What Are Terpenes In CBD-And 9 Benefits

What are terpenes in CBD

CBD strains with strong flavors and aromatic smells are introduced as terpenes, along with all sorts of fruit, spices, vegetables, flowers, Hops, even weed (CBD). When it comes to terpenes in CBD it can have effects on your brain and body. This article will discuss what benefits come from terpenes what you all need to know, so stick around to find out more.

We will discuss what CBD strains have the best terpenes to help with many things you will understand more by the end of this article. Let’s dive in and find out what are terpenes in CBD and 9 benefits, where do they come from?


Where Do Terpenes Come From?

If you found this article you are wondering what are terpenes and how can I benefit from them?

There are lots of questions regarding terpenes and everything there is to know about terpenes will be covered in this topic, so first off what is a terpene?what are terpenes in CBD

A terpene is defined as a class of natural products consisting of compounds with the formula (c2 h8). Terpenes are further classified by the number of carbons:  Three subtypes, Monoterpenes (c10), sesquiterpenes (c15), Diterpenes (c20).

What are the major terpene profiles found in CBD,

What are Monoterpenes: these are a class of terpenes that consists of two isoprene units which are hydrocarbons that contain the smell. Other similar molecules found in cannabis are terpenoids these are modified oxygen atoms that have been put together or methyl groups been added.

  • Limonene– smells like citrus and lemon peels, colorless liquid aliphatic hydrocarbon knows as a cyclic monoterpene. Boost your moods and stress reliever.
  • Carvone– the sweetish smell of spearmint gum or dill essential oils, spicy
  • Alpha-Pinene/Beta-pinene– found in the resin of many confier-plants and major components for turpentine. cannabis also contains.  Anti Cancer properties. smells like pine needles.
  • A-Humulene/B-caryophyllene– smells of hops you put into beer, they are oils that appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory medicine. Found in most Sativa Strains.
  • Myrcene– this is a common terpene found in cannabis giving its promising effects of relaxation working with the opiate system leaving you on the couch. Mostly found in Indica plants.
  • Linalool– these work with the serotonin receptors relaying messages to your brain, help treat several types of cancer, this smell is spicy and pungent. found in OG strains lavender scent, people say it’s spicy.
  • Cineol/ know as Eucalyptol–  showing a promising effect for cancer patients and with anti-inflammatory, these are found in mouth wash as well to help reduce inflammation. Bubba Kush and girl scout cookies are high in this terpene. A lot of promising effects, we will discuss.

what are terpenes in CBD

How Do Terpenes Effect Me?

Terpenes can affect you in many different ways such as the “entourage effect”. This works better with other compounds found in cannabis plants (THC).

They work together giving you a good feeling with promising effects that it has on your body working with THC compounds.

CBD entourage effect is going to work the best with Full-spectrum products that CBD makes this will affect your

  • Moods, happy, sad, mad
  • Pain
  • Appetite
  • Sleep

Terpenes are all beneficial in leaving you in the right state of mind.

These effects are going to differ between strains and the person consuming CBD or THC that have high trichomes these contain the terpenes, this is the smell and taste.

These are how terpenes affect you when you use them with CBD.

How Do Terpenes Help Me?

How do terpenes help me and the pain I’m in, or what mood I am feeling, are you in pain, are you annoyed, you feeling frustrated, or stressed out, using high CBD and THC strains have promising effects.

Depending on the terpene profile in the strain of CBD will depend on how it can help you.

Let see Limonene terpenes are the most famous, helps you with anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, stress, boost your moods, antibacterial properties. Can bond well with other terpenes to get more benefits in the compounds, these are just one of many terpenes that can help.

Carvone can help you with your digestive system and late-night cramps (menstrual cycle) and promote more sleep. Can bring your spirits up, with good smells that trigger the brain functions, calming effects.

Alpha-Pinene/Beta-pinene- can help with asthma and COPD, Pinene can open up your are ways to impact Bronchodilotar if you have it, leaving you breathing better. This can help with short-term memory loss as well, these two types of terpenes are close together leaving you with the best anti-inflammatory results.

Arthritis, Chron’s disease,  will be helped with terpenes found in THC compounds, and with CBD, and CBN this works against MRSA.

Broad-spectrum of antibiotic properties found within CBD compounds with Alpha pinene terpenes, Anti Cancer properties.

More Benefits

A-Humulene/B-caryophyllene– will bind with your CB2 receptors relaying messages to your brain, protects your brain and nervous system from breaking down.

Alpha Humulene can suppress tumor growth in cancer patients, and anticarcinogenic and local anesthetic activities can help with antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer.

Myrcene– can affect your CB1 receptors would be your nervous system, this will give you a very sedative feeling of relaxed and couch lock, found in Indica mostly.

Giving you the more euphoric feeling that mimics opium without the crucial effects and side-effects of the pill. Myrcene is powerful the perfect example of the entourage effect. And of course anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.


Linalool– affects your serotonin receptors, this too can treat several types of cancers, helping individuals with insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Pain reducer, increase anti-Microbiol properties, muscles contractions working with your nervous system, smells like birch or rosewood chips.

Cineole– can take action on your respiratory system and helping with COPD, opens up your airways, anti-inflammatory, also known as eucalyptol. Studies have shown long-term therapy in the prevention of exacerbations and improve asthma control. if used in high doses.

Terpenes are natural smells that come from so many different kinds of fruits vegetables, flowers, etc…

what are CBD terpenes


They have promising effects with so much more to learn about terpenes and how much more therapeutic effects CBD and THC added.

There are over 20,000 natural terpenes that are responsible for the smell and taste of most things.

What Strains Of CBD Are Best For Terpene Smells.

Many different smells are hard to describe if you did not have a good understanding of terpenes and how they relate to us in everyday life.

The best  CBD strains with terpene profiles that will make  your mouth salivate from just smelling or tasting it are,

  • Charlottes’s Webwhat are terpenes in CBD
  • Cannatonic
  • AC/DC
  • Harlequin
  • Ringos Gift
  • Harle-Tsu
  • Sour Tsunami

These are all picked from weedmaps find your strain and what you think will benefit you and how your feeling.

Last Words:

Let’s put your nose to the test and see when you are done with this article.

See if you can figure out what kind of terpene you are smelling citrus, a sweet, or wood, pine, lavender.

What are your favorite types of smell you want to figure out and what does it smell like?

We do hope this article has helped out many who did not have a clue on what terpenes were and what to understand about CBD terpenes.

What are terpenes in CBD and 9 benefits they are the oils in the trichomes that contain flavors you get when you smell a good rose or even a glass of wine, to be honest, you can not walk around and not smell terpenes around you?

Let us know if you can uncover the smells without even looking to see what the product is?

We described 9 different types of terpenes that are important to us and what we think you all should know that is in the cannabis plant.




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22 thoughts on “What Are Terpenes In CBD-And 9 Benefits

  1. I did not have a clue on what terpenes were, so this was interesting.
    I thought it was the actual plant that had all of the beneficial properties, but are you saying the health benefits of using CBD comes from the additives, the terpenes?
    I can now understand why different brands will have different flavors … depending on what terpenes they use. My goal was always to try the purest form, but maybe it’s better to seek out a brand with the most beneficial terpenes now?

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Andrew,
      This is true and most people do not know that terpenes are the cause of the smell and taste and the trichome production that you see on CBD or THC the crystals are terpenes.
      We are glad that you found this to be interesting and we are also glad that we can provide the right information to the right people.
      Hope that you do find the best quality CBD the the most beneficial terpenes that they can provide, so lets say that you had a CBD strain that was 15% CBD and it had 2% terpenes, and you found another on with 20% CBD, or THC and has 1% terpenes the one with 2% terpenes, and with 15% CBD this one you would pick.
      We hope this makes sense to you and understand it glad that we can be of help.


  2. This is always an interesting topic for me to learn about. I have to be honest that I’ve had no clue what terpenes in CBD are and let alone what are the benefits. Overall, I knew that there are a lot of benefits of taking CBD, but now I know a lot more. I like your videos as well. Thanks for sharing a well-researched and informative post about terpenes in CBD. Keep up the good work with your site!

    1. Ivan,
      We like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us all again we want to provide the right research for everyone to benefits from. You can receive these benefits from terpenes, but the best part is that CBD or THC is not the only one that has benefits from terpenes. Lots of wildflowers have benefits we don’t use anymore, and lots of them we still use to treat individuals with to help heal and used as medicines.
      Hope that you come back soon and read some more articles that are benefiting others.


  3. Hi Mathew&Deloris;

    Thank you for this education on terpenes. After being around cannabis for some time I have noticed the different smells of different varieties. But, I had no idea that their were heath benefits from smelling them.
    It is nice to know that some work against MRSA. That is a real problem with seniors.

    I find it curious that Girl Scout cookies have a high level of terpene called Cineole? I wonder what they are using in those cookies? lol
    Great topic of discussion. Thank you.

    1. Chas,
      We thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, we are glad that you did learn something today and now you know that when you shop for CBD look for terpene levels. This can tell you everyting about the grower how they took care of the meds and how they took the time to grow CBD or THC. Girl scout cookies is powerful and will give you the benefits most indivduals are looking for “couch-lock, we do wonder what nutrients they use so its so wonderful.
      The benefits that come from terpenes can have powerful effects on ones body and mind.


  4. Mathew & Deloris,

    Interesting that the Terpenes are what give you the specific benefits of CBD. I always just thought it was the non-drug form of THC…Not that I know what I’m talking about! I’ve only taken CBD a few times and I really like to buy it for my dog. I guess I never knew what it was in there that made my dog able to walk with bad hips. I just knew it was good for her, so I kept buying it! Now I know!

    Crazy to think of the complexities involved in CBD. But, so many things that we use, we take for granted and often have no idea what it is in these products that we use. But, just goes to show that CBD is just as complex as any other natural remedy!

    Thanks for sharing this information!


    1. Katrina,
      Thanks again for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us we are glad to see that you used CBD for your dog and yourself the benefits are endless. The types of strains can give you either more or less benefits, depending on the type of strain and how it was grown, what they feed the plants. The dogs do receive benefits with CBD, your dog had a bad hip, and when she took CBD she was able to move around a lot more then she did.
      We agree with you on this and we understand that you use it to benefit your animals and that is fine we encourage this to many animal owners.
      Here is a code to get your animal some CBD if they need it as well.



  5. Thank you for helping me again. I am new in this CBD thing and I had no idea what Terpenes are as I have heard a lot of people talking about it and you explained all I needed to hear.

    1. Thabo,
      Thanks again for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us and we are glad that we can be of help with explaining terpenes in CBD.


  6. Quite interesting. I honestly had no appreciation of what terpenes are nor their relationship with CBD products. I had assumed that the plant or extract itself was where the taste and smell came from so interesting to know that many of the benefits actually come from the terpenes.

    Very informative so thanks for sharing.

    1. Jason,
      We thought this was interesting to let others know the benefits of terpenes in CBD and how easy it can be passed up if you do not read it in depth. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us.
      We are glad that you learned something new here surprised to see that so many love this article.


  7. Hey M & D,

    Thank you for sharing another great article on CBD and it’s benefits.

    I am learning a lot from you and all the different benefits. Looking forward to your next articles to keep learning from you.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Tom,
      Thank you for sharing with us we are glad that you learned something new here, we are sharing this with many as we can the benefits are amazing.


  8. Hi Mathew & Deloris,

    Fascinating article on Terpenes, I had no idea these were a thing! To me, this is an interesting area as so much more information about the health effects of CBD are becoming more readily available. It’s something I would definitely need to research more on, but thank you for opening my eyes on this subject, and thank you for putting this information together!

    1. Dereck,
      Yes, the information that we provided was from all medical doctors and science experiments conducted, these cited resources are to finish and tie the story together supported by real facts. Terpenes are very powerful and can have great benefits to us no matter if they are from CBD, THC, or just regular plants they can help and benefit us. Little do we know what terpenes are and what they can do for us, but we do know what science does not fail us and with new data, we can determine if it has more undetermined answers.


  9. Hi Matthew / Deloris; Just had a quick read-through. I am quite new to CBD. I have heard of Terpenes but still not sure if they are good things or not. So I have known you can get Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD. Just to clarify Full-spectrum is pure CBD without Terpenes right? I know it may contain THC but am I right Full Spectrum no terpenes and Broad Spectrum or the flavoured type with Terpenes right? I like that there is added benefits of Terpenes by the way I may try the Lemon one I think. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Alex,
      Hi there we have seen your question and had to describe the two full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum, these two are going to be some of the ones that have added terpenes and still have more THC particles. You are right about the two and they are really adding in terpenes to make the flavor and taste better.


  10. A lot of interesting information I’m going to have to save this I just might purchase some products from you next week on my next Payday You have it set up very nicely Easy to use and navigate.

    1. Joseph,
      We are glad to hear that you did decide to get one after all it is a good investment for you or anyone that gets on almost everyone does not regret it after. Terpenes are going to be one of the best relaxations that you have had with you knowing now that terpenes are a good cause to health. And you do not even have to get them from CBD, THC, they come from everything, is the best part you can get them from other plants this is how the Native Americans survived and healed themselves.


  11. Thanks for this learning blog post. Terpenes are apparently responsible for the overall “smell” of the plant. Is there any specific way, you can find out what terpene is inside of CBD product before buying it? I am not sure if it is displayed on the bottles. I think it is very interesting to go through it again and again and see how every smell has its specific benefit. Enjoying your site!

    1. Julius,
      We are glad to see that you thought this article was helpful. Terpenes are an essential part of the plant’s smell and taste; some people put the terpene profile on the bottle and label it. Can you tell by the strains and the names of each strain some of the time, and other times you will have to use that nose and smell it out and try to guess?
      This article shows the different kinds of smells and tastes that CBD and THC can have. We hope that you come back to learn more from My Great Vapes. We are making new CBD and vaping articles weekly; stay tuned in.


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