Vape Mod Sale-Must See

Vape Mod Sale always going on!

We Have picked out the right mod that fits your needs and wants. What is a vape mod like, this is going to tell you everything that you need to know about vape modes? In this vape mod sale, we will offer the best products that best suits your needs and wants with leaving you amazed at what CBD can do for you.

A vape mod sale is going on and you must see it yourself to believe it.
The best deals that you’re going to receive from this review of the Geek Vape Aegis X box Mod.


Geek Vape Aegis ModWell to start do you know the meaning of MOD it’s the short term for modification, modified adjusted to you’re preference.


How you will want to keep the temperatures down to what you prefer.

This is a device that is made to vape E-cig, CBD Oils, Or even THC Oils if you choose or your state that allows it.

We have CBD and THC Oils so we have the best of both worlds to turn to when we want to self medicate.

Mods are modified to be better and bigger and more reliable when it comes to vaping. Unlike disposable pens, you can recharge and refill at any time.
As for the disposable pens they are just to use and throw away after you don’t want to keep them after it is done you can’t do anything with it but a souvenir.

But if you have the cartridge replaceable then you can reuse then just have to have the charger.

Ensure Best Results:

When it comes to temperatures and what the temperature has to be at to have a great vape is going to depend on what you like.
The coils are heated after you have pushed the button on the front of the device.

And activates the wick to the coil makes the temperature rise to the setting that you have dialed in at.

For the best results from CBD Oil are (360°F -400°F) and for Celsius (200°C). That’s where you want to be for the best result.

If you, were to burn the oils faster and at higher temperatures, it will turn into a carcinogenic compound that is from (VG, PG) See other articles for more on this.



Back to high temperature, this could potentially give you bronchitis. So we have picked this one for you all it has temperature control that’s what you want.

FYI if you vape THC then you will want to burn at higher temps only because it is much thicker and can burn faster and better.

You also want to keep coils changed and make sure that you are cleaning the MOD, on regular basis.

If you do this then it will surely have a long life span.

The lifespan of the MOD is about 600 to 1000 charge cycles with a 18650 lithium-Ion battery that heats the coil and burns oils into vapors.

Be sure not to put anything else in this no water, honey, anything but E-cig nicotine or CBD Oils it will ruin you’re mod and or pen.

You will have to clean this or get new coils and caps costing more time and money. Invest in something that has value and durability. After, All the charges are used then be sure to buy another battery we have all the supplies that you need.

Know More:

For those who like the tanks and like the mods they do have interchangeable parts that fit each other 510 is the fitting. If you like tanks from one store and mods from this other one then they can fit.

The Light will go on indicating when to charge it so that you will Geek Vapor Aegis X Box MODknow when to charge.



Put the USB charger onto the mod it is designed for it.
This way you will not have a problem with it overheating or blowing up due to different watts and voltages.

Do not charge with a cell phone charger this can ruin the charge from the actual pack itself. Making it not charge the right way or not holding a charge at all.
Making it harder to vape whenever.
Use the USB Charger that comes with the vape Mod and USB charging port.

Direct Vapor has so many sizes and colors, coils, and juices to pick from. You have the choice to see what you like maybe you have something in mind that you have been thinking about trying.

We have it all and you will not be disappointed 15% Off of purchase and see what else there is. If you sign up as a member today then you will get even more promo codes.
To choose from as they come in through your e-mails.

Bring your friends with you and see what they would like as well, or pass the article on to them if you look at other articles to see what we have.

The MOD We Picked For You:

The MOD that we have picked for you is the best out there on the market right now. Solely because it has temperature control and this is what you want to control. The look and size are fantastic and easy to read on the screen.

Geek Vape Aegis X Box MOD:

Place To Buy:  Here at Great Vapes.

Product Description: Slimmer with though grips on the side to ensure no clumsy slipping, great grip with 2.4 inch OLED screen easy to read.

Has fitting that fits most compatible devices called a 510 size. 200w Output of power rated best for water, shock, dust resistance, and zinc-alloy chassis

Cost: $55.95 + Free Shipping & Handling

Colors: Black, Gold, Tan, Green, Silver, Red

Included: 1 Aegis X MOD, 1 Owners Manuel, 1 USB cable,

Needed: 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Is not included and must get to work but if you have one then do not have to worry. And Vape Juice look around the store you will like what we have to offer everyone.


  • Has a bigger screen easy to read at all times can modify to the exact temperature that is needed for.
  • Oils that you want to burn with E-cig juice, CBD Oils, THC Oils.
  • Easy to fill and the life span is longer than other products you may have used.
  • The grip is easy to handle more durable.


Geek Vapor Aegis Has Better Grip So No Slip


  • Too bulky for pocket and hard to hide and be discreet.
  • They are a little more expensive but the value you get out of it is remarkable.
  • Have to charge to vape.


This is not to cure we are not doctors but this is solely our opinion. And we would just like to share it with you all, we do not have the cure for all disorders. And if you would like to try some products to see for yourself.
Like we said we are no doctors our opinion is based on what we have seen and heard and have done ourselves.

We have put together what we think would suit you the best with what disorders, or just want to try for the first time we are here to help you through this.

We are here to help and educate.

Ask The Right Questions:


At times it can seem complicated to work these gadgets. But think of your phone you had to learn how to use that when times have changed with no more flip phones.
These are easy to work quite simple once you use it once or twice but if you vape lots then it will not be hard to get the hang of it.

The Mods make sure that you get the best quality vape that you can inhale and buy from us. Your Mod is much better than the disposable ones you use if you have not upgraded yet.

Is this MOD for me and is it going to work for me at the right temperatures?
Yes, it is you can dial into the perfect temperature that you can vape on whether it be CBD Oils, THC Oils, E-cig Juices all these you can put in the Mod.

Other colors they have

Does the Geek Vape Aegis live up to its name well you have to find out for you’re self or read the comments that they have written about this product we have for you?

Sure there are lots of Mods out there that you can get, but do they control your temperatures? Do they hold the charge like this for long periods? Geek Vape Aegis ensures that you have the best temps for whatever you’re trying to vape.

Will this break quickly on me?

Well if you do not take care of it and clean it out then you will have problems with the suction and clogging up-on you and burning out faster.

  1. You will want to take this all apart make sure that you have emptied the remains of the juice.
  2. Take the tank and have a bowl of warm water and a little of dawn dish shop this is what and how we do this for our MOD.
  3. We clean them off good and make sure there is no residue on there from the soap and put a paper towel down and
  4. Dry 20 Min for full dry or dry with a paper towel really good no water.
  5. What we like to do is get the Q-tip and see what else is lingering and clean if needed most of the time it is clean so no worries.

Last Thoughts:

We like to recap what we have learned throughout the article, we have found a great way for you to vape.  Receive the accurate temperatures when you inhale to vape.

18650 Lithium Ion BatteryThis has everything included but the 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery that you will have to purchase here at the store. They are the best batteries to use they save you the time and energy to look for one as great as this battery.
So make sure if you do not have this 18650 battery then get one and some new juice to put in there.

We talked about what you can and can not put in the vape so please do not put honey or water. Anything but the right juices will ruin the mod and have to spend more to buy a new one.

We provide all this at the one-stop-shop here at My Great Vapes please have a look around and find quality products that fit your needs and wants all in one.

The value that these products have is not compared to the price, so when you’re looking at the price think this is my chance to control the temperatures of how I vape.

So this way you will now know what is your temperature that is suited for you when trying to relax or go to bed or even wake up.

Thanks for the ear and your time to read this article about the vape mod sale.  We have so much to offer within the site please drop a comment so that we can see what is on your mind so that we can provide more.
If, you have liked this article please put it in the comment box that you loved the review. Also, if you want to earn money then click here if you have enjoyed this and curious about making money as well.




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6 thoughts on “Vape Mod Sale-Must See

  1. I’m practically a newbie in this CBD vaping world and all these gadgets are alien technology to me LOL. I appreciate your help, as always, I learned a lot from your website. I still haven’t chosen my approach to CBD oils and vaping, but at least I’m getting there by reading your posts.

    Geek Vape Aegis X Box MOD seems like a good purchase. So this is basically just like a regular vaper but on “steroids” right? Thanks in advance!

    1. Ivan,
      Thanks again and yes this is a vape pen on steroids one of the best so that you can control the temperature so you won’t burn your vape, burning your vape can be dangerous as well. This is why we talk about temp control and everything there is to know about this wonderful natural plant thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


  2. This seems like an amazing product for those who vape. You have provided us your transparent review by looking at all the pros of the vape mod.
    Few of my work colleague vape, I will suggest your site to them.

    Thank you

    1. Habib,
      Well, thank you for your kind words and we must say that many individuals are vaping, this CBD industry is booming more than ever right now, and is the best time to get into these products. It will not only help you but will but keep you healthy as well thanks for spreading the word to others.


  3. Thank you so much for all the great info!! I didn’t even know there was that much of a difference in pens and MODs. I also was woefully unaware of the proper temperatures. Thanks!

    1. Randi,
      How are you thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us and how everything is about the temperatures when it comes to vaping this will give you more of the properties that you look for?
      We have hoped to make an impact on others and the way CBD products are talked about by others. This is just another review that we have done and more to come thanks again.


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