What is CBD Kief- Discover How It Works

what is CBD Kief

We are back with “What Is CBD Kief-Discover How It Works,” Learning about kief and how you can use it; see what we believe are the best grinders to use. Many do not know the power or the capabilities it holds; in this article, we’re going to explain what kief is for those who do not know. We will share how CBD kief works for new users or pros; this article will give a thorough understanding of CBD kief.

If you do not believe that CBD kief is accurate; because it does not get you HIGH, keep reading; it still has traces of THC particles within the CBD compounds, not enough to get you in trouble.

These resin glands sit on top of the bud, called trichomes; they are responsible for terpene profiles and tastes; they must go through three stages to determine if your bud is ready to harvest; clear, milky, and cloudy the three stages. They are non-psychoactive compounds that sit on that fluffy pillow called a bud.

Learning About CBD and Kief (Trichomes)

what is CBD kief

We will give you the breakdown of CBD (AKA Cannabidiol) and the explanation of kief. CBD has been around for many years well, discovered in 1940, with over 113 different compounds (including THC), within the plant’s extract. In 1996, California became the first state to permit botanical cannabis with a doctor’s signature for medical purposes.

CBD has not been widely used until recently 2013 CNN documentary called “WEED,” since then, it has become a widespread of stores to fill the void of users getting CBD products.

Remember that CBD must remain under 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) tested by third parties; to be considered legal.

Over the years, CBD has been stretching with new ways to ingest CBD Oil, Vaping, Lotions, Creams, Tinctures, Capsules; these are all ways CBD users consume CBD to feel the effects.

Did you know that CBD is bred to have less THC than a regular marijuana plant; hemp is the cousin of marijuana THC; it is a compound segmented from the CBD plant, which can work in ratios or alone. CBD alone; does not always mean that it is THC Free never assume this; CBD will always have traces of THC, but is it enough to get in trouble? NO. Depending on the company you are getting it from, this is another discussion topic; the short answer is NO.

Continuing CBD and Kief.

What is CBD Kief

Now that you got a general idea of CBD and its background, we can now move on to kief and what it is and where it’s located. Kief is also known as crystals, trichomes, diamonds, glitter; these are what others call them and associate kief with.

Kief is what makes the plant smell so good (terpenes) and look like your CBD hemp flower is glistening in the sun rays while you grow for the next two months of flower or shorter for some strains.

If you want to learn more and are interested in terpenes, check this article out on “what are terpenes In CBD.”

CBD Kief leads us right into; what hemp flower produces the most CBD crystals: (Sweet and sour widow), and of course, ( Harlequin), the trichomes are responsible for the potency of the hemp plant.

Kief is a big part of the production of the plant’s genetics; how it is raised. The farmers are the ones that feed the plants, and they must make sure they comply with FDA rules and regulations of CBD, not more than 0.03% THC in most states. Depending on where you live, you depend on how much THC ratio you will receive with your CBD products.

Does CBD Kief Get Me High

what is CBD Kief

Kief can get you high if it is mostly THC content, and if it is not, then you can receive the therapeutic effects of what CBD will help with; such as

  • Nervousness
  • Distress
  • Chronic-pain
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy (seizures)

We will touch on CBD kief and the effects it holds when you inhale or smoke CBD kief.

What is CBD kief

Therapeutic effects are mainly what you will feel with CBD Kief; we suggest high CBD strains. If you have mild seizures, then this potentially can help with your conditions. It offers high levels of cannabidiol for healing and comfort; this high potency comes from the strain itself; without a high percentage of CBD, the bud will have less trichome production.

The better quality strain of CBD, the better the kief will be, and the more therapeutic effects you will receive from the kief when you harvest.

Whether you smoke or grow, you will understand kief; this article beaming the internet and people searching for CBD kief will outline the main points you must understand and know.

So, when you ask, will CBD kief get me high? the answer is “no,” but it will give you the therapeutic effects that you want and need if you have under-lining conditions as listed above.  (THC Kief will get you high entourage effect).

Learn What Trichomes Are

What is CBD Kief

Trichomes are what growers look at when they are about to harvest; consumers view trichomes as the bud’s potency when they purchase weed.

They are visible to the naked eye, but you must look closer with a magnifying glass to get the whole perspective of what they look like.

Trichomes, AKA crystals, look like mushrooms under a magnifying glass; these tiny crystals go through three stages when growing.

  1. The first stage is precise; this is when your bud first gets trichome production on the plant. Not very potent yet.
  2. The second will be cloudy, when your plant is in the middle stage of growing about seven weeks in or so. You can harvest it will be an energetic high feeling.
  3. The third will be Amber/Milky; If you see your buds looking reddish amber, it is harvest time; this is more serious CBD feeling effects.

Also, trichomes are responsible for the aromas and smell; these are known as AKA terpenes. If you get your hands on what others call “crystally Nug” or “Frosted Bud,” then you will be holding the Holy Grail of CBD. This means the CBD kief is high in potency, with more therapeutic effects for your body.

The trichomes will define if your hemp flower is quality top-shelf CBD or not.

FUN FACT: Did you know that these trichomes are protected from the plant so that they can aid off any rodents or pesky predators like insects that eat your hemp plants?

What Grinders to use for CBD Kief

what is CBD Kief

We will break it down for you; the best grinder to use will be a three-piece grinder at the top; to grind the CBD, the second chamber will hold the ground CBD. Lastly, you shake the grinder, and the tiny crystals of kief will fall through a small screen to the third chamber.

You can open all three chambers if needed the idea is to collect as much as you can when you grind up your CBD flower.

Plain Jane says”CBD kief look like powder; but it is actually tiny pieces of sticky, crystallized resin.”

Plain Jane talks about different ways you can mess with CBD kief to fit your needs when you want a potent joint, moon rock, making hash from CBD kief.

Learn more at Plain Jane.Com

How is CBD Kief Safe For Me?

CBD kief is safe as you make it if you do not feel comfortable smoking or ingesting it then please do not.

CBD kief is more potent and can get you the therapeutic effects while flowers will take longer to get you the effects you want this non-psychoactive; won’t get you high.

The highest content of CBD comes from trichomes, AKA (Kief), this is where your taste and potency come from, and if your local store or the online store did not flush out your CBD flower, then it may be harsh to smoke. This will be for another article to write about and see what “flushing your CBD flower” is all about.

what is CBD Kief

Last Words.

If you trust your local dispensary or if you get it online or at the corner store, then it would be fine.

It is hard to find CBD with lots of trichome production; if you can see it with your naked eye, buy it. If you can smell the CBD aroma, these are terpenes; it can be a good strain.

Some argue that CBD does not have a smell, but it does, and it can be due to a lack of farmers growing it correctly; if you want some top-notch CBD kief, then you must check out what we saved for you till the end.

What is CBD kief


Wikihow (2019) Identify Hemp Buds


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32 thoughts on “What is CBD Kief- Discover How It Works

  1. You thoroughtly explained a lot about CBD and what and how it is produced. Medical marijuana is now legal where I live. It is interesting to know all the different forms it takes on.

    Do you know if this is good for vertigo? I’ve been battling vertigo for 10 years now. Some days are worse than others. I forget what it’s like to feel “normal”.

    Some people have recommended I try it.

    Thanks for the article. It was very informative.


    1. Nina,
      Using CBD for Vertigo; a great question. Do you have a doctor for this situation? this may and can help with nausea and fatigue, and vomiting, headaches, and sometimes dizziness, and others suggest that some people get dizzy and fuzzy from CBD; it depends on the person and strain that you purchase. We are not a doctor and not treating you like a patient; we are giving the ups and downs and what you need to know before you consume CBD products of any sort. It depends on the person and how they react to the effects you may experience; it is non-psychoactive, which means that you won’t experience a high like THC.
      See what a little will do for you and then go from there.
      Thanks for stopping in.


  2. What a great stuff here! So, I’ve been interested in the subject for a long time, but actually I’ve never do some research on it! I have some knowledge and know something about difference between THC and CBD but, I had no idea where the smell comes from and actually here, everything is explained. Even I live in a country where CBD is even illegal, I would love to read more on the topic!

    1. Julijana,
      We are glad to hear that you enjoyed our articles and want to read them further; visit our article on the difference between CBD and THC. Hope to see you return and read more of what we are writing and what we have to say all about CBD; my great vapes.com distribute nothing but facts.


  3. it is for the first time I have come to know so many therapeutic benefits of CBD Kief. I never knew that some amount of THC and CBD in the trichomes make the best combination for relieving intense symptoms related to arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, and other disorders cannabis can treat.
    Is THC above .3% Safe to consume? How much THC will normally get One High? Please also inform if the 4 Piece grinders are available on Amazon. If possible, please share the link so that I can buy one.

    1. Arun,
      Thank you for commenting and sharing your thought; THC above 0.3% is safe depending on how much you can handle for all it is different, depending on what you are using and how you are using it. The CBD flower-four-piece grinder is on My Great Vapes; we will provide the link at the bottom again.
      We hope to see you return, do you think this website help you.
      Four-Piece Grinder.

  4. Great Article, MGV! Very informative and helpful for people to understand more about CBD kief. Yes, I agree that it can help you in some conditions like what you have mentioned. However, we should always be responsible for taking it. And using it is totally up to people who are comfortable in smoking it.


    1. Sinatsir,
      We are glad that you shared your thoughts with us; we have to say that you can ingest CBD anyway; the article explains that you can use tinctures, capsules, lotions, creams, balms, vaping, and smoking.


  5. I am surprised at how much there is to learn about using CBD.

    I have never heard of kief before. So thanks for the information. As with everything, it’s up to the individual to do proper research to find out which products are best for what they want to achieve.
    Your website is filled with useful information, so i will be back to learn more.


    1. Andrew,
      We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the article kief is just another way to get better CBD quality, and the production is fast and can be done with the right tools, “grinder.” You should come back we will give you a 15 % discount if you like as well. The pleasure is all ours, and if you come back it’s more of a bonus.


  6. Hi Mathew and Deloris, this was really informational on the benefits of CBD Kief. I do like that there are so many options for ways to ingest other than smoking. Even though smoking, to my knowledge, always seemed like the go-to method it’s great to see options like lotions and capsules as well. Do you have a preferred method of ingestion, or does it depend on other variables? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    1. Dereck,
      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us; we do use other methods of CBD products, the Tinctures are great to use without inhaling smoke. We smoke it and use lotions as well; if you use ratios of CBD and TCH, the therapeutic effects will be more complemented with both CBD and THC.


  7. Wow! You guys gave some in depth information. Its much easier to trust a site that doesn’t just drop fluff.
    I loved the photos and graphics. Perfect visuals and they definitely illustrated the article well.
    Do you guys have a newsletter?

    1. Stephen,
      We like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us; we do have a newsletter to sign up to.
      Here is a link to get 15% off your next order as well.


  8. I’ve once heard about CBD Kief but I wasn’t much interested in it until I’ve stumbled on your article. It seems like you’ve done a lot of studies with this stuff and the way you explain it in this article is a lot easier to understand. Anyways, since CBD kief has effect on nervousness and distress, I’m wondering if it’s suitable for someone’s going through anxiety and depression? Will it cause any side effects?

    1. Ian,
      Hi, we are glad that you made it to our website, and you want to know if CBD is suitable for anxiety and depression; we have not written anything like this; we do not wish to make any claims. We do not know if this would cause any side effects, but we have seen others say it can help.
      Do please check out our article on CBD for muscle tenderness.


  9. Thank you, Mathew and Deloris, for an in-depth article. CBD is interesting to me because I use it for my dogs! One has seizures, and gets CBD as well as other meds. The other has arthritis, and I feel the CBD really helps him.
    Your article gave me a better understanding of CBD Keif, and the different parts of the plants in relation to potency.
    I have never used it myself, although I also have arthritis. Your article was very interesting–perhaps I will give it a try for my own arthritis!
    Thank you.

    1. Jane,
      We like to thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts with us; your dogs can benefit just as well as you; using CBD to help with arthritis will indeed help with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Your dogs can get some of the action; glad to hear that they already use CBD products, one for seizures, the other has arthritis. There is an article that we will share with both of you.
      Thank you again for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, and we hope that you and your dogs feel better.



  10. It’s my first time to know a collection of trichomes is called kief, and it has good benefits in calming human diseases such as chronic pain, epilepsy, and arthritis. If I could buy those in my country without breaking the laws, I would have done it a long time ago. Unfortunately, it’s still illegal here in my hometown.

    I remember another article of yours is about which US states allow people to use CBD and those don’t. Is kief the same in those states? Thanks.

    1. Matt,
      Yes, in the last article, is CBD legal in your state? The answer is yes that it pertains to CBD kief as well; as long as it is 0.3% THC, it can be legal. May we ask what country do you live in?


  11. Hi Matthew and Deloris,

    So this Kief stuff if I bought some weed off a street dealer I think I know what you mean. When you have the really dry weed with the kind of sparkly bit that is the trichomes. Like White Widow I think of. Know I’m going a bit off-topic here. Maybe I’m not. So this CBD kief is found on the female plant, on the bud right?

    1. Alex,
      yes, this is true what you are saying, trichomes are the shiny crystals that you see on CBD, and THC is where the benefits come in, trichomes can help with a variety of underlining conditions. CBD kief does come from a female plant a sativa.


  12. Hi Mathew and Doloris

    Very informative and interesting article. All is new to me, but realise the therapeutically abilities it has.
    I also joined an affiliate program to promote CBD, but have not activated it yet.
    With all this info I can now say I know what there is to know, and will feel more comfortable promoting it.

    Are there expiry dates for these oils and products, and is it safe to use it after the due date and how effective will it be? Will be much appreciated.

    I am very interested in the hemp fabrics they manufacture.

    Thank you for a well written article, I have learned a lot!

    1. Estelle,
      We thank you for visiting our website and commenting, promoting CBD is not hard you must do a lot of research to understand and fully understand CBD and how it works we suggest that you head to our article CBDPure Affiliate..
      Promoting CBD is a wonderful thing to help others find what they are looking for. We thank you again for stopping in and sharing your thoughts.


  13. Great article to learn about CBD Kief. Plants are meant to help us and humans should look after plants. I love using hemp fabric I think it is amazing. How do find or know the good quality of this therapeutic oil?

    1. Angee,
      Hi, there, thanks for taking the time to write a comment, using hemp material can be good to use for all sorts of different projects, and be creative with it.


  14. What an interesting and informative article!
    I already knew about the medicinal properties of this plant and the benefits in certain pathologies. However, I did not know in such detail the characteristics of this plant. I liked knowing what the trichomes are and how they work. I loved the didactic way of approaching it with the use of photos and videos that are very useful to get a better idea. There really are a lot of products that are made from this wonderful plant and it’s great to have knowledge about the positive things it can give us.
    Thank you very much for sharing

    1. Marta,
      We are thankful that you stopped by and shared your thoughts with us, there are so many great quality products that come from CBD-derived hemp, and the way this CBD industry is turning the market is booming.
      Hope you stop by again and want to know what your favorite product is?


  15. Excellent article, very informative. I was familiar with what kief was but nowhere near to this extent.

    Since CBD has become so widespread it’s hard to know what’s good quality and what’s not. I’m far from an expert but I have definitely noticed a difference in quality from the different products I’ve bought.

    Glad I’ve discovered your site and thanks for providing us with this information.

    1. Lee,
      CBD kief gets lots of attention from others and seeing if the therapeutic effects are what they say they are?
      We are glad to provide the information that most are looking for, the quality of the CBD is grade A, and with us relaying the right message to everyone we hope to help others that need this information.


  16. Wow. This was a thorough explanation. Many people (including me) had no idea what kief was. Now, it is apparent to me. I never knew what the grinder is for. It is interesting to hear that when smoking the kief the effects are faster than for instance the flowers. Also, seeing the different stages of Trichomes was very interesting. Is it safe to say that when the Trichomes are cloudy they are not yet ready to be harvested? I still don’t get why CBD isn’t allowed everywhere. I really hope, it will be changed soon. As always, really great blog post guys! Thanks a lot.

    1. Julius,
      We thank you for your time in response to CBD kief. There are many reasons why they will not allow CBD or marijuana to be legal everywhere. There is going to be more of why the laws are restricting other countries to not having CBD or medical Marijuana.
      We would be glad to explain if we can answer any other questions you may have for my great vapes


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