What Is CBD About- Many Reasons to Believe

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CBD can have more power than everyone thinks we are going to prove to you why this works and what is CBD about, many reasons to believe yes. The greatest reason that always comes to my mind is Charlotte’s Web her real name is Charlottes Figi.

  • She has inspired so many companies to help with the seizures that she has called epilepsy we have learned more and more, it is known to help with humans and also animals.
  • There are many more stories that are like this, but this story is the one that had the Farmers Bill passed, and than that made it go legal throughout the world of the U.S. I mean.
  • This made the world think differently about the way it is used (CBD). The one thing that we have learned from all this is that no matter what they are going to find new ways to improve the way we use this and how it helps.
  • They have figured out how to pinpoint the compounds of the plant the make new genetics up so that we can enjoy what the plant can provide for us We have to make our own informed decision.

About CBD – What Is It Really:

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  • CBD is a compound that comes from the Sativa Female plant form of a hemp plant and is the cousin of the Marijuana Plant, wow that was a lot. While CBD has a lot of help not only humans but there are animals as well to those that are animal lovers there are products for them as well.
  • The CBD is a compound as you know and is meant to treat lots of disorders and helps with so much that we have discussed in other articles check them out if you have not and are new.Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay
  • But I must say that all humans have endocannabinoids when they are born and we produce them every day these are little receptors in our body and brain that receive CBD and tell us what we fell how to feel pain, anxiety, depression, etc… just to name a few.
  • Did you all know that our body generates CBD for ourselves, all benefit from in taking it with either edible or inhaling it you want to find the best fit for your liking.
  • Don’t be alarmed if all your friends that love to smoke weed and taking Dabbs or even eating it they probably are taking CBD to the face at night for the pain as well to sleep, or the sweet old lady across the street using CBD there is nothing wrong with trying to improve your mobility to get around and do the things that you love to do no excuse.

Safer Than Pills

This is getting to be common with CBD and THC I think that lots of people don’t like to be in pain and also don’t like taking pills but have to so this is much more in the lines of SAFER and easier.


It is really meant to help others to eliminate the pills that we are getting from our doctors and try to find new ways to be

  • natural and safer
  • cleaner material
  • none addictive
  • less expensive
  • More Helpful

Here are some things people might say about CBD with lots more than this. This is really a way to help manage your daily lives and how you deal with it or interact with others without pain.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

  • Success stories are to have you in awe the story of my long time friend “Joe” Joe goes to the arcade with the wife and kids and plays with the “punching bag game” it swings down and you hit it to see how many points you get when you hit it. Hits it square and split the top knuckle open and has a screw in there to hold the other side up.
  • Joe had been taking the pills that his doctor proscribed to him makes him sick and can’t do anything it’s his right hand and he does everything with that hand. “Of course he can’t use it”.


  • But I told Joe hey I have this CBD cream to put on there and could make it better tried it he said it didn’t work “I’m still in pain might as well take my pills that they gave me”. Gave him a dab of “Savage CBD Shatter” and the stiffness he had in his hand has slowly given way.

Most reliable Product

  • “Barbra”, another person that we know had fallen down the stairs and Shattered her knee and had to have reconstructive surgery and had a whole new knee than “Barbra was supposed to be walking the next day”. Well guess what she was not and bedridden for “three months” wow the next day.


  • I went to have surgery again and was successful the second time around but the pill of “Oxycodone” and “Morphine” she was on these for half a year six months. Barbra did not like them what so ever she used to tell us she had a hard time taking the pills she did not enjoy how she had to wake up them every day and count on them to make her feel a little better than she did.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Well you know what we did, we showed her some edibles that we have for ourselves they are 100 mg CBD edibles and gave one to her and said: “give this a try to let us know what she thinks”.

Barbra tried them and the next day she said it worked but she needed a little more of a push she wanted to know if there where other things that’s when we showed her the tinctures that we have and we gave her a couple of drops to let her try we kept talking and talking we don’t ever talk that much she was out in her garden like always.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Believe Yet

Just stories like these make me keep telling people that these are the new age remedies even though they have had these back in the old days, all plants would help you heal a just a bit more extensive now.

Lots of medicines come from animals and make up things like these we utilize them from the earth.

  • But the plants they give us food, and medicine, and air great things that keep us alive it’s a revolving circle for the earth and everything around us.

We have managed our life with this CBD that has been booming and had to take advantage of this it’s in all fifty states in the U. S it is not new to us but we want to share how great of a product it is and why we continue to use them.

We have picked from so many ones and found that Savage CBD and other products such as THC as well has helped us tremendously

and you should check them out for yourselves, we are going to continue to use these wonderful products also use the THC one you can tell the difference when you use them to tell us how you like them or how they work for you.

CBD: Lotion

  • Goes straight to the pain
  • and stays last about an hour then apply more smells good
  • Not sticky

THC: Lotion


  • Numbs the pain
  • lasts a couple of hours
  • makes you relax
  • smells good
  • feeling lightheaded
  • hungry

Great things that come from both of these products one just makes you high THC we do not have THC products at the moment. Some people don’t like them or want to continue to have good jobs and don’t want to ruin anything. So they have made it to where you can still use it and still get the effects from it but from different plants the CBD Hemp plant is CBD and the Marijuana plant is THC.

It Is Really Real

While the Marijuana plant gets you high and has that psychoactive effect such as,

  • feeling light-headed
  • dry mouth
  • paranoid
  • lazy/active could be either or

These are just dome of the things you may feel for the THC Marijuana plant the cousin of the CBD plant is consumed either inhaled or eaten or lotions, and creams.

Image by Jacqueline Wales from Pixabay

Along with CBD Products they tens to be the same but without the high involved you were to smoke it feelings such as,

  • Comfortable
  • Relaxed
  • Can be active or just enjoy
  • Makes things simpler
  • Can take the stress away
  • Reduces Seizers
  • Can Make an appetite
  • Stop Migraines
  • Takes the edge off Arteritis

These are just some things that you can experience if you choose to use CBD Products and will be shocked by the effects that is may have on your body.

We want for you to tell us that you don’t like it, no one else but you, let us know leave a comment at the bottom and let us know what’s on your mind. And if you want a 15% discount the type in Savage15, plus every order shipping is free. But this is THC free CBD Just to let you know.

What is CBD about? I hope that we have answered some of the questions that you may have if we didn’t then please leave us a comment and even if you don’t have a question let us know how we did please and thank you.

Do you believe it?



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Hi, there everyone we have put this site together to help educate and relate to others that have the same pain. Your wants or needs that we overlook when it comes to CBD. We want to teach you everything there is to know about that YOU need to know the benefits that come from CBD. The brands are trusted and lab-tested to be safe and ensure the quality that is produced. the fact that come from research and science studies that are done with precision and diligence. We make sure that you get the facts first, to show you that we are dealing with the same problems. Figuring out what alternative to turn to is the hardest part of the change. It does not change anything it is managing your pain levels and taking charge to the next step to relief. Cheers, Mathew&Deloris

4 thoughts on “What Is CBD About- Many Reasons to Believe

  1. wow, there are so many benefits to using CBD I’m still a little skeptical about it but I had surgery about six months ago. I have a scar the doctor gave me a cream for it but it hasn’t gone away it doesn’t hurt but I don’t want a scar on my back for the rest of my life maybe CBD might help.

    1. Hey there, thanks for the comment and it could help and to blend it in a little more it won’t take away completely I don’t think a scare like that can go away, to be honest but if you are in pain then this could be your solution.


  2. That’s a lot of great information on CBD. I never knew that that their was something so helpful, but also natural. I know that weed can help with pain, but I was always worried abut the THC levels. Would CBD be fine taken while breast feeding, would it effect the baby?

    1. Nataliya,
      Thanks for the question, well good one, and yes you can if you can test the blood levels of the baby and see if they have the levels o the THC levels. Because the CBD still have THC in there but is 0.03% of THC lab tested and made will precision to have the results that we rely upon. But you can feed just have to be careful our CBD labs test at 0.03% THC in them and would be FDA Non approved. Thanks for the question would be happy to answer any other ones that you have.


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