What Is The Sciatic Nerve Pain About- How It Is Related To Me

This can sometimes be normal for some people, but what is the sciatic nerve pain about-how it is related to me. The most common thing that is always talked about is referred to as the nerve that runs from the bottom lower back & up and down the leg. In this article, we are going to cover what you can do for sciatic nerve pain if you are dealing with it. Sciatic nerve pain can be difficult to deal with if you don’t have the tools to deal with the nerve pain.

Sciatica nerve

The pain can stretch down the back end of the leg all the way to the toes if you have it bad. This goes to your hips through your Gluteus maximus this is usually found on one side of the leg (the right). Sciatic nerve pain can be difficult when you are working or playing with the kids at home, so we’ve put this together.

Let’s dive in

Pain Is Deeper Than You Thought:

sciatic nerve pain

These are due to bad back pinching sharp bone spurs or narrowing of the spine called “Spinal Stenosis”. Which can sit on the nerve and make it complicated to move off the couch cause “you know it’s going to hurt and won’t stop”.



At times there can be non-operative treatments that can help if you really use these techniques. These can cause severe inflammation and numbness of the leg or toes, there are severe cases enough to have surgery such as having have weakness in the

  • legs
  • Bladder
  • Or bowel changes

If these start to occur then you must consult a doctor we have don’t have a cure but we sure can teach and educate you all with the things that we are going through with this sciatica nerve pain.

  • We have done many things to stop the pinching pulling, tightening of the muscles, and spasms of the legs we have done so many things to help but nothing. We want to show you the best ways that you can try to make that pain go away so that you can manage your life the way you want.


What To Look For:

If it seems like your leg starts to get numb and swollen or inflamed this could be due to the sciatic nerve acting up and will get worse if left untreated.

I don’t know how you can forget about it only when you sleep that is the only time that you can fall asleep and not think of the pain. It could be really hard to sit and be comfortable in any kind of position with shooting pain that runs up and down the leg and won’t calm down

  1. Sit on the ground with both legs out
  2. Touch the knees first to get the feel of it.
  3. Then you want to try to reach the toes is the goal
  4. Then hold for 10-15 seconds and release
  5. Repeat the process four to five times in a sitting Position

Other things to look out for are how you walk, the straighter you are the better posture you have and less pressure on the nerve and sitting can be painful in certain positions like slumping over. Try to have a

good sitting stance and bend at the knees when picking up things.sciatic nerve pain

Would not advise picking up heavy things that can hurt your back or make the pressure on the sciatic nerve worse.

Stretches Could Ease The Pain

  1. Standing up straight put your feet together
  2. Bend to touch the knees at first to get the feel of it if it hurts let off a little
  3. Hold this for at least 10-15 seconds
  4. Back and forth touching the knees stretching the “Piriformis Muscle”
  5. Stand back up and try to touch the toes is the goal
  6. Repeat the process and do 10 of these if you can and whenever you feel the spasm

sciatic nerve pain

“Piriformis Muscle” is found in the Gluteus maximus muscles, this is really similar to the Sciatic Nerve This is called the “Piriformis muscle syndrome.

You have spasms and numbness up and down the leg also extremely painful along with the toes.

They are a lot alike in many ways so be sure to consult with your doctor to figure this out. Then you can come back and get some tinctures and relax the way you need to or manage your pain.

Types Of Muscles It Hurts:

The Biceps Femoris: is the muscle that is also affected by sciatic nerve endings and spinal disk herniation can pinch you as much as you

  • sit in awkward positions and not upright straight
  • walking crooked have good posture
  • standing leaning to the side
  • jump of or onto things
  • bending over as we said, try to avoid lifting heavy things

You should massage the spot that hurts with some creams that we have, that you can check out right here.

If and when the nerve starts to relax put that warm towel on there and that should get the blood flow going. That way your blood vessels will not get inflamed and your leg won’t be swollen.

This can be good practice if this is something that you are going to live with the rest of your life and not have surgery.

Spinal stenosis, “spondylolisthesis Piriformis syndrome” is the most common problems caused by compression or irritation of the sciatica nerve they are all by the pelvic girdle called the “OS

coxae” in Latin this means “bone of the hip”.

Nerves have Articular and Muscular branches off into two terminal branches tibial nerve and the common one Peroneal nerve.

Articular branches are in the top part of the nerve that supplies the hip joint.

Muscular branches lower back bicep femoris.

Does The Pain Go Away:

Well, to be honest, the short version would say yes, and it could be temporarily, and if you do your own exercises for sciatic nerve pain, then you can make the pinch and pull of the nerve go away.

This could be a lack of not getting up too much,h or sitting on the couch for long periods of time with not stretching at all or you may have to sit cause it hurts so bad.

Your sciatic nerve pain can be worse than you think and could need to consult a doctor


This can go away in about 5-10 weeks if you have the tools to make the pain go away. Also can not stress enough to stretch the legs out make it a habit.

Other things can interfere with this as well as weight or being disabled and can not do anything but use prescription drugs from the doctor.

If you do sit for periods of time make sure that you sit up straight and not slumped over straight as possible or you will continue to feel pulling in the lower back Piriformis Muscle.

Things To Use:

You can get those stretching bands to make the stretch easier and more comfortable for the sciatic nerve pain that you may experience, and have control of the situation you can do some stretches that were mentioned earlier.

We will put a couple more to help with this, we suffer from the same thing and just want to share information with everyone.

Also, you can use CBD products this can block receptors that are connected to the Nervous system and you can leverage this to workout or after.

Make sure to stretch those legs!

Does sleeping get interfered with the sciatica nerve messing up or pulling, does it make you wake up from a deep sleep and hard to go to bed. When you are asleep and turn to the other side for comfort and wake up it due to pinching in the nerve endings.sciatic nerve pain

When you are sleeping try to stay straight as possible so that you will not have to turn. Or put a pillow on the other side of you so that you will not turn at all. Use that hot pack to stimulate the blood flow so it stops throbbing we know how this feels, not good at all.

In the morning first thing, you want to do is stretch and if it does not hurt then you should take three tinctures in the morning anyway and eat a healthy breakfast. Greasy food and fast food should not be an option this can mess with the blood flow and your legs can end up swollen.

If you either vape CBD there are great products to get if you are interested or the creams we have a great selection to choose from.

sciatic nerve pain



It can persist and continue to make you be in unbelievable pain then please consult with your doctor. We are no Doctor and this is not the cure but if you do not want to have the surgery. Then you may want to try these stretches and make the best of a bad situation. Don’t feel bad, lots of people have the same problem that you and we have.

We are here to educate the proper techniques that we have been able to have success in and relived pain that is so hard to get rid of at times and the wrong times.

Be glad to help and give the information that is needed to have for this situation and future references.

Tips And Tricks:

When you go on long trips you can make sure you have a blanket or pillow under your leg propped up so that you can take the pressure off the nerve. Then you can get or if you have them wear compression socks to stop the swelling in the legs as

sciatic nerve painyou sit on the compressed nerve.

We have to travel so much that we do this all the time to adjust to the way the nerve is sitting also the way we are to so we move and we have CBD cream.

To ease the pain we rub this on before we go anywhere and that could be two to three-hour drives depending on where we have to go traveling nurses.

What Else Can I DO?

Dependent on those socks to make the pressure of the nerve and blood circulate throughout the leg so that it will not only be swollen or in pain but comfortable.

  1. Take 4 drops of the Pink Grapefruit Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
  2. Stretch out the Sciatica Nerve touching the toes as far as possible standing
  3. Holding this for about 10- 15 seconds or bouncing back and forth slowly not rough.
  4. Repeat the process about three to five more times to get a full stretch

We think that these really can be of help if you utilize them in the right way but before we leave you to this we want to give you one more stretch that you may not like but can help.


  1. Sit on the wall like a chair
  2. If you can not go that far then that’s okay your still stretching that nerve out
  3. Hold this for about 30 seconds if you can your legs will start to shake that’s okay it’s normal
  4. Repeat the process hold as long as possible.
  5. Or like “Healthline.com” says to lift the right leg on top of the left knee and push down little by little and repeat.
  6. You can do lunges as well if nothing works

Last Words:

If you work for long periods of time this can be handy for you at times. You have used and used lots of other products and stretches and don’t seem to get that pinch off that nerve. You may have gone to the doctors and they have told you that there is a surgery that you can do or live with it.

If that got bad to where you have problems with bladder and bowel movements get the surgery.

If you want to deal with this the right way then we recommend doing these stretches often quit so that you will not be fighting to get comfortable.

These all can be effective and helpful for anyone with lower back pain, along with sciatic nerve pain, we hope that we have managed to tell you everything that we know about Sciatica Nerve Pain.

For anyone that wants to share a trick or two for these nasty spasms to the Piriformis Muscles which can easily be mistaken for the Sciatic Nerve.

Thanks for the ear and taking the time to listen and read the tips and tricks that you can do to ease the pain yourselves and make it feel better these are just little things that you can do.

We hope that this really helps out everyone and the pain that they may experience and want to diminish the problem.




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