What About CBD And Coffee-Caffeine- Another Remedy

CBD and Coffee

Another article to cover about CBD and may seem challenging to mix or make, but rather this recipe is easy and can be done by anyone that would like to experience new ways of medicating. Coffee and CBD seem like it does not mix because of the oil, but we’ve made this drink, and all we can say is “wow”, effective and brilliant.

New ways to discover how to medicate with CBD drinks that make a difference with pain and the dosage you use. What about CBD and coffee-another remedy to cover with details that make you ask for more. We will dive deep into how this works, and why it works.


Why CBD & Coffee

CBD and Coffee

Coffee has been around for centuries try the 15th century maybe even earlier than this native Americans try 1,000 years natives used it for trading in the southwest they traded caffeine and beads to the Europeans.

This was more than 1,00 years ago that native and Mexicans were discovering the coffee beans and the effect it had on them.

Seeing that coffee/caffeine goes far back and will continue to be a morning and night beverage that we all can put CBD tincture drops in our coffee, and benefit you by relaxing and taking the edge off of your pain levels.

Creating a calm effect on your body and compensating for the jitters from the coffee, some say that this evens out the effects on your body and can affect everyone differently, But by adding small doses to your coffee of CBD tinctures or even THC products they can work swell.

For relieving the pain and leaving you with your morning coffee and with either calm or even extra boost of energy some may feel.

The amount of coffee that you drink in the morning or at night will affect how much CBD or TCH you use.

You must see what your dose really maybe, by testing the coffee and waiting it out, so if this is your first time, do take the time to find out what your sweet spot is for your doses and the coffee.

CBD and Coffee

CBD is meant to help with many disorders such as Epilepsy Seizures, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Eating Disorders, Chronic Pain, etc…

That individuals live with every day, now technology is advancing and consumers want other ways to medicate. CBD and coffee are perfect to implement in your morning or night routine to help with these disorders.

How Many Drops Do I need?

Well according to Healthline they say that they tried CBD-infused coffee and some of the resources that he used from Westword, said that this is conflicting cause CBD makes you sleepy and coffee makes you jittery, and this may cause a hard crash (body shutting down.

Back to the dosage of CBD for a 6-ounce cup of coffee, would be a teaspoon and a half for 5 milligrams for a 6-ounce cup of java. Depending on the brand and vendor this may vary and the temperature of the coffee temperatures can affect the amount of CBD you put in there.

This is why we say to take a tincture after you make a cup of coffee and drink it, still use a tincture if your a constant CBD and coffee user.

Consumers want to find new ways to medicate so researchers and companies, and people at home been implementing CBD and Coffee and many other combinations you can think of. This one stood out to us we are coffee drinkers and we use CBD daily so let’s try it we said.

You can also take tinctures after this to get your body on the right level that you need it to be for the pain or what other disorders you may suffer from.

CBD and Coffee

Most people experience the fast heart race and the jitters with coffee alone but implementing it with your coffee can double your chances of relieving your pain-levels just by adding CBD to coffee.

Where To Find the right CBD Tinctures

You must have to the coffee and we are going to show you what we think is going to be the best CBD tincture, or you can use THC products but for this CBD to mix with your morning or night beverages-coffee.

SavageCBD product we are going to be sharing with you so you know what the perfect combination is to make this concoction drink of CBD and Coffee.

By implementing your CBD with your coffee make sure to use the amount you tincture with and this will give you an estimate of how much your ingesting.

We believe that SavageCBD has what you need when it comes to CBD tinctures and fixing the combination so that you can use tinctures for multiple purposes. You can use it sublingually (under your tongue), as well to get the same results, just another way to medicate yourself by Vaping, or Gummies other suggestions we recommend.

What About Vaping & Coffee

Of course, we got something to share with you all for vaping and coffee some people prefer to smoke a cigarette with their coffee, but if you are trying to stay away from that we recommend Sweet Dreams Full Spectrum CBD Pen.

CBD and Coffee

This is good to use while your drinking your CBD-infused coffee you can enjoy vaping CBD products that you will use over-and-over again.

The calm effects that you get with drinking coffee and using CBD products will replace the medications that you may use day-to-day. If you use them do not stop taking them for we are not a licensed doctor and this is research conducted by others and retold by My Great Vapes.com. This is not to cure any disease or disorder one may have, this is our opinion and our own research to relay to CBD consumers and coffee drinkers.

Final Thoughts

The CBD and Coffee idea is brilliant but some say that you will not get the full benefits from the infused products or if you implement it with your coffee.

The idea of this new way of medicating is to help others with anxiety issues, sleep disorders, epilepsy seizures, and other chronic issues of pain they may encounter.

By using CBD with some may feel the effects different with some feeling more sleepy, or they may feel a burst of energy in their morning routine.

All-in-all this technique is working for us as we put a tablespoon and a half and vape while I drink my coffee in the morning as I work on more articles.

Our suggestions are for others that use CBD and coffee on a regular basis and want to try them together but for those who have not tried it and not a big coffee drinker, then just put a tablespoon full and see what that does to you.

CBD an Coffee

For those who have not yet tried CBD or coffee well, we just hope that you learned that it is good if you need to focus and get work done, those who have hard jobs or long hours.

We conducted the research so that you will not have to, letting you see that you do not need to go any further with finding out if CBD will be useful to your daily activities and, what about CBD and Coffee is it another remedy?

If you did enjoy this article of what about CBD and Coffee, then please tell us what dose of CBD you use in coffee and if you think this really works for your disorder?


Malamut M. (November 18, 2019), I Drank CBD Coffee For A Week. Here’s What It Did To My Anxiety. https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/i-tried-it-cbd-coffee-anxiety#:~:text=The%20coffee’s%20instructions%20say%20to,for%20a%206%2Dounce%20cup.

Carpenter, M. (September 15, 2018), 1,000 years ago, Caffeinated Drinks Had Native Americans Buzzing. https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2015/09/08/437580856/1-000-years-ago-caffeinated-drinks-had-native-americans-buzzing


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Hi, there everyone we have put this site together to help educate and relate to others that have the same pain. Your wants or needs that we overlook when it comes to CBD. We want to teach you everything there is to know about that YOU need to know the benefits that come from CBD. The brands are trusted and lab-tested to be safe and ensure the quality that is produced. the fact that come from research and science studies that are done with precision and diligence. We make sure that you get the facts first, to show you that we are dealing with the same problems. Figuring out what alternative to turn to is the hardest part of the change. It does not change anything it is managing your pain levels and taking charge to the next step to relief. Cheers, Mathew&Deloris

14 thoughts on “What About CBD And Coffee-Caffeine- Another Remedy

  1. It is interesting that the caffeine of coffee and the calming properties of cbd can work well together, but it makes sense how one balances the other and may result in a good combination. Too bad I don’t like coffee. 😉 Are similar methods used for tea with cbd infusions or tinctures? Could I combine these cbd tinctures with other cold or hot beverages?

    1. Christine,
      We would like to say thank you for taking the time to read the article and, yes these tinctures work for a variety of hot and cold drinks these are implemented in a wide variety of hot and cold drinks. You can use them in Tea’s, Hot-Coco, smoothies, and can be used with Coffee, of course, many other ways to implement CBD in drinks.
      SavageCBD does sell infused Coffee and tea bags that have it in there already for you to use and don’t have to worry about the doses it makes them out for you.
      Hope this has helped and they have a wide range of products that are useful.
      If you have any further questions that need to be answered please ask.


  2. yes, you are right, coffee and CBD do not come across as a good mix, but who am I.

    Vapes are very popular nowadays and I initially thought the reason behind them was for people looking at stopping smoking but it would appear not.

    Coming from a person who has never smoked then my knowledge of vapes isn’t so great.

    Saying that though Savagecbd does appear to be a good brand based on customer reviews.

    With regards to CBD oil, there are a lot of inferior products around so you have to be very careful.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Mick,
      Yes, you must watch out what brand you choose and where you get your CBD tinctures, SavageCBD they got a reliable source of hemp products and take pride in the customer’s opinions and comments. They want to know if the consumers are getting what they want a good CBD vape pen or even other products such as edibles, and flower, wax, etc…
      When it comes to learning about CBD and what there is to know we are going to share another article with you if that is fine and it will explain what you may have questions pertaining to CBD products or even vaping.
      And a quick answer to does CBD helps individuals quit smoking yes some may use it for that but some may use it to help chronic pains or epilepsy seizures.



  3. Hi there, I find that I am conflicted, I prefer my coffee without anything in it (black and strong) and I drink it for the purpose of that “kick” in the morning, mixing it with CBD will definitely be interesting :).
    However, I do think that if you can get the dosage correct it will be awesome for people to alleviate pain and get their morning pick-up in one go.

    The CBD disposable pen looks very interesting – so it’s basically a vape?

    Thank you for sharing this was very informative.

    1. Cornelia,
      Well, some people prefer to drink their coffee straight with nothing in there that is fine, but you still can the effects if you want to try vaping still there is a starter pack and it comes with everything you need to start today.

      An yes that is all it is a vape pen with CBD material in there that does not get you high like “THC” but will give you the medical properties that most want and need, there are many success stories to her, and most are little kids.

      These kids have Epilepsy seizures and when they take CBD, especially Charlotte’s Web strain they grew for her, believe it, or not, but they stopped her from having them going from 150 a day, to about 2 a day is amazing, stories like this make us keep writing.

      Read these please you will understand:



  4. This is something that I never heard of, but I am open to trying it out. I think that it can a great alternative for someone who is taking prescription anti-anxiety medication.

    As a pharmacist, I have seen many folks complain that whilst the medication does work, it brings about a level of dependency and in some cases other unwanted side effects.

    Many times I have recommended CBD drops but after reading your article, it sounds like an interesting combination with coffee.

    The fact that one does not need high doses of CBD in coffee could be well worth trying.

    As for the coffee component, what brand of coffee would you recommend the best to try?

    I will be directing many other people to your site.

    1. Roospesh,
      We like to thank you for takin got the time to read our article and yes coffee is an excellent alternative to using CBD products and the benefits you reap from CBD and Coffee are incredible. The side effects of a pill are more harmful than CBD and THC like you said you gain depends on the drug and then can not stop using it.
      Then it becomes a habit and a norm that individuals use pills to overcome their problems when cannabis heals and pills KILL.
      We recommend that you try your regular coffee that you drink day-to-day then you can implement CBD to it and see how many drops it take you to feel relaxed start slow.


  5. It is so interesting to know about the coffee and cbd. I have been looking at CBD lately for helping me manage my body for maintaining weight however this mix seems strange.
    Maybe this is also because I do not drink coffee at all. Could there be any side effects with the use of having this especially for a long period of time?

    1. Thabo,
      these are great questions that you bring up, this does depend on the person coffee drinkers usually get a little buzz off the caffeine and if they are in pain like then we medicate with tinctures and vaping. This helps with so many different things and if you are trying to lose weight with CBD it can help, CBD curbs your appetite did you know this.
      We hope that you do find your balance even though this seems like an odd combination, CBD and coffee, does help for marking people and late nighter, with this combination you can feel more energetic or they can cancel each other out and relax you.
      Hope this helps if not we will try to help you the best we can thanks and have a nice day.


  6. I’m a coffee drinker and just love my black coffee in the morning to give me a boost. I haven’t heard anything about CDB. Interesting to know. Coffee has been around for so many years indeed and we still are very surprise how many things you can add to it or make out of it – cakes, different kind of coffee, ice-cream and the list goes on and on. But I’d say coffee is a tasty you acquire.

    1. We would like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us and we agree with you that CBD has been around for many years and keep adding to what we can do and use with Cannabis.
      Making other edibles such as gummies and to help with consuming it not just vaping we try to introduce other alternatives to let others choose from, so that way there is something for everyone.
      Thanks again for stopping in we hope to see you for our next articles.


  7. Hi Mathew& Deloris,

    Interesting article, CBD with coffee caffeine is seriously new to me but I’m amazed how CBD with its calming effects and even to make one sleepy combines with caffeine to even you out, and its energizing effects works well with each other.

    Consuming excess caffeine alone may cause side effects like insomnia, stomach upset but combining it with CBD can help to rescue by leaving us aware yet completely in control.

    Well, I feel that this combination can enhance mental alertness, it acts as a good anxiety reducer and relieving aches and pains.


    1. Samantha,
      Yes, we agree with you when you talk about the effects of caffeine alone this can hurt you sometimes depending on the person we’ve been drinking coffee with for years and have not had these problems.
      When we discovered CBD in Coffee we were skeptical of how it would make us feel we thought it would have different side effects on our attitude or day.
      The attitude was calm and the day went smooth sometimes other individuals will feel different effects of the combination.

      They would have an extra boost of energy and the best thing at the end you will not crash with coffee and CBD if you’re an all-day drinker.

      We only drink in the morning to mid-day then we quiet with water in between the drinks of coffee. The effects were amazing with our knee not being restless and hurting.

      The pain hurts so we been discovering this Oil called (MCT) Medium-chain triglycerides these break down into smaller pieces so that it make it bioavailable to our bloodstream.
      Check out what is in CBD tinctures and edibles MCT oil and see what it can do for you as well.
      Thanks again and we hope that you stop by and read our new articles.


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