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The sun, how blinding it can be in different aspects such as your eyes and your blind to the fact that you need it. What is the best sunscreen for the face? Well there is a great one and this is CBD based and will protect and help with sun damage, the UV’s rays are stronger than your think.



You don’t think of these things when you are having fun and playing in the sun, not thinking of the things that can happen.

The sun is powerful and makes you either

  • Weak
  • Have Heatstroke
  • Suntan
  • Sunburn
  • Confused
  • Hallucinate
  • lethargic
  • Tired/heavy

All these can happen if you do not look at the tall tale signs you must to be careful in the sun, it can drain everything if you have no protection against it. Put a heavy thick coat of sunscreen on so that when you sweat you won’t wash it away so fast and easy.

This protection can be what saves you if you do not have the means to be in the sun and end up with heat stroke, sitting there at the lake, or the pools messing in the heat all day.

Also, it can lead to exhaustion make you fatigue at times you have to eat and stay on top of the heat and DRINK WATER most important.


CBD Sunscreen Full Spectrum


This sunscreen will protect your face and body the (SPF) on this is 30 (Sun Protection Factor) protects from the ultraviolet B (UVB). These all can look confusing and don’t understand the different types there are for the skin you would be surprised,

  • waterproof/Non-waterproof
  • Sensitive Skin
  • hypoallergenic

The minimum recommendation from the FDA is to be SPF 15 but the daily usage for this should be around 30 (SPF) and for outdoor activities than it should be at 50 (SPF).

All these questions to be answered like why do I need this to protect me?

How much should I put on And how many times?

Can I wear this every day?

Great questions to be answered your need to protect your from the harmful UV rays that come from the sun, the sun is really good for you, but too much is not.

You can put this up to every two hours when you are not even in the pool, that is all you need is to put a good size dot in your palm and rub in your face thoroughly.

You want to make sure that you have the right one going outside it’s that time of the year now that you have to think of protecting yourselves from rays of the sun.

This is when the fun begins think of the bad sunburn you’re going to have when you get home or the next day when you wake up “oooowwwwww”…..

You should know what you’re doing for the day so you can get the best protection for the day, it means more than you think if you don’t know what fatal things can happen to body and face.

Happens every year we go to Water-World and have a blast we have to put the sunscreen on first then you can go sit by the trees and relax for a while, “than water-time”, but we have the waterproof sunscreen and we still put that one on five to six times daily.



If we have to drive on long trips I put it on cause it protects my fingers, forearms, face, and we thought that this didn’t work sometimes, but “no it does” the sun is a very powerful thing.

If anyone does lots of yard work than you may want one that is going to do the job right, and not let your spirits down when you find out that it did not protect your skin or even work. “SUNBURN” S

The best thing you can do is know what you are looking for, well earlier we had said if you have to be outside 30 (SPF) can work if you are just relaxing and in the sun, if you are doing activities than you will want to get the 50 (SPF).

These range in different like 15 (SPF), 30 (SPF), 50(SPF), 100(SPF) these are ranges they go by. This protects you from the sun’s radiation and helps you so that you will not get cancer.

Two different kinds Ray one (UVA), and other is (UVB),

  • UVA: responsible for the old age and the wrinkled hands that you see in the long run break the cells down.
  • UVB: would be the main response to the sunburns that the sun causes.




So when both of these are combined then deadly results may occur if not careful.

When outside make sure to wear protective glasses over your eyes as well, so them to won’t hurt or be damaged in any kind of way in extreme heat, then you will want to cover up with protective gear till you can get in a place of comfort.


The full spectrum CBD Sunscreen has a lot more to this then meets the eye this can help with making you get protection from the sun while being relaxed at the same time. If you had seen this in the store would you think this was real or would it be fake?

  • Of course fake but this is a genuine real full-spectrum CBD Sunscreen the labs for Savage CBD have come up with this and do work. It measures at 30 (SPF) (Sun Protection Factor) this is the main one that is worn for a daily bases.
  • The sun can damage the skin and cause cancer if you continuously ignore the symptoms (BURNS) do not wear protection from the sun the rays damage you every day do you want to protect yourselves.

This can have much more useful than just the regular sunscreen, it’s like a “two for one” think of it like that then you can see yourselves using this than the others.

Other sunscreens are not like this they don’t have the secret ingredient inside and that is to heal, healing the pain can be the better part of it but most of all protection we can’t stress that enough to you all.

Oh and WATER is the next stay hydrated out there in the sun can make you crumble to your knees if you don’t watch out for heatstroke. So please drink water and tell us how you like the CBD Sunscreen.


Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay


Did You Also Know


This is to help protect from the sun, do you know when to use this? You can use daily but will you? But you should no if you are outdoors every day than I recommend using. If you are doing activities then you will want to use other ones so that you can get the right protection that is needed from the sun, it can hurt in the long run.


You can use this on the whole body and if you lay at home and want to go in the back yard and relax too, also relieve some stress put this screen on and enjoy the sun.

  • People will ask “do you think you will get cancer if you don’t wear sunscreen”?

You can, but this has to be a repeated thing standing in the sun all the time with no protection, it can be a possibility that you can end up with melanoma which looks like your regular mole but it’s not, many people try to avoid this every year and still end up with sun cancer “no fun”.

These all can be hard things to deal with when you can protect yourselves NOW before your next trip you need to think of your skin and what can happen shortly to yourself.


Don’t dry up and have bad skin, or rough scaly skin, can be difficult to deal with after the damage has been done already but you want to be healthy the sun is super healthy to the skin did your no that? The sun gives you vitamin D and too much can result in bad news though.


You will end up with heatstroke it can make you irritable most of all, and fatigue or even sick to the stomach if exposed to too much Sun.

This is the last thing that you want to happen to you when we are having fun at the water park or just in the sun, in general, it can run your down, and keep you down, if not hydrated, and prepared for the worst.

Relief And Protection


It could be the thing you ask yourself, do I have this? I decided to get this CBD Spectrum than you are in luck you can get this for 30% off when you hit the check out line this will be automatic.

You have all the right intentions of trying this if you are still reading, this should be a no-brainer that anyone should have this in there life if cared for your skin.

This can also give you the relief that you may be looking for too, if your arms hurt as well, this is just not for the sun! We were thinking of that same thing! But nope, they have made it for relief as well. The UV rays from the sun are damaging your skin over the years and put a strain on them. “YOUR SKIN”

Do you want to make your skin healthy? Or you can go outside with temperatures that reach over 100°Farenhite or even in the ’90s? The degree’s outside is very crucial for your health to everyday exposures from the sun. These results could be measured in different ways if left untreated.

  • Deep Burns/3rd degree
  • Blisters

If you have these kinds of burns then you will want to go to the doctor and get checked so that they will not get an infection or have to prolong the healing process if this is the condition you are in.

If this is not you then you will want to try this and tell us all about your experience that you had here.

Drop a comment at the bottom if you like or dislike this one.


Final Thoughts

This is for you and will have tremendous results if you use this on your face or body to use this (SPF) 30 sunscreens that you can use.

What is the best sunscreen for the face? We ask you all, you can decide on your own when you get this, once again this is 30% OFF of all topical’s such as

  • Sunscreen
  • Balms
  • Aloe
  • Roll-on’s And more when you end up in the check outline.

Also, you can just help with your arms if they hurt and you need to travel in the suns and sit in the car for long periods you can use this if your car doesn’t have a UV window tint for your ride.

Helps with pain relief and the protects from the sun’s (UVA) and (UVB) can do good justice, if you have sensitive skin or want waterproof sunscreen this is not for you and would want to get some better sunscreen to protect your skin.

BUT if you go outside every day and do no extended activities than you will want to use this and is recommended for all to use. If you are outside for long periods then please keep hydrated, and replenish your skin with this wonderful new product from Savage CBD they have so many products to choose from.

The labs are making new products so that way we can enjoy the summer-time it’s that time to put sunscreen on and enjoy the sun.

So come get it now and check out other articles that capture you if this one did.

We hope to hear more great questions from you all?




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