Symptoms For Rheumatoid Arthritis In Women- How To Tell

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We all ask this question what are the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in women and how to overcome the sometimes unbearable pain we experience in everyday life. But this is a different pain and could be affected by all and can be more severe in women than men.

Image by VSRao from PixabayEarly Signs Of RA In Women:

  • If you start to get Ra (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and you don’t have it yet that you may have these signs even before you start to realize that your problems are worse.

You may want to do nothing and feel fatigued with a fever, and crampy and irritated at times even before you go through the four levels that I think that is detrimental to your daily health.Image by Anthony HALIMI from Pixabay

Some may experience,

  • Damaged (synovium) layer on Top of bone
  • Tendons
  • Cartilage loss
  • Joint swelling
  • Stiffness in the joints
  • Joint pain
  • weight loss

But not all may experience all these and maybe better for most but by far still painful and have to make the best of this but you can manage this with CBD Products.

Four Levels to RA Stages:

The first level, this is the early stage were the joints are stiff and can’t move at times and can be rough at times to grip things or grab. Inflammation in the joint itself can be painful and nothing is damaged yet.Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

But this is starting at the (synovium) that’s the lining around the bone itself and this is starting to rip and tear exposing the bone from the inside.

Second Level, The (Synovium) this starts to progress in getting damaged and starts to lead to the cartilage, The cartilage is to protect your bones, on each end of the bone where the joints meet so that you can move right.

If this is damaged it can lead to level three fast and will continue to go downhill from their range of motion will start to deplete and get worse. Leaving you in pain any time that you pick objects up and try to grip them or bend over and pick anything up leaving you limited of range/weight.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Third Level, Ra has moved its way to the third level and by now your either in so much pain you want to pull your hair out and scream. At this point you might be in risk, now this has moved from your synovium and moved passed our cartilage and now this is in your bones.

This leads to erosion of the bones and what used to be in between your bones was called cartilage but this is depleting fast that is the cushion so they won’t grind bone on bone rubbing.

It is beyond aching it’s in pain and you may be in tears at times and can’t stand your bones always stiff joints it’s of swelling in the bones. You can chip your bones if they end up rubbing too much with leads to bone spurs which hurt like heck leading to more mobility problems and range and motion…

By US gov - US gov, Public Domain,

Fourth Level, this is the end-stage this is inflammation in the bones, and in pain, women tend to have more will power than men but this is painful for anyone.

You may start to experience your joints going stiff and locking up and leaving you deformed and twisted fingers at times if you don’t get this under control and make the best a bad situation. This is continuing pain that will not let up for anything and will leave your bones in the most pain you can experience.

Women, not all who get this do not progress in this that fast or may not even occur until later on in life but it does happen in the young women it may go dormant and come back later with revenge.

What You Must Know About RA:

More than likely to experience this in the third or second decades of life and (Source) Arthritis Center John Hopkins said RA is way may aggressive in women than men, Also three times as many women as men get RA in a lifetime.

Women start to experience RA younger than usual and can come fast and be a nasty thing to deal with on your own.

Did you know that breastfeeding up to a year and a half can reduce the risk of you have RA when you get older by half?By National Library Of Medicine US -, Public Domain,

RA(Rheumatoid Arthritis) is an autoimmune disease, autoimmune diseases are in bigger numbers that in women more than men, your body sends antibodies to the good healthy parts and destroys them your immune system thinks that they are bad. So this makes the pain and can your body react.

They say that women’s immune system is stronger and better than men.

Your weight can have a big effect RA as well if you are losing it great keep it up, if not that you might want to start eating healthy so that your immune system can be stronger.

Did You Also Know About RA:

Experts say that there is two main reasons for women getting RA more than men,Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hormones, These play such a big role in RA inflammation is keeps down by the estrogen in the body this is why younger women have this that men. But wait when the menopause starts to act up that this is when arthritis starts next, and that you may want to think of some things that you can do to make the pain go away or manage it.

You got it CBD products but this can help you to a certain point if your level has not emerged of the map with pain the pain can be frustrating and get you angry.

Autoimmune Disease condition: this is your body fighting good healthy body parts because it thinks that it’s in trouble but really not so your system is all confusing. This is how your hands start to end up all bent it in different angles and unnatural positions that typically hurt.

By BruceBlaus - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


This causes the thin layer of cells (synovium) to get damaged and almost non-repairable and would just have to live with this and find ways to cope with the pain and stiffness

What It Affects:

This affects so many parts that you would be surprised by what it all affects,

By -, CC BY-SA 4.0,

  • Cartilage- in between bones
  • Tendons- this is a flexible elastic cord that is made of strong collagen fibers connected to the bone
  • Ligaments- a short band of strong fibers holding the cartilage and holds together a joint
  • Synovium- the thin layer that protects your bone from any damage filled with nerves

An infection can trigger this and make it flare up and make it painful at times also smoking can break down and make everything weak, and can cause Rheumatoid Arthritis studies to show that some cases this has been an increase.

Other times RA you can inherit it and you can get this from your mom or dad or other times this can just creep up on you in your life and you won’t even know it.

But if you start to experience a slight fever and fatigue at times and don’t feel yourself and make you feel like you may not want to do anything.

This occurs days or maybe even months before you start to experience the four levels of RA that you will really know.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Nodules:

Dr. Hopkins says that 20 to 30 percent of RA pain patients develop NO-DULES nodules in their lifetime if they go through this Autoimmune disease it can get nasty and ugly if left untreated.

By Nodules.svg: Madhero88derivative work: M•Komorniczak -talk- - Nodules.svg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

These are clumps of firm tissue that stays and grows under the skin, this is usually found at bony pressure points.

which are usually found in the fingers and the heels and found over your spine this is on your elbows as well and they are seen to some people painless. But at times they can be irritating and a nuisance they appear in clumps or they can stand alone they can cause deformity.

The deformity can start to occur in the bone this is the erosion of the bone which makes it twist and turn in ways that make you in pain hurt and leave you like this for life. This can be in your toes as well leave them bent in hurtful angles this hurt and affects the wrist, knees, ankles.

This is saver RA(Rheumatoid Arthritis) in the level chart this would be level four.

One Last Comment:


The three main symptoms that all women and men need to watch out for when you are starting to have the effects that can be extremely painful if left untreated.

By Laboratoires Servier - Smart Servier website: Images related to Tendonitis (Tendon inflammation), Skeleton and bones and Bones -- Download in Powerpoint format.Flickr: Images related to Tendonitis (Tendon inflammation), Skeleton and bones and Bones (in French)., CC BY-SA 3.0,

  1. Inflammation of the Joints
  2. Stiffness in Joints as well
  3. Pain Achy feeling/Extreme


Inflammation in the joints can be extremely painful and hard to deal with you can have redness of where it’s at and if it is hot to the touch you may want to call your doctor and see what they want you to do this could be bad.

This is just the swelling from the lining between the bone and joints called (Synovium) this is usually the problem and can be painful.


This can be due to wear and tear on the joints they will lock up and become painful due to the daily things that you may do bend, stand, jump, kick these are all great things that can become problems later on who knew.

You may experience some knew pain if you let this go on and not treat the problem right away, you may regret it later if you choose to ignore the signs.


The pain can give you a dull achy feeling when you may experience RA symptoms, time for the check-up from the doctor looks like. And the bad part of this is going to be that you start to experience the pain early and will continue if you do not treat this right away.

You may think that it will go away but it will not let up if you don’t consult with your doctor or go if it is not that severe yet that you can use “these CBD products”.


By -, CC BY-SA 4.0,


Even though we have this so you can use it as a way to manage your pain but this, is not to get rid of the disease but just to manage your pain. If you feel that it is getting worse then you should consult with your doctors and see what other treatment is for you.

We do not want to lead you in the wrong direction and say that this is going to cure your RA(Rheumatoid Arthritis). We just want to show you all that if your symptoms are not to far along and your in pain and don’t want to take those meds that you get addicted to. Then you sure can try these products and let us know how you do with this.

It is a natural remedy that is available to you but this is not the cure, it’s to manage the pain.

If symptoms get worse then consult with your doctor.


This is the early and late stages of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) you can find the most helpful things here to manage your pain for the meantime until you can see the doctors. These conditions can cause severe pain and you need to do daily things still and want to get out.

These can stop you in your tracks if you are a mobile person and don’t listen to the early levels of RA, but if you do then you will not regret it in the long run.

If you want to help yourselves to these products then you are more then welcome to see them.

Please drop a comment at the bottom so that we can start a discussion about this disease that women face every day and have to experience this at earlier ages than men.

Let us know what your thoughts about this and if you going through the same issues and don’t know were to turn to we are here to educate and help the most we can.



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  2. A very detailed post on rheumatoid arthritis! A lot of people are absolutely unaware of having the disease developing, as they missinterprete the smaller pains for simple age-related joints stiffness, for example. So, knowing exactly what these symptoms might mean is a very good base to pay a visit to a doctor and do something about it while it is not too late.
    As for the oil you suggest, would you say the capsule or the oil form can be of greater effect?

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