What Is Pure CBD Oil-Explained In Details

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We are going to break this down further for your knowledge and understanding more about the CBD world and industry that seems to be growing larger in numbers. We will be discussing what is pure CBD Oil– explained in detail what it consists of and why so many are leaning toward this future of living green. How many forms are there for an extraction and how are they extracted, we will cover more of this later. Let’s dive right in and thoroughly explain and fill in the blanks on questions you might have.

What Is Pure CBD Oil

Why Are There Different Forms Of CBD

There are different forms to help with the potency of the end product material that is derived from a female Sativa plant that is grown by farmers. Many people will grow themselves and will continue to have new CBD shops open for business and many will buy.

  • Nano Spectrum
  • Full-Spectrum
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Isolates

Nano Spectrum

This is used with new technology that has cut the molecules down so far that they seem to be water-soluble but they are not thus making it activate effects faster. The compounds are separated and focused more on CBD & less on THC and It is said that this is broken down faster than regular CBD oil such as full-spectrum, the cells in your bloodstream carry compounds faster. Resulting in feeling the therapeutic effects faster making them Bioavailability to absorb faster in your systematic system.

Full Spectrum

  • While Full-spectrum contains all compounds and with up to 0.03% this is the most it can be or is not in regulations with the FDA and will not be tolerated. This type of spectrum is less pure than Isolate and Nano but still does still have great characteristics that help with many other issues.

Also contains more of the plant matter than other spectrums have but overall still have traces of THC in all Medical Marijuana plants.

What Is Pure CBD Oil


  • We have found that many say this can create an “Entourage Effect“- Meaning that the compounds that reside in this mix work together in the Broad spectrum. Compounds such as (CBN)- Cannabinol, (CBC)- Cannabichromene that mix with terpenes such as Pinene– this is pine needles smell like, and basil Limonene– these are citrus smells such as oranges and lemons, Also Myrcene– this is woody smell thyme, hops.

These are called terpenes that are aromatic flavonoids that are in all flowers but are more known in cannabidiol.

This does not typically have THC but still, we mentioned there are traces that are still there always remain but less than 0.03%. But very effective as well a step-up of being cleaner.


Broad spectrum


  • They all say that this is the purest form that you can get and will say there is zero % THC but we say there are still traces that are there. Everything else is pulled out and left with all great compounds that make up Isolate this is the purest form that is made from most companies. It is odder less and tasteless so meaning that it can come in crystal form, ground down crystals, or turned into pure CBD oil cartridges.

We have to say this is going to be a form that individuals want it they are not wanting to have THC in their products. Many have addressed that they use this because they think it has no THC in there, but there are still traces but not enough to affect you in any way. In UA’s or even have psychoactive effect feelings (High).

We are going to break this even down further in ways that you may have heard of or may even do.

Extracted For What

In this one, we are going to further discuss why we think that CO2 is the best for extracting in all methods that we will cover over the article.

Before you do this process you will need to cook your flower CBD so to do this you will need to break down the flower as much as possible. Then put on a cookie sheet with parchment paper turn the oven on to 250 degrees and then stick the flower on their spread out on cookie sheet.

Put in the oven for 20 min this will turn your CBA into CBD this is a chemical reaction that happens when you burn your flower at a certain temperature. Thus making raw CBD flower CBA and when you smoke or vape you burn it so it goes through that chemical change. Called “decarboxylation “



  1. Alcohol extraction- this is going to be done with straight alcohol we use ever clear or you can use a high content of alcohol for the process and in this method, you will pour the material of plant (ground down flower). Put this into a mason jar that has a lid you going to be storing for a week. The desired amount of material you have in the jar, make sure that you pour more alcohol than flower, and don’t fill to the top of the jar DO NOT.  You want there to be room to move around so we say 3/4 full. This will be perfect for this process allowing alcohol to strip material of all waxes and compounds as well. The desired amount in the jar is left for one week shaking every day by moving it around with a shake of the bottle. Before, this you will want to Decarboxylation this before putting alcohol onto plant material. Put in a dark place room temp.

  2. Butane, pro-pain, and acetone,- to strip all compounds straight from the plant you will not need to Decarboxylation this you do different methods but are really harsh methods. Not really recommended and leave lots of harmful residues in end material and tends to be harsh and strong as in chemical taste. (this is extremely flammable to use) but does still needs to be cooked down further. Meaning you must double cook this to evaporate vapors very dangerous if you are not in an open area vapors stay low.

Cleanest way for extraction

  1. CO2 Extraction- “Supercritical” Carbon Dioxide is what most companies call this because it is a supercritical cold liquid that separates the material leaving the best compounds. There are three types of sub-critical, mid-critical these different grades of the levels that it runs through. But the liquid can be reused again making it safe to use for companies that use this system of extraction in their plan. Supercritical carbon dioxide is pressurized and separates hemp plant and CBD compounds are extracted out turning into a liquid gold form. Can be expensive but this is the cleanest way possible and has been deemed to be the system that most use.
  2. Ethanol Extraction- This process is used with food grade ethanol that is widely spread throughout the CBD world and industry. The type of ethanol that millions use is considered safe FDA approved used with lots of household products and personal/care products that you use daily.

What are lipids?

You don’t know this but, companies test on food such as fats, and reducing sugar to break down materials further. There is fat in lipids so this makes it easy to extract and turn to water-soluble and making almost pure CBD but still has lots of residues.

When it drips onto the material it separates and strips all great compounds from this process leaving more clean (pure CBD oil). Thus falling into another beaker than cooking down further the remaining parts and leaving the end product. (more for a chemist)

The best method that we have found to be the most useful and safest way is the “supercritical” Carbon Dioxide CO2 extraction process. Best if you leave this to the professionals that have the equipment that is needed to make this work right you can harm yourself if not done right.

When you hear the words “pure CBD oil” your mind will conjure up A whole bunch of different images.

What Products Have Pure CBD Oil

These are products that you just have to connect to a 510 thread battery.

Isolate CBD Cartridges

Last Thoughts:

All these extractions will determine how pure CBD Oil is going to be in the end result from this is what we are going for the potency either by vaping it, sublingual or tinctures. These are all extractions that can tell lots about the consistency of the products and potency.

There are many other products out there but Savage CBD is going to be a really good choice to receive products from they have third-party Lab-tested products.

End products are left with 0.03% THC or even less than this at times but will always remain with traces of THC even if they pulled it all out.

third party Lab-tested

We have learned about terpenes and Cannabinoids these are referred to as ‘Lipids” they are natural compounds that are fatty acids that allow all this to break down. Making them bioavailability to your body and bloodstream so that it can be broken down further into systematic circulation.

There are more than three different types of spectrum’s Nano, broad, full, isolate, spectrum’s, we understand they all consist of potency and how they are made. We now understand how they are made, so what do you think is the best choice, and how do you want others to extract your CBD or Medical Marijuana.

Savage CBD badges

The last thing we want to leave you with is isolated is the purest form you may say for now and can do what you want with this you can put in food, drink, or sublingual, or vape. What is pure CBD oil- explained in detail’s we have provided you with what you must know about how they determine the potency.

These products are safe and have full effect and nothing left out but the THC.

Thanks for listening to us and we must provide the facts for you all to hear and know what we know we have done diligence in doing the research for everyone.


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