Recover With CBD- Maximize Your Strength

recover with CBD

Do you want to learn how to recover with CBD to maximize your strength, we are going to show you what we mean if you keep reading. Before we dive in we are going to discuss what steps to take if you want to see results and not waste your time and money with these other products that dont work.

Going to show you how we took CBD and achieved your goals to recover with CBD. See how many other athletes used CBD to recover from workouts or even a hard game the next day is the worst waking up with pain.

Let us dive in and discuss further, how to recover with CBD!

Recover with CBD- maximize your strength

What Did I Do To Recover?

The first step I did to recover faster from my workouts was to take CBD after that hard workout, along with my protein that I did a daily routine of workouts and recovery.

Don’t get us wrong we are no body-builder, nor do I want to be, I just try to stay in shape for my age and the future to come with eating right and staying hydrated most importantly.

Eating the right meals with staying hydrated will help with recovery as well, doing these things will ensure you that your getting what you need and on time.

Recover with CBD

We are not the best with time, but we must with this workout, “Crunch-Time” we call it, some others may call it time management skills.

Whatever it is we are surely keeping up with “Crunch-Time” and recording from when we first workout to the time we end, in between these breaks to snack for protein bits.

And let us remind you we don’t do this every day some do, but we do this every other day if we can our schedule is busy and filled.

On that note, if you workout extensively then you will want to listen to this and strengthen up your endurance for the next time you workout.

What Else Do We Do?

After your workout and staying hydrated, you will want to start dosing with CBD, however, you ingest CBD will depend on how fast you feel the effect you desire.

We personally vape, vaping, and flower will be the faster way to make CBD bioavailable to your endocannabinoid system, thus making you feel the effects of CBD.

Using BCD tinctures as well and bath bombs works swell to check out what you can do with bath bombs if this does not answer your questions.

recover with CBD

Working out then dosing with CBD with the right dose of 10ml of 1000mg bottle we are sure to get the effects while we do this we take a shower.

By then it will start to kick in if you don’t have anything in your system.

If you take on an empty stomach then it will absorb quicker, rather than a full stomach, but just ate so we’ve got protein in our stomach and that’s why we take a high dose if you think it’s a high dose.

Then eat some more protein (Grilled Chicken, with grilled red peppers) is what we like, drink more water, we don’t drink anything but water, no soda, no sugar drinks, we do drink milk though.

Not today.

We are relaxing by now, vaping comes next, to wind down from working out and a hard day’s work of labor, we are busy individuals that accomplish the day’s goals. See what vape juice we used.

Does CBD Really Recover My Muscles?

Of course, this will recover your muscle it is not a miracle, we do not claim that this will magically cure you of whatever you may get or have.

We are not doctors, but this is rather our own opinion and research-based.

CBD will help manage many disorders and is a self-treated product at your own expense, we’ve picked out what we believe to be useful in our journey of living pain-free.

Doing our diligence in research to overcome a victim of internet fraud and not losing money to find what works for us, we have done this and want you to know that we take pride in our customers’ opinions.

If your asking does this CBD work to recover your muscles(keep reading)?

Then we say yes, allow us to explain, CBD allows you to sleep through the whole night letting your body rest the way it needs to.

Let Us Explain:

We bet you are tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable enough to shut your eyes for another hour.

This won’t happen if you take CBD, this may differ from person to person.

recover with CBD and regain strength

We took CBD after our workout, we count that as one-time dosing, took another dose after dinner (10ml), if your stay up after you eat this is good.

You should stay up after you eat to let the food settle, so it doesn’t store in your body as fat.

Then right before you go to sleep you use a tincture (10ml- every time), to allow your body to sleep through the whole night, and if this does not work with you then you can double the dose.

And if not then, you may want to consult with a doctor to see what is going on, it may be more severe than that.

By dosing CBD tinctures or vaping however you choose to, we can tell you that we do this every day this works for us and we believe that this can work for you it’s not magic.

With working out and using CBD products to recover with CBD it does work with sleeping more to let your body fully recover rebuilding new cells and memory muscle.

Number One Step To Go By!

To tell you what we think would be the number one step to go by when you recover with CBD you must keep hydrated (water-H-20), we can’t express this enough.

Lots of people do not take this into consideration when they work out, but when we work out our body burn calories and carbohydrates from the food we eat.

Recover with CBD and gain strength

This is converted into energy to fuel your muscles to work out you must eat the right proteins and foods along with water.

Guess What?

In Health Designs, they talk about endorphins and receptors that make us feel happy and sad, and pain, when we work out our heart rate increases.

With “regular exercise our heart will be stronger and more efficient” says Health Designs.

Endorphins are released when you exercise these are chemicals that are in our brain and are working with receptors in our brain as well.

Which makes us feel pain or happiness.

CBD interacts with your receptors to our brain and when we ingest CBD or THC it goes straight to the receptors of pain and blocks the pain-receptors to let your pain ease up.

Wherever your pain is at its peak then you will want to use CBD to help manage your symptoms.

Now you now know that receptors in your brain are working with endorphins. When CBD is in the mix then it blocks them to allow your body to rest or relax.

What Athletes Use CBD?

  • DERRIC MORGAN– NFL linebacker: Morgan has been using CBD as part of his workout training regimen, he uses CBD and tells other NFL players about his tactic to feel better. Morgan talks to the public and uses CBD regularly and an advocate, especially to the athletic community. Morgan uses CBD to treat the brain trauma he experiences protecting it daily.

Recover with CBD and see results like the NFL Teams

  • EUGENE MONROE- Former NFL offenses tackle: Monroe uses CBD to ease his pain from all the hits that he took in the NFL industry throughout his career. He got hurt really bad after a serious concussion back in 2015, he got his medical marijuana license, but still an advocate for CBD, he says it’s better than opioids.
  • NATE DIAZ- UFC Fighter: CBD continues to promise benefits to those who are active physically, he admits to using CBD before and after training/ and fights, vaping is his choice he tells media. Diaz has been a UFC fighter since 2007, he was vaping after a fight, he told the media that he uses CBD oil, to help with inflammation and the healing process after training/ and fights.

Other articles that are related to Athletes and CBD Oil (recover with CBD)

Last Words.

We are hoping that you enjoyed the read about how to recover with CBD and everything that you need to know, the tips that we disclosed along with resources to follow.

Want to answer all the questions one may have about how you recover with CBD, in this article we show examples of professional athletes that use CBD oils to recover or they use during, or after training sessions.

We encourage sharing your experience with us on how you recover from a day after the gym, a hard day’s work at the office, or warehouse work, or even working in the yard at home.

Even share what you use such as CBD Oil or THC Oils, we are curious about what your experience is and how you recover with CBD or if you use other methods.

Looking forward to seeing your comments.




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Hi, there everyone we have put this site together to help educate and relate to others that have the same pain. Your wants or needs that we overlook when it comes to CBD. We want to teach you everything there is to know about that YOU need to know the benefits that come from CBD. The brands are trusted and lab-tested to be safe and ensure the quality that is produced. the fact that come from research and science studies that are done with precision and diligence. We make sure that you get the facts first, to show you that we are dealing with the same problems. Figuring out what alternative to turn to is the hardest part of the change. It does not change anything it is managing your pain levels and taking charge to the next step to relief. Cheers, Mathew&Deloris

14 thoughts on “Recover With CBD- Maximize Your Strength

  1. M & D,

    I never thought about CBD post workout, but that makes sense. I know it helps with bodily functions, but I suppose it’s not something I ever really thought about. It’s neat that Diaz takes it after his workouts and fights. I learned something new today.

    I would much rather take CBD over any pain meds any day as well. I was in a bad car accident back in 2015 and the docs put me on pain meds. They made me feel drunk and sick. Also, I noticed that after only 2 days of taking 1/4 of the dose they prescribed, I started having weird mood swings. I stopped taking them after weird crying fits for no reason (I am not one to cry). One of my co-workers said it’s a side effect of getting addicted to the drugs. I hadn’t known since I had never taken pain meds prior to the accident. Needless to say, I hate them still. I still have them even. They’re just up in my meds cabinet and I never got rid of them.

    I’ll keep CBD in mind next time I’m in pain. It sounds like a much better option!

    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Katrina,
      This can happen to people if you use opioids and you do not have to take them that long they will destroy your body and break it down, your health will be bad with other side effects.
      I think that people have taken CBD over pills and THC to help with a way to manage their pain levels on a daily basis.
      We do use TCH and CBD ratios to help with our own issues and that we have I do get a fake knee and my wife Deloris has a bad back that does not stop aching.
      I know that we are going to do our best to save people from using these addictive pills that do worse than good there is more harm in pills than good and people dont realize this is not safe.
      Others will have to use pills for the rest of their lives and can’t do anything about this and will continue and must deal with it, but those who do not have to use pills should not and instead use CBD or THC medical.
      Remember to check if you live in a state that excepts you to use medical or recreational.
      Thanks for listening and reading our research of the athletes that do take CBD to recover from aches and pains, we are trying to show everyone that anyone can take it even the people they like in this case athletes.
      Recover with CBD, this does have benefits that will allow you to recover faster to maximize your strength.


  2. I have took cbd oil for a knee injury that doctors could not heal with medicine. CBD oil healed it and now I keep on taking it. I didn’t realize that it would be effective after a workout, but now that I read your article it makes total sense. I don’t really workout a lot, but I do a little exercises daily, and so starting today I’ll take a little cbd oil after my exercise. I’ll probably make a huge difference. I am also trying to heal back muscles that also suffered an injury, and I hope that with the combination of exercises aimed for my back muscles and cbd oil the healing process will be a little faster.
    I always aim to drink at least 1.5 or 2 liter of water per day. On hotter days or on days when I’m more active I drink more.

    1. Christine,
      First, we like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us all, well we do have the same issue but my knee is fake so it hurts all the time. Did not heal all the way, and over the years it slowly moved to our sciatica nerve and will hurt first thing in the morning and so we drink coffee and put CBD in this for the start of our morning. We do sympathize with your pain levels and how they can interfere with life, but we still keep moving.
      With the help of CBD and no other medication we manage to get what we need to be done, if the pain is too much for us at times we will eat edibles this does take a while to work. Once these kick in then they last for hours and loosens up our muscles in our back and it frees up by the middle of the day then starts all over again the next day.
      We do know what you are going through and we would like to hear how the CBD helped you in post-workout you said that you exercise not work out but you still get your exercise in for the day.
      Hope to hear that this has worked for you and have a story to tell us later.


  3. Hi both,

    great post here to show what CBD can do for you post workout.

    I have found CBD is great for reducing my inflammation, sleep and mood…which in turn helps me train on a regular basis without any issues with pain and inflammation etc.

    I use 1000mg tincture and also a cooling CBD topical if I have pushed it too far and can feel a tight muscle or knock. This is 750mg and is very effective too.

    Great post and great information.



    1. Hey there Lee,
      Happy to see you back reading another article, we know that you workout all the time and are about healthy-living and that means working out and using CBD for post-workout. We use this for post-workout and after, you said that you use topicles?
      How are those working for you, are they doing there job and helping you when you puch that extra workout on your body and you have to take a day off becasue you went to hard.
      We like the idea of using topicles for after workout as well to help with stiffness and aches, the inflammation in my leg gets to be to much sometimes and will just throb until I vape my CBD. Then we use the bath to soak in an infused bath bomb with CBD these make you feel good and help you to get a great night sleep for the next day.
      Hope to hear about some more great stories of how you use CBD and not just vaping it or smoking it, you use topilcs and strong ones at that, there are many great CBD products out there some can be trash to. Good to have a good source to rely on to help us manage our pain it wont cure the pain but pain take it down a notch.
      Thnaks again Lee hope you have a great rest of the week, come back soon there will be more interesting articel to come.


  4. Wow
    Another great article. I was actually checking online if CBD could help with strengthening and recovering the muscles and bumped into this valuable information.
    Since I am an athlete I think I will be using CBD oils as I have been doing so much research with regards to it.
    Thank you for this, I found my answer all in one article.

    1. Thabo,
      Nice to see you here again and you found our website on a search that you put into the search engine and found this article, wow that is great news about recovering athletes.
      We thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us all on how you found us an most important thing is that you’ve been doing research already.
      Hope that we see you soon, next time you will be buying CBD to help with recovery to maximize your strength


  5. I think muscle recovery is one of the most underrated attributes any supplement can give you. A friend had piqued my interest in this and Google led me here. Gonna share it with him. Thanks for this.

    1. Eric,
      Yes, muscle recovery is one of the big ones that CBD allows your body to heal, and making new cells when you sleep is remarkable to actually see the results when you get up in the morning.
      CBD has been around for yes and over the years science labs are breaking CBD components down to see what each one does out of the 114 components found in CBD.


  6. Interesting post, I was not sure when I first started reading it how CBD would help with muscle recovery but totally get it now and the answer is it helps with sleep!

    Sleep is a huge factor when it comes to building muscle, 90% of your muscle growth is after you leave the gym and is associated with your diet and sleep. Getting into the deep sleep is where the growth happens.

    I have been curious about CBD for some time in regards to how it helps with sleeping, I struggle to get a good nights sleep and have been researching if this is the solution.

    1. Robb,
      We are glad that you came back to read more and fully understand that you have a hard time sleeping and are wondering if this could help you get the rest you need even if you do not work out.
      We’re not big into working out but will do the best we can and use CBD vape oil to help us prior to and after with a bath bomb-infused CBD.
      You may want to try this if you want to help with the restless nights and don’t get the full sleep you need to perform your best the next day.
      It’s not like it’s the most expensive thing I always say my health has no expense to it and will try to stay up to date with our health we are the youngest people.
      We are glad that you took the time to read the article regarding recovery with CBD.


  7. Hey there.
    I think you shared some really valuable stuff within your post. I guess it all makes sense with CBD helping to recover after your workout( when you consider improving sleeping) I think it also increases the appetite, so that can be as well another factor that helps to recover earlier(if eating correctly obviously)
    I was wondering if you see any differences between the marks? Is there a special product you would recommend or is it valid in general for every CBD product? Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


    1. Julius,
      Hi there we would like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us all and I know that CBD is supposed to curb your appetite and there is a difference between appetite and hunger check it out. We are not saying that some get hungry off of CBD but more than likely you will not if blocks receptors in the brain.
      There was one question that I had what is “the marks”?
      Was looking at that and tried to figure it out, but CBD products work different ways on individuals, and what works for one person may not work for you, so we stay that test and see what your style is.
      We thank you again for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us we hope that we have helped out, but you should really take the time to read the link we provided it will explain what you want to understand.


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