The Best CBD And Vape Cartridge- For Your Bucks

In a recent article we discussed the best vape pens and concentrates, well, we are going to dive deeper into seeing the best CBD and vape cartridge-for your bucks.

Everyone on the market is saying that they’ve to go the best CBD vape juice, and cartridge, to go with it?

Are you really getting good quality CBD, and cartridges, how long do they last, am I throwing my money away?

Are you using the vape pen the right way, all these questions will be discussed and answered by top researchers and publishers of the CBD world. As we dig into cartridges we will be seeing if POD’s & MOD’s are the same when you fill them.


The Best CBD And Vape Cartridge


What Makes Quality CBD.

What is the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear this, you all might be thinking this is the easy one, it depends on the vendor? Well, this is part of it, but the quality is how it was grown, cured, and handled, down to the way they process the hemp flower. We will get into what is The Best CBD And Vape Cartridge for your bucks.

  • First, is the way they grow the Hemp flower, are they getting the right nutrients, balanced PH’d water, and no pesticides in the stages of growth from vegetative, to flowering stage.
  • Second, comes harvesting time, and this is where you want that flower to dry outright not too long, and not too short, depending on the climate you live in dry, or humid. This will be a rule of thumb of 7-10 days for drying with the right temperatures that need to be regulated daily.
  • Third, comes to the curing process of the final stages of getting the medical properties that you have been waiting for, our cycle of curing, typically takes about 4-5 months.

Depending on the strain/ and how long we want them to cure the longer the better. The first week you have to burp them 3 – 4 times a day to keep them from turning to hay and ruining the hard work of growing, harvesting, drying, and curing.

The Best CBD And Vape Cartridge

  • Lastly, is the way the product is refined, freed from impurities, which the goal would be to get as much THC out as possible and left with all CBD medical properties. But to be honest, THC will still have traces within CBD products, merely because this is part of the plant and always will, it’ just one of the 104 compounds, that make-up these genetics.

Cartridges Filled Already.

The Best CBD And Vape Cartridge?

There are three types of the way this product is broken down from Full spectrum CBD oil, Broad Spectrum, Isolate CBD, and Nano CBD Oil.

Nano CBD oil is bioavailable- cleaner, and will stream through your body quicker letting you feel therapeutic effects.

We are going to be discussing, Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD the ones that we regularly use, and having lots of reviews with value and non-bias reviews by verified buyers.

If you enjoy Full spectrum CBD, we recommend the Pineapple Blast full spectrum, a 500mg cartridge designed to fit a 510 thread battery, this is most threads that connect.

Pineapple blast

                                                           …NET WT. .57 FL. 16.75g 1mL…

Unless this is a POD or a MOD the difference is that the 510 thread will not give you that much power with the button.

POD’s are designed to allow you more power to vape at the temperatures that you need to burn the oil so that you can get the medical properties that you are looking for.

Cartridges are just used by a 510 thread that you need to charge with a USB charger plugged into the wall until it turns green, it will turn red when dead.

Second, Strawberry citrus Full spectrum CBD cartridge would be strawberry citrus you can get this here.

strawberry citrus
                                                           …NET WT .57 FL. 16.75g 1mL…

This bottle is a 500mg cartridge to fit a 510 thread battery then after throw away disposable.

On both of these cartridges expect to get around 50 puffs and this is a good rip, and being a frequent vaping user.

And if you enjoy Isolate better then we will recommend the pineapple blast citrus isolate cartridge that is basically the same as full-spectrum but is a little purer than the full spectrum.

The way it is extracted and how many times they do this can mess with the grade or quality of the vape oil.

This pineapple blast isolate is a 250mg bottle, there are natural and added flavors that you taste and enjoy so much when you vape the cartridges.

Pineapple blast isolate


Next, would be the strawberry citrus isolate cartridge that is 250 mg as well that packs a punch this is why it’s only 250mg you don’t need much of it.


strawberry citrus


These two isolate cartridges are fewer milligrams because this is purer, not saying that the full spectrum will not have the same effects, we are saying that Isolate is purer so needless to vape. These will still benefit you if you are feeling achy, in pain, are depressed, have bad anxiety, can’t sleep, menstrual cycle cramps, etc…

Vape until the desired effect is reached.

When is the best time to change my cartridge and why?

If you vape all the time, then you should already know that you can’t have the same cartridge forever you have to change them even, POD’s and MOD’s(these contain tanks, and POD’s). You will always need a new cartridge no matter what you cant get away with it unless you want it all spilling out and tasting nasty.

This will happen if you leave the cartridges on the battery for a long time without changing it will leak out, or the coil will burn out. These are general clues that you will start to notice over time when you vape if your new then you will learn the signs.

If you vape on PODs and MODs then you use coils and you must change them on regular basis, keeping up with it and knowing when to change it, should not be hard to tell.

When you have not used it for a while or if you start to taste a burnt taste or funny taste that you have not tasted before.

which one do you use

We suggest if you do not vape that much then you should only fill the cartridge about halfway to the rim, so that when you are done you don’t have to waste the other half, or if you finish it then you can pour more as much as desired.

The goal is to vape all of it so that you will not have any leftovers, so it won’t go to waste. If you leave the vape juice in that cartridge or POD or tank, then it will turn darker brown sometimes black.

When CBD is exposed to the sun and head it breaks down the potency and degrades the compounds that hold medicinal properties. Your coil will be saturated with CBD oil that you do not want to inhale, our suggestion to you from us to the ones that don’t vape often. Make sure to vape all your juice before you put it down or away.

If you have a POD then you will just throw away the coil-like MODs and then you can get a new one here.

With the MODs, you will be changing out the coils that are burnt out sometimes they burn out at one week two days, or a month sometimes. This depends on how often you vape or use the device PODs, and MODs but with cartridges, you will need to change them more often if you vape often.

 Can vaping CBD cartridges last longer than a POD or MOD?

We’ve discovered that the capacity of the PODS and cartridges are almost the same the POD is going to allow you to fil 1.5- 2.0 mL, then the full-spectrum CBD cartridges will be about 0.55mL per cartridge.


The capacity of the two is not too far off depending on how much you vape, the looks of the MODs and PODs are bulkier than the vape pens. They hold way more charge and the voltage watts it puts out to burn the oil at a certain temperature so that you can vape it, and two so that you don’t burn it too much.

If you burn the juices, then you’re wasting the medical properties that are held in the juice, when you burn oil at a high temperature it degrades as it burns and won’t receive it.

Thanks to the portable USB port and charger you can charge this on the go anywhere you choose to be or go, in the presence of friends or family, or work.

Where to get this CBD vape juice so that I can refill my cartridge or POD or MOD so that you will be prepared. You can get it right here look at the varieties.

What Oil To Put in My Cartridges?

Aqua pure CBD vape oil is a 600mg bottle with a ratio of 50-50% (PG, and VG).

Aqua pure CBD vape oil

This is a good ratio that is recommended by direct vapor.

SavageCBD vape oil juice called “driven”  comes in a 1000mg, 30mL bottle they do come in other milligrams as well such as 250mg, or 500mg doses in the same 30mL bottles.

Driven SavageCBD

SavageCBD explained the flavor to be “… a candied blueberry with notes of sour razzmatazz…” seems to be a thirst quencher to us.

We have been reviewing lots of products for some time now, lots of people seem to enjoy the driven CBD vaping oil with this you can easily refill the cartridges that you own, or if you need some check out here.

Final Thoughts.

To the best of our knowledge and the research that we have done for all of you so that you do not have to do the work, we’ve done this for you.

The best CBD vape juice and the best cartridges from them being filled to them being empty, with what kind of vape juice you will want to try your next juice or if you’re just a beginner.

We’ve discussed what makes the quality of the CBD to refined oil that you can vape or tincture, but mostly vaping is discussed. There are many options if you choose not to vape there gummies, creams, balms, lotions to feel the therapeutic effects.

If you vape often then you’ll want to have extra cartridges, so that when one burns out then you’ll already another one to refill, because as said earlier, no matter what you will have to change your cartridge. If you’ve got a POD or MODs then you use coils.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article on the best CBD and vape cartridge-for your bucks, doing our diligence of research and finding the best of both, for your bucks while still getting all the medical properties that you hope to receive. Then we do suggest looking into the items that are selected for you up top.

Thank you for you’re time and ear to receive the information that others try to hide and ignore. We did do the best research to give you what we think are the best products for your bucks. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

4 thoughts on “The Best CBD And Vape Cartridge- For Your Bucks

  1. Wow, being from Canada I can have a plant in my house and would love to grow one, although it is not the easiest plant to grow, however, I will give myself a try and buy what the plant needs to grow.
    Thank you for sharing your site.

    1. Lyne,
      We would like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us and with growing it can be easy and hard at the same time than after you master the art of growing then the extraction process comes. This you can make your own vape juice or what you choose to do tinctures or balm and edibles.
      Thanks again stop in again and read what new to come.


  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing all your recommendations. I have to admit, at first, all these terms and options available seem overwhelming to a beginner like myself. But the more I read sites like yours, the more I understand CBD and how to vape it.

    I’m interested in your first recommendation, Pineapple Blast, but it seems like your link is not working, uys. When I click on the image that says “See Site Here” nothing happens. Could you check that, please?

    Once again, thanks for sharing this informative post.

    1. Ivan,
      We would like to thank you for pointing that out for us and letting us know you can not click on the link, we have fixed the issue, and is a clickable link again. The pineapple blast would be a suggestion from us to everyone and finding the right BCD products for others to try and use by vaping there are many websites out there with lots of fake products you can’t trust. We have third party testing with SC labs to prove that all SavageCBD products can be trusted. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to click on the link but is repaired now and ready to go. Thanks, again.


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