We have put the best facts and answers here for you to review and learn. Even if you do not purchase anything its just nice to have the knowledge, for any kind of information about Vaping CBD.

disposable vape pen
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We like to provide the best disposable Vape Pens.

These are to be discrete by throwing it away after uses.
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Things To Think About:

Vaping is a different way to treat your pain but not stop the pain! CBD is extracted from the hemp plant that is broken down as far as possible that must be extracted with CO2 methods.

Then this is called vape juice, CBD juice, Savage juice, which are a couple of different names they call the juice in general.

It is not actual oils next time you need to start reading the label on the bottles, the ingredients.

To see if they are using (PV) Polypropylene Glycerol, and (VG) Vegetable Glycerin, along with the cannabinoids and terpenes.

So if they are not using any of these then it is probably fake. This can harm you, you should not inhale any of this.

Can leave severe damage to the respiratory system.

And cause Pop Corn lung where even breathing can make you cough up a lung.

(WebEd) Says that “PopCorn Lung is the nickname for Bronchiolitis Obliterans”. It is when you breathe in chemicals that are used to flavor microwave popcorn.

After they have extracted all the flavor of greatness with terpenes that can smell up a room.
They put them into a cartridge. So that we all can have them different in taste. They have Peach, Grape, Lemon Lime, Passion, Driven, these are just some great tasking products we have.

They are going to come in ready bottles for you to fill. Whatever you have to use whether that be a Mod, Pod, Pen, there are already to use disposable pens.

As well that you have up to 500 puffs depending on how much you puff and vape.

You can refill and refill whenever you want this is going to make it easier.
But the pens are great as well, you can be discrete and throw away after done and get another one.
Don’t have to worry about coils, just the good old stander 510 battery, and the charger. Some don’t even use chargers. They come already put together work is done for you already.

Vape Pens
These are to refill the pen that you already have or a great gift
These are for the ones that you refill for your Mod, Pod, Pens

These cartridges are for the people that already have a setup.
But if you don’t then you can get one here as well. For the people who don’t know what this is, it’s a pre-filled cartridge.

You put this on the end of a 510 battery standard. Can still get this and enjoy the relaxed calm sensation that you receive from this.

We recommend comments and we will reply back let us know what you like.

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Who Is Using CBD Vape Pens

These consumers that want to make a change in there life to manage the pain you may experience.

Whether you have a disorder or in pain. this will not fix or correct any disorders. But this is self treat yourself your own risk.
Or you may have a bad smoking habit, cigarettes, and want to find other strategies. To stop smoking or to slow down.

Find natural ways to manage your,

  1. chronic pain such as Arthritis,
  2. Fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain
  3. Scoliosis- Bone spurs just to name a few.

How Much

Well, this is really no per-say amount but you choose by the way your pain levels are. Also the vape pen itself of how many puffs you take off of pen,

A. (This is very high) 2000-3000 Mg

B. (Just High) 600-2000 Mg

C. (This is Medium) 300-600 Mg

D. (This is Low) 50-200 Mg

It could be a little guide for you to follow if you don’t want to make one of your own. We hope this can bring you to levels, that you are comfortable with.

Or just know that others take more than this and don’t log or pay attention too.

This has little to no THC in each bottle so it will not show up in U. A’s.

Do people like to think that this makes you high? Yes But the results are,

Companies are supposed to have 0.03% of THC for it to be legal for them to sell.
For lower levels to be this low it would be considered Full Spectrum. Anything over is not legal and would not trust it as a great brand.

CBD Labels

Things You Still Need To Know

Again you should be checking the bottles so that you get way more information out of it. So that way you understand what you are looking for.
Get to know what flavors there are, they are all so tasty.

There are so many scams out there on making money off of fake bottles.  We have gathered up the best products.
That we know that this is the REAL-DEAL.

And the labels have everything that we have mentioned.
The percentage and the ingredients are all the right things that need to be intact for this to be legit. All of it’s up to date, you can taste and test what we think are the best products out there for you.

It is legal in all 50 states.

  There should be lots of stores by now and there are three states that you can not ship to. This is Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho.

Any other states it is legal to purchase and have but no shipping in those states.


This could be a great gift that you can give someone that you know can benefit from. Or you know someone with one of many disorders.
And out of options to try, give this a vape and you tell us what you think.

I bet the people you may know take all those medications?

And their side effects have more harm, than the actual medication doing good for you. They should take this and see if the disorder has any better effects on vaping your CBD.

But please don’t stop your medication and consult with a doctor before you do stop. We are no Doctor we just want for you to try another option.

This could help or it may not, your condition could be worse than it is, and you need to make an appointment with your doctor if so.

This is highly recommended by researchers and other consumers.  

That this does work and works great it’s no guarantee, everyone is different.
We want you to try it and let us know what you think please we would love to hear all about it.

Pro’s & Con’s Of Vaping CBD


This can help with the most difficult disorders that are out there.
The healing that comes from CBD is amazing and eye-opening. The way it stops seizures is astounding.

If you have read the articles that we write we talk about a little girl. Her name is Charlotte Figi, Age 13 that was helped by CBD tinctures.

She had over 200 seizures a day and when talking it she has about 1 to 2 a day. Then she had passed away April 3rd of 2020.

They say COVID-19 Killed her respiratory system that had failed but not for sure.

This changed everything and how the CBD industry took off.
And the bill was passed on December 20th, 2018, and was named the farmer’s bill. Other disorders such as,

  • Cancer- Helps with the eating issues and pain,
  • Inflammation of the joints,
  • Anorexia– can help with eating more.
  • Smoking- once again can cause cancer and nicotine issues.
  • Dementia– can help reduce it, not take it away don’t mistake, please.
  • Alzheimers- Also reduce the chance of getting it, not a cure or take away.

If you inhale the vape and smoke this way than you have experienced the fastest way. For the effects to hit you faster than any other way.
This does the job faster appose to eating it or using creams


Stop Smoking

There is a health risk to your respiratory system with vaping and smoking CBD.
Just cause its smoke it can cause asthma problems being hard to breathe, for long strenuous activities.

If you use vaping for long periods of time and when it heats up too much these two,

(PV) Propylene Glycerol,

(VG) Vegetable Glycerin,

when those two are overheated by the coil for long periods of time without changing the juice remains. Then it has a chemical reaction called carcinogenesis compounds, it is a big threat to your lungs.



This is an addiction to just vaping in general whether it is E-cig or the CBD. This is solely the purpose of smoking and just enjoying the smoke clouds.

And the relaxation of it.
People love the sensation of taking that deep breath and blowing out big smoke clouds.  The comfort can be addicting.

Having it in your hand also like a cigarette without nicotine can be addicting. Others smoke because they are bored, its ultimately up to you.
Too break those habits and cycles and use it for the right reasons to help yourself.
Look at it that way. There are going to be more articles so please look for them.

On where to find the best products.

Last Thoughts:

We are to the end and must say that if you have made it this far in reading than we thank you.

For taking the time to read all this and get educated by us if you did. I already know. We are now a doctor but we did our homework for you all.
There are many more disorders that can help not cure.
But have an impact.
Manage your pain so that you may do your daily duties. That you must do every day whether that maybe,

  • Getting groceries,
  • Side work,
  • Full-time jobs,
  • cleaning the house,
  • Kids taking care of them.

You can come home after a hard day at work and relax on the couch and vape.

And use other products as well as edibles and creams tinctures, they can have the same effect but take longer.

So that’s why you vape first and then put lotion after a nice hot bath and then rub down.

We are here to teach you the best way to manage any disorders that may occur.
Or if you just want to try vaping CBD,  but these compounds have lots of great success stories and motivation behind it all.

You see the majority of the world that takes high medications for there pain.

And many other disorders you see.
But the pills they all have worse side effects than they do to help treat you, so must think?

Have I heard or seen anyone die-off of CBD or THC?
These are both great things to use for complications as we do.
We self treat.

You can form bad habits by taking so many medications (PILLS).
The doctors sometimes just cut you off of your medication and then left to fend for yourself.

You have more troubles of winging yourself off of them, it does more harm.
The complications from pills oversee and overpowers what CBD vaping can do for you.

There is no comparison to these two and won’t ever CBD do show great value.

And the potential for the near future more and more people are saying they want to try it.

Let’s talk more and let’s hear your thoughts and questions that you may have.

Let’s discuss furthermore what you would like to hear more about or read.

Do you think that should we do a video for you? Don’t hesitate to ask us PLEASE.




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  1. I never really tried vaping as it was so hard me to get how does it work and that was afraid of the side effects so I just stick to smoking cigs. Reading this makes me want to try it out, I never knew it has a lot of benefits, I guess I was wrong after all lol. Great content, very helpful and very thorough!


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