The Difference Between Sativa and Indica Leaves- The Truth

The difference between indica and sativa leaves

What we discovered about the difference between Sativa and Indica leaves will leave you amazed at what we found while conducting research to find factual evidence of the difference. Research has revealed that in the 18th century, botanists named Dr. Ethan B. Russo said four different kinds of species of cannabis plants existed. Although we don’t talk about them very much, we explain their true identity. Breeding cannabis has broken down the genetics of the true Sativa and Indica plants. Read further to find out if you’re smoking, vaping, or growing good cannabis genetics or strains. True PHENO-TYPES.

Are they telling us the truth or just blowing smoke up our ally?

Getting to Know Sativa and Indica Leaves and Shapes.

If you grow, you will see the main difference between the two species we discuss: Sativa and Indica plants. And there are two more types of species we will talk about later.

Sativa plants tend to be slender and extended in height, with long fan leaves shooting out the sides, giving their characteristic name for how they make you feel. Energetic and focused with different strains you try. Genetics will vary depending on how you think.

Indica plants tend to be fat and stocky in height. The fan leaflet is stumpy and wide. Indica strains should match the smell of a strong skunky odor pungent on dark tastes.

The difference between sativa and indica leaves

Even if you do not know anything about cannabis plants, you will start to see patterns in the leaves of certain strains or genetics if you look at them long enough. Some are fat; some are skinny; some are long; some are short and stumpy, many characteristics that make up a cannabis plant. If you like to smoke cannabis or grow it, cultivators can identify the indica’s sweet natural aromas and tastes (flavinoids) and terpene profiles.

learn more about terpenes.

What is a botanist?

A person who studies plant biology is a plant scientist who cares to know and understand what plants do for us and the earth. Research and data were collected over time on living plants since the dawn of time. In the mid-level times around the 1540s, they were making botanical gardens to witness a change in plants.

The difference between indica and sativa leaves

Dr. Ethan B. Russo was dedicated to studying cannabis plants from 2015 to 2017, researching and developing approaches targeting the human endocannabinoid system..

Who is Dr. Ethan B. Russo?

Dr. Russo was the medical director of PHYTECHS and the author of several books, one of which was called the “Handbook of Psychotropic Herbs.” Co-author of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: pharmacology and toxicology, along with five other books that Dr. Russo published, more than fifty articles in neurology, pain management, cannabis, and ethnobotany, herbal medicine.

The difference between indica and sativa leaves

The chairman Dr. Russo of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines was a past also, a president of the International Cannabinoid Research Society.

Russo graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in psychology. Then to the University of Massitucus for medical school.

Dr. Russo was a clinical neurologist in Missoula, Montana, working with strong chronic pain patients for twenty years. He ends his studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Are they telling us the truth about Sativa and Indica species?

The difference between indica and sativa leaves

Is what we know about cannabis species wrong, or are they telling us the truth about Sativa or Indica even existing?

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Another botanist, Robin van Velzen, claims that on a molecular level, they are indistinct, which means that they are identical in many aspects.

Cannabis labeling is associated with genetics and terpene synthase genes (trichomes).

The difference between indica and sativa leaves

Robin van Velzen states that different terpene profiles change the psychoactive properties of cannabis. The genetics of each cannabis variety that comes from cultivators and the control of terpene variation are still unexplored.

The correlation between Sativa and Indica mainly depends on terpene profiles. Giving the effects and smell that consumers are looking for in cannabis. These are the sugary, crystally dimands you see on cannabis gleaming back at you.

We will explain how research has led us to understand what we know today about all four species of plants.


What Is Sativa?

The difference between indica and sativa leaves

When cultivators describe Sativa, they tend to say fan leaves would be slimmer with lax branches, and the stem could be about 12 feet tall, with skinny, tall fat buds. Cultivated in hot and humid climates, it takes longer in the growing cycle to mature and develop. Cannabis can be broken down and woven into cloth.

Sativa plants have many defined characteristics, such as skinny and long in the vegetation stage.

The Effects on Sativa?

Sativa-dominant strains will offer you energy better thinking in the cerebral, making you focused and creative, and with an uplifted feeling. The Health Line describes Sativa as a “mind-high” anxiety reducer. It will take longer to grow than its counterpart, Indica. Sativa has low CBD and high THC levels.

When to Use

During the day, you want to use Sativa-dominant strains, but do we go off of this, or do we look at what kind of terpene it holds or smells like? These are supposed to be uplifting on body and mind. When we think of Sativa, we think of happy and gitty laughter or even being in the mood to clean, conductive energy.

Could this be the terpenes that we are experiencing?

Ruderalis, Hybrids.

Cultivators have been cloning Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis species and breeding cannabis for generations and centuries, all we know are what scientists have told us. And we must believe because it is true.

When breeding, you cross strains and make new genetics that involves the unique makeup of hybrid strains.

Which explains all the different names that you hear and see everywhere worldwide. From Acapulco Gold to Blueberry, Sour Diesel, and Skunk 1.

Ruderalis is a species of the cannabis plant with low levels of THC, more on the hemp side of CBD, and originated from Central Russia.

The difference between indica and sativa leaves

New cultivators have been using Ruderalis strains recently to create new hybrids in the cannabis industry. The plant produces tiny buds with a short flower cycle.

Auto flowers do not change with the seasons.

It flowers when it is mature, which can be as little as 21 days. These are called “auto flowers.”

Popular Sativa Strains

To name some more strains that are around but hard to get a hold of Durban Posian, Lambs Bread from Jamacia, Malawi, Panama Red Columbian Gold from South America, Jack Herer, Green Crack, and Super Sour Diesel.



What Is Indica?

Research describes Indica as a dominant species; it produces lots of THCA (tetrahydrocannabinol). Wikipedia describes Indica with Jean Baptiste Lamarck’s description of Indica, which comes from the book Cannabis Indica.

The word “Indica” comes from India, which is on the other side of the hemisphere for us.

The difference between indica and sativa leaves

Charas, a form of hashish, is traditionally cultivated in the Hindu Kush Mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan, is where it originated.

Specimens of the Cannabis plant are taken from India to be researched by taxonomies.

How Do Indica Leaves Look?

Richard Evens Schults describes C. Indica is relatively short, conical, with dense branches. The leaves are close together, merging into tight spaces for fast, dense buds in the flowering stage.

Stocks are short and not tall and can be bushy with lots of foliage to cover the buds, thus calling it a canopy.

Well suited for temperate climates, with cold and harsh winters, Indica strains can survive, competing with the weather and dry heat.

Popular Indica Strains?

The best and oldest strains we know are in the books: the Hindu Kush from the mountain range, the original strain, Granddaddy Purple, and Northern Lights. Tahoe OG Kush and Wedding Cake are getting popular, along with God’s Gift and many other great strains labeled Indica.

The difference between indica and sativa leaves


If you have not yet checked out what kind of terpene smells are for you, then you need to jump right in NOW.

The Effects On Indica?

The couch-lock is what Indica is specified to be, leaving you painless and anxiety-free. The medical side of cannabis will treat insomnia patients. Euphoric feelings when people use THC can cause the entourage effect making your body feel relaxed and tired.

It gives you more of a body buzz high, compared to its counterpart, Sativa, making you creative and energetic, a head high.

When to Use

They would say to use it at night to get a good night’s sleep, drifting softly into the couch or bed. Depending on strains and terpene profiles, the content of the essential oils in cannabis will have different effects.

You can use Indica cannabis during the day for medical or recreational purposes. Other proficient users of cannabis like to use Indica strains during the day to help alleviate pain.


The difference between indica and sativa leaves


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Do you think there is a misconception between Sativa and Indica and hybrids perhaps when we look at cannabis specimens under a microscope?

Defining Sativa and Indica on a broad spectrum will be hard to follow, but it simply means that these two species are alike in every aspect.

Their terpene profiles explain their characteristics, which give them their looks, smells, and tastes. We need to stop looking at labels when you go to your next dispensary.

One Last Thing

All-in-all, we believe that the debate on the difference between Indica and Sativa leaves will remain for centuries to come, and when we purchase flower products, we will not look at the label for the words “Indica or Sativa.”

Looking at trichome production will ensure quality along with the terpene smell.

The difference between sativa and indica leaves-the truth is revealed and it is up to you to decide if you want to believe it.

Mastering your weed smells will boost your chances of getting great cannabis. If you vape, smoke, or grow cannabis, you will know the smells and tastes for most part.

If we missed anything that you wanted to know, please do not hesitate to comment. My Great Vapes AKA (MGV) will get back to you ASAP.


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International research shows: No genetic distinction between ‘Sativa’ and ‘Indica’ cannabis

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18 thoughts on “The Difference Between Sativa and Indica Leaves- The Truth

  1. I appreciate the thoroughly written article very much. When you go to the dispensary or browse the Weedmaps menus, that’s all you see is indica and sativa but no one really seems to know the difference other than one supposedly puts you to sleep while the other will make you wired! My experiences two me that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have always wondered about the way they bred ruderalis to make auto flower. In your opinion, can a person achieve good, quality cannabis with those auto stains?

    1. Joseph,
      Breeding different strains, mainly ruderalis, will give it different genetics to work with to make its smell look taste different. The ruderal strains are high in CBD, creating another treatment for patients. Hope to see you come back for other great articles.


  2. Thanks, guys for this informative post on the differences between Indica and Sativa!
    I had also heard that Indica is better for growing indoors, while Sativa for outdoors, can you tell me if it’s true?

  3. I did not know there was a difference between the two leaves. I have heard that it’s medicinal, and even helps alleviate pains, so it makes sense that people know the relevant information, differences and how to get the best out of the leaves.

    From what I can understand, please correct me if I’m wrong, the main difference between sativa and Indica leaves is their shape and size. Sativa leaves are typically wider and narrower than Indica leaves. Additionally, the two types of plants also have different effects when smoked – Sativas are generally more uplifting and energetic, while Indicas are more relaxing and sedating.
    You’ve even included the best time to use either of them. Thank you for this.


    1. Femi,
      You are correct on the terminology but are there Indica, and Sativa dominate strains out there still, or have they broken down and turned into hybrids?


  4. Very interesting. I didn’t know there were so many differences. Does Indica tend to have a higher amount of THC? Are both – despite the differences – equally good for health reasons?

    1. Christine,
      They both can be high in THC levels depending on the strain and the environment in which it is growing.


  5. Hi M and D, Thank you for an interesting read. I know very little about cannabis. This was sure informative.
    Is it correct when I say the one is to enhance your brainpower and energy level and the other to calm you down from a hyped state and makes you relaxed and sleepy?
    I enjoyed reading and learned a lot.

  6. Clear explanation and now I understand the difference much better. Based on the Sativa effects you mentioned, I believe this is what I have always used. Every time I take it, I feel energetic and my ideas are so clear.

    However, I usually take it at night and I still manage to easily fall asleep.

    Do you think it can be a good idea to use both Sativa and Indica at the same time?

    I also wanted to mention that I find it very difficult to differentiate weed smells. And I am sure, I am not the only one.

    1. Warren,
      Glad to see you came to our website, and we do find that Indica can act as Sativa, and Sativa works like Indica; this is due to the cross-breeding of different strains. Sometimes people have better noses than others and can tell the difference in the smells. People that have smoked for years will know the difference in strains. Many people who smoke know the smells and tastes of a certain kind of cannabis and can tell the fake ones.
      We are glad that you dropped in. We like to give 20% OFF Clearance with PROMO code APRIL20


  7. Hi MnD,
    This was really interesting about the benefits.
    Firstly as you say with Sativa it has has low CBD and high THC levels. So the benefits you are saying are it uplifts the body and mind. Happy laughter or even being in the mood for clean, conductive energy.
    Secondly Indica you say helps leave you painless and anxiety-free. It’s also used medically to treat insomnia patients.

    I am not a cannabis user but would consider the medical health benefits having read more about the science and differences in your article. Thanks for your excellent research!

    1. John,
      We are excited to hear that you would consider the medical benefits of medical marijuana if you knew more about the subject and the science to support details.

      Check out our Terpene Article.


  8. Fascinating read, informative and as more of friends/family get older, there is less resistance to try cannabis for managing pain. I would feel happy to share this post with them. I wonder out of the two plants, which is easier to grow – if one is easier and that is why it is more common to find?

    1. Rivi,
      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us. Out of Sativa or Indica, we say that it depends on the climate you have and that you want to control. Both are easy to find just have to visit the seed banks that hold any strain you want or looking for.


  9. Interesting, I remember seeing a lot of Indica and Sativa products back in the day before all these countries (excluding the Amsterdam Cafes) started legalization and all these CBD products started coming out. I thought this was just some kind of legal high. I have learned quite a lot from this article though. What is best to smoke do you reckon? So much weed recently I’ve smoked has just tasted horrible.

    1. Alex,
      Glad to see that you made it to our website and with all the new strains and people that grow it is hard to keep up and for the weed tasting gross we are sorry to hear you should look at the ones we have picked for you.

      Pick your weed HERE.


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