These Tips Prevent Motion Sickness- Find Other Alternatives


Motion sickness can be prone to children and women mostly and some for men, not as much, these are some tips to follow if you are in this situation. These tips prevent motion sickness- find other alternatives, we are asking that you find the best way possible to fight motion sickness whether it be in a,

  • Car ride– sitting for long periods at a time
  • Boat cruise/or watercraft– can be bumpy and wavy
  • Planes- Turbulence and landing/taking off
  • Exercising– excessive motion moving, and running long distances keep hydrated but not too much water little drinks and nibble on foods.
  • Trains/Buses- moving long distances and not standing up without vomiting is hard for those who have motion sickness.

CBD Tinctures

These are just some following things we will express the most information in and teach how to prevent or delay, and or minimize the sickness.

As you may all know that this is not curable and is not a disorder but can add stress to the situations or make you think that you are the only one with this kind of situation. Wrong this is most common in women and in children ages 3-15younger or older they get.

What To Do If This Is Unexpected.

We think if this was to happen unexpectedly and you should be prepared in situations like going on cruise ships or long car rides.

Before you get on you are next flight or take a vacation you really should think of this little bottle that can help with about almost everything you can think of. But we are talking about the long flights for business trips or vacations with family, using natural plants with benefits is called (CBD) tinctures.

alternative remedies

Take them anywhere anyplace anytime and this is going to help with you when you get queasy and nauseated with the boat cruise or flight to the beach. CBD is known for its best characteristics which have great impacts on individuals that have disorders or in this case motion sickness.

You can take this before you head on to either the boat, plane, or car, train, or bus, or even carnival rides that shake you all up or go upside down. If you already knew about CBD and didn’t know that it helped with motion sickness and everything in between would you use it for long flights on a plane?

Or that boat cruise you are supposed to get on this week and wondering if you are going to get sick?

If you do, then you may experience light headed, dizziness, vomiting, even weakness of the muscles.

Symptoms You May Experience

  • Fatigued, dizzy, double vision
  • sweaty clammy hands & feetsweaty palms from motion sickness
  • irritable, grumpy
  • Sick to the stomach/touch

This can last for one to two hours for most others may experience it for longer than five hours if this persists then you can take another drop of CBD tincture oil for sickness.

CBD symptoms can be treated ahead of time so that why it will not be as bad when in play remember that this does not cure it and works better on others everyone is different. We hear some that say it didn’t work for me others say it’s the best product for us.

We say to try it and see for yourself and then tell us how this has made a difference or this is the worst product ever?

Also to know how you are thoughts and feelings on the progress that you have received from CBD?

Why Is CBD Recommend

To be honest we have not found a product so wonderful that changes individual’s lives around and have proven facts from researchers and scientists. There are so many great success stories out there about saving kids lives off of this natural plant remedy that everyone disapproves of.

We hope to change other’s minds not with force but with facts that are true and honest from documents to research to recommendations also doctors.

CBD is not a cure for none of the disorders that we mention in this site nor motion sickness, rather this is only to manage your pain levels. If you have motion sickness and reading this then this is not to cure but to prevent and help break down the motion sickness you may be experiencing.

It is recommended to others that have bad sicknesses from the motion of any kind that may be from the flight or boat ride even roller coasters, train, bus, or car. These tips may help Motion sickness

  • Roller coaster– Try to look at what you are doing do not close you are eyes this is when you get dizzy because you are balance is off you are brain is saying this thus making you sick. May feel different if then using CBD to prevent motion sickness but if you must go on a roller coaster then try to sit at the back or middle so you are not at the front.
  • Boat cruise/boat ride- always distract yourself with things such as drinking water and going to the top of the cruise ship and focus on the sky not straight up but the sides of you. Don’t lay down or try to read a book this is more focused on you are head down causing you to get sick.
  • Car rides– Long car sitting can be bad for some others will be okay reading a book or playing on the phone can make you lose focus and throw your balance off creating a sick feeling in you are stomach. The inner ear is responsible for this sending receptors messages to the brain telling it in sick. That’s when you get sick to the stomach vomiting and cold sweats can occur. The inner ear is conjoined with you are balance equilibrium making receptors going back and forth from the brain to the ear to you are eyes to your touch they’re all connected by receptors sending messages.
  • Train/Bus/Car- You can stand for the ride if you get too sick sitting down this can help and focus on the train and destination you are going to end up at. Do not read if this makes you sick and the phone making it hard to not getting motion sickness, to prevent CBD drops, drink water, do not eat greasy foods the night before or on or during the ride thus making you are food not come up. Alcohol is a big part of this as well making it easier to have motion sickness if drank the night before or even during.
  • Roller coaster– We would recommend that you take CBD or THC for those that use the cousin of CBD that is THC you can use either or. You can even vape if you choose to smoke to relax your motion sickness.
  • Remember (THC) gets you HIGH/ (CBD) does NOT get you high.



We thank you for the ear and support that is put into creating and researching facts and opinions by scientists & FDA.

Motion sickness

These are solely from references and our research to make all our articles 100% original and presentations to are presented with facts and opinions from scientists. We hope to reach out to others that have other products to share and leave positive comments at the bottom with you are opinion. Also to hear what you have to talk about and discuss other topics as well we hope to educate others on all topics of CBD. These tips prevent motion sickness-find alternatives, eat lightly and nibble on foods like crackers and try to keep you are head still…

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Hi, there everyone we have put this site together to help educate and relate to others that have the same pain. Your wants or needs that we overlook when it comes to CBD. We want to teach you everything there is to know about that YOU need to know the benefits that come from CBD. The brands are trusted and lab-tested to be safe and ensure the quality that is produced. the fact that come from research and science studies that are done with precision and diligence. We make sure that you get the facts first, to show you that we are dealing with the same problems. Figuring out what alternative to turn to is the hardest part of the change. It does not change anything it is managing your pain levels and taking charge to the next step to relief. Cheers, Mathew&Deloris

10 thoughts on “These Tips Prevent Motion Sickness- Find Other Alternatives

  1. Hey, thank you for sharing these tips.

    I have a question: is CBD could be used for children?

    I appreciate your feedback on this!

    Best Wishes,

    1. Natalie,
      That is a very great question a would have to say yes to this, children do benefit from this as well we have mentioned this in the article and would say this is how it got approved from the FDA. We thank you for your time and consideration in reading this article in good health.


  2. Hi Mathew,

    I can’t thank you more for this article for an alternative to soothe motion sick for a person who suffers from motion sickness since childhoods. I remembered every time my dad drove us out, and I was the only person who vomited in the end, which made me embarrassed. I would love to try CBD Ticure oils to overcome the symptoms, and I hope it works for me.

    Thanks for sharing today. You provide me great value.

    1. Matt,
      We thank you for stopping and sharing your thoughts with us and we hope to hear about your success story to us in the comments motion sickness can be hard to deal with when a kid. A new day in age and new remedies that work FDA approved with back up research to prove facts and statistics. Have a wonderful day with a bright future with the CBD industry turning in your mind.


  3. Mathew and Doloris, thank you for sharing this information about CBD and the benefits it may have.

    I am not a believer in taking anything no matter if it was prescribed by my own doctor, that doesn’t mean I am against things like CBD. If it helps then great!

    For me, Reiki is my choice of therapy and works all the time.

    I have reviewed quite a few companies selling CBD oil and found that there could be as many as 47% that don’t have what they say is on the label.

    I know in the UK they have done random tests and found this to be the case. In fact, a well-known distributor, Holland & Barretts in one of their CBD products had almost zero CBD.

    Hemp CBD would be my choice as the THC is almost 0

    As I understand, there is still a big debate about the Marijuana version in the US.

    Talking about CBD and I do believe many take it for the high as that is the feedback I get from people I know who take it.

    Ones again thanks

    1. Hey there Mick,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have seen that there are lots of fake labels and can be overlooked if you don’t read and could end up with THC in their system. We live in the U.S so there are lots that think this gets you high and don’t see the value it has puts stress on the real labels out there trying to help others.
      There is going to be more coming with CBD and the industry they are trying to help others and want to see individuals self treat with CBD and if your case is much more significant then that consult with your doctor.
      But we understand your opinion and just thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  4. Hello Matt. Thank you for the informational post about CBD oil used as a treatment for motion sickness. From what I have heard, it helps many people with many different symptoms. Is there a difference in CBD oil compared to medical or medicinal marijuana?

    1. David,
      We thank you for stoping and sharing your thoughts and questions, yes there is a difference in the way it does not have the psychoactive effect “High” for those that can use and worried about THC levels always read the bottles and they should be 0.03% or zero% we always advise relooking over the bottle.

      Lots make the mistake of not looking at the bottle but CBD does help with disorders to people how just want to manage their everyday lives so they can do the things they love.


  5. Quite an informative read Matthew, thanks for sharing. My daughter is a regular sufferer from motion sickness (car mainly). She over comes it in time and we have never tried any medications or other remedies. Some of the other comments above highlight the stigma associated with marijuana related remedies so the more information out there I guess the better informed we will all become. I’m not quite convinced yet but a lot of data in support so perhaps I too need to start to get on board.

    1. Jason,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions with us we were as well not convinced once we started to use it it opened our eyes of how powerful this really is to disorders. The more you get to understand what CBD’s all about the more you will believe that this is the remedy of the century without the characteristics of getting “stoned”.
      We thank you for stopping by and sharing we hope that your daughter gets to experience a car rife without the hassle of throwing everything back up.
      CBD is for children as well with no harm is done to them without thinking they are high.


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