Plain Jane CBD review- 2 shocking secrets look inside

Plain Jane CBD review

Plain Jane CBD is a trendy brand that’s widely known for creating high-quality CBD products. They have serviced more than 75000 customers in the US alone up to this date. The company is from southern Oregon, and they are all about offering accessible yet dependable and outstanding CBD products. They adhere to the industry requirements while also innovating with some rather innovative and downright spectacular products. In this Plain Jane CBD review; we will expose the truth on how they roll.

What type of CBD products does Plain Jane sell?

Plain jane CBD review


Pure CBD Isolate is at least 99% pure CBD (cannabidiol) with absolutely NO THC. Pure CBD Isolate contains anhydrous hemp oil and no other active ingredients. Crystalline (powdered) CBD isolate is the same product as CBD Slab and tests the exact same, it just comes in a different form that is easier to work with.

They usually focus on CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD. They also have pre-rolled cigarettes and joints but also processed CBD products and hemp flowers.

Plain Jane relies on the ethanol extraction process, and they are known for being very transparent. The company shares lab results on their website, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

It’s pretty rare to see something like this, and that’s what makes it unique and different. The THC range varies, from extremely low to a maximum of 0.256%. So yes, it’s well under the legal requirements for any CBD product.

Which are the most popular Plain Jane CBD products?

Plain Jane CBD  company sells quite a lot of different products. But in general, their 1 oz tiny CBD buds are best sellers. Then you also have the Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower or the Hemp PreRolls Cigarettes.

All these products sell very well, and they convey the value and quality that you want. Of course, there’s a huge variety of CBD products, so you have to browse their website and buy what you are interested in.


Plain Jane CBD review

#1 Secrete -FuckedUp

You must see what fuckedup is all about; you seem skeptical; No, well, we are here to tell you this is another branch off of Plain Jane. Fuckedup is introducing us to various new products such as THC, Delta9, THC-O, HHC, & Delta 10.

Enjoy the bliss of ratios combined; if you do not understand Fuckedup, they will explain in detail.

Pretty much THC-O is slang for (THC-O, Acetate, also known as ATHC, or THC-O Acetate. It does seem to be confusing if you are not a pothead such as Fuckedup. You must dive in and see what they are talking about for yourself.

They make you feel comfortable and at home with their chatbot in place to engage at any time to answer any questions you may have.

%30 OFF deal they have when you first arrive. 

Plain Jane CBD review

Are there any flavors?

No, Plain Jane CBD products don’t come with any added flavor. However, pre-roll cigarettes are available in menthol. It’s important to note that these are great, pure CBD products, and the lack of flavoring(Terpenes) is a good thing for many users.

Another thing to consider is that the amount of fungicides, insecticides, or pesticides is under the quantitation limit, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

How much do Plain Jane CBD products cost?

In this Plain Jane CBD review, we will explain how Prices vary based on what products you want to buy.

The cheapest products are around $6.99, with the most expensive one being the 454-gram Buba Kush CBD hemp flower. This product costs around $695.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the brand offers a permanent, 20% discount for customers with disabilities, military veterans, and even those who suffered from cannabis prohibition. Plain Jane only ships to the US, but it covers all the states.

                                                                                               Plain Jane CBD review

Plain Jane CBD review

#2 Secret Why Does Plain Jane Stick out

Plain Jane is going to be one of the top branded companies such as SavageCBD and Direct Vapor.

If you read our blogs, you will know that these companies are reputable and well known in the CBD industry.

They strive to make the best product and customer approved; all the products that Plain Jane grows are grown with the best terpene profiles one can ask for; if you want to learn more about terpenes, check out this article on,

“what are terpenes.”

Fun-Fact; did you know that Plain Jane gets their weed (CBD) from 12 small family-raised farms; one major is in Southern Oregon, also licensed in Oregon agriculture. Plain Jane says that the CBD hemp they bred is grown to be the highest CBD and THC ratios that the FDA allows in the CBD and THC industry.

We are representing Plain Jane as to be an advocate for good-grown, sourced hemp-derived CBD.

It was finding the best companies that can complete the mission of delivering the best sourced hemp-derived CBD.

Refund policy

The company has excellent customer service, it’s swift, and their refund policy is also very professional. Most unopened and unused products can be refunded and returned. You need to contact them within seven days.


  • Great products, very affordable
  • You have CBD and full spectrum isolates
  • Permanent veteran discount


  • It’s more suitable for the experienced CBD users
  • Only ships within the US


Plain Jane CBD review serves nothing but; high-quality CBD products, Plain Jane is one of the top brands you should work with. They are very professional, they bring a vast range of products, and their prices are fair. It’s definitely worth giving them a try, especially if you are interested in the best CBD out there!

Now we are on a mission to finding out what companies can really deliver the message right with all the right resources.

Plain Jane is One of them.

You will not want to miss out on what they are offering if you just go look at their page you will see why we are sharing this with you first. 

For real give it a try and see what you like.

Can you do something for us if you try it? And if you like it; you must share it with your friends today.

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8 thoughts on “Plain Jane CBD review- 2 shocking secrets look inside

  1. Hey guys, thank you for another great review. When I was searching for more info about Plain Jane CBD, I could’t find any relevant information. From your post, I have a feeling that you really went in-depth and provided all necessary product information. I like the variability of the products ( I don’t know many products selling CBD cigarettes for instance).
    One big CON appeared though, they do not ship outside of US. Do you know any brand that sells CBD cigarettes and does ship outside of US or is based in Europe? Thanks in advance

    1. Julius,
      Yes, we know that this is a big CON on lots of people’s behalf, and we want to present you with a website that does ship out of state, and within days it will ship to your doorsteps, and SavegeCBD does have lots of great products to choose from variety. You must look inside to see the deals, and with codes, you can get even more discounts.
      Save 15% on all orders at SavageCBD with code Savage15

  2. Pretty cool article. I am fairly new to all of this so I’m trying to get as much information as I can on the products and the companies that sell them.
    I have a question about shipping as well. As I said, I am new to this so maybe this is a foolish question but do laws regards to shipping, potency, or anything change? Is the company aware of this or is it my responsibility to understand what products I can order or not?

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Lee,
      All we can tell you is if you try to buy something legal, it will come to you, and sometimes things slip by, and others don’t slip by if you do not receive your package and know what is in there. It may have been confiscated.
      We do recommend that you see our other article since you are a newbie, “Is CBD legal in all states”.
      It can let you know if it is legal in other countries as well.
      Let us know if this helps. Did this article help?


  3. Thank you for this. There is a huge price desparancy between the cheapest and the most expensive. I wanted to try the cheaper version first.
    Also your video is not working I wanted to watch it.

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