Plain Jane CBD Flower Review-2 Shocking Concerns

Plain Jane CBD review

Plain Jane CBD Flower review will check in on the good, bad, and ugly of Plain jane and what customers have to say about their CBD flower products on TrustPilot. Discover the top 4 concerns and what they had to say when it came to the pre-rolled hemp joints that come in a pack of 20 or get a cartoon of one or two. When it comes to Plain Jane, everyone has so many opinions and concerns you will want to stick around to find out what it is.

What Is Plain Jane CBD

Plain Jane CBD review

Before we get into the Plain Jane CBD review, we will give you the lowdown about Plain jane and their passion for CBD hemp Flower.

Plain Jane has been in the CBD hemp industry for four years and is still riding the CBD trends’ wave. In recent studies, CBD has been getting more recognition and traction on therapeutic effects. Evens Marshall, CTO, and Lindsy Holthaus, the CEO of Plain Jane Company based in Oregon with 12 family-owned hemp farms, and a fantastic story of how they got started.

Trying To Make It in Life!

Just two College kids wanting to become entrepreneurs in this world and on a mission with a vision to make CBD flower smell-less so that others can be discrete like they were while in college. Even and Lindsy live ordinary lives like me and you; they wake up in the morning, take care of themselves, brush their teeth, comb their hair, wash their face.

These are the Common day-to-day activities, such as replying to email first thing in bed.

They are exercising while thinking of making the website experience better for others.

Complaints and comments about shipping issues always seem to be the concern, but no red flags here.

Do Plain Jane CBD pre-rolls Get You High?

Plain Jane CBD review

This article will discuss if Plain jane CBD review cigarettes get you high? Plain Jane must make sure their company meets state regulations on all hemp-derived products that come from them, with 0.3% THC being the legal limit.

They are still in business and producing great products that meet state standards. THC is a psychoactive ingredient involving getting you high. With products having 0.3% THC in Plain Jane products, this amount is not enough to get you high these levels would have to be significantly higher, even mildly, to get you high.

What Does CBD Help With

Plain Jane has taken out the smell and the THC. All therapeutic effects are left, treating several disorders such as social phobias, neurological disorders, anxiety, Nausea in chemotherapy patients.

Epilepsy can help with addiction in cocaine and opioid patients. Clinical studies are going on to see if alcohol abusers want help.

Why Does Plain Jane CBD Pre-rolls Taste Bad?

Plain Jane CBD review

The smell can be someone’s preference and selection on hemp flower products. The taste comes from one’s experience and appreciation of taste.

On Trustpilot, customers’ concerns are that the taste and smell are overpowering, the smell and taste are horrible, and not discrete with odor control. The batches of hemp grown in Oregon have non-pesticides used on crops. Treat their produce with the best nutrients and strive to have low CBD odor cigarettes.

What CBD Products Does Plain Jane Have

Plain jane CBD joints and blunts pre-rolled, ones with CBD menthol filter cigarettes, Pre-rolled joints, twax blunts, Delta 8 cigarettes, King palm CBD blunt 1.5g. A variety to choose from you must check out yourself.

Pure CBD Isolate, CBD caviar twax Blunts, and if you do not want the pre-rolled cigarettes, you have the option to get CBD hemp Flower by itself with your top name brands. Bubba Kush, Skywalker, and stress Killer, Blueberry diesel.

Click Here.

Does Plain Jane CBD hemp Cigarettes Work?

plain jane CBD review

 We found a large number of people that have tried Plain Janes CBD cigarettes and do seem to have more good comments than bad ones.

Beneath here is the scale from excellent to poor.

Excellent has 85% votes.

Poor makes up 4% of the vote.

People will disagree with what Plain Jane is doing for the people, providing them alternatives to their situations in life. Trustpilot gives Plain Jane 4.6 stars. Nicotine-free odorless smoke, no additive or addictive substances, with 0.3% THC.

Each 0.9g Plain Jane CBD hemp filtered pre-rolled may contain 60mg to 72mg of CBD pre-rolled packs of 2 and 20.

Negative Comments and What Do They Mean?



Plain Jane CBD review


My Great Vapes researched and found Trustpilots’ comments. We read every word we could and found good and bad comments.

The comments’ customers say plain jane needs to provide 62% Bovida humidity packs to every bag they pack. The suggestion of adding Bovida packs to products will drive the price up on Plain Jane CBD products.

On Trustpilot, Plain Jane always comments on consumers’ regards or problems. One of the worst statements that we saw was that he used profanity and was left for the public to see the real issues. The concern was that the buyer lived in Michigan, and his products got sent back and did not make it to him because of the state’s rules on CBD or even Delta 8 products. He got mad that the county did not allow the products his order got sent back to the company and issued a refund or purchases on other products allowed in his state.

<== Check To See If Your State Allows CBD ==>

What Do these comments Mean?

Plain Jane can not please every customer, and with the looks of Trustpilot, the majority trumps over everything.

Providing them the best honest feedback can help tremendously make Plain jane a better brand that millions like us trust.

We see good comments come in about every hour; these are good short reviews of verified buyers that say the products do reduce anxiety, or they can fall asleep faster.

These comments sometimes can be from people that are not satisfied with their order and ask to have a return to be happy or those who want a handout. We are not saying this is the case at all. You can’t say that you had bought two ounces from Plain Jane and then say it was short with no order number available even to check.

Comments such as these you can’t tell if they are lying, telling the truth, or using the system to get more things because Plain Jane dont want an unsatisfied customer.

Plain Jane always tells customers to email them about their concerns and provide them with details about what happened. They will handle anything from complications with orders to finding a bug in your pre-rolls.

Does Plain Jane Have CBD For Vapors?

Plain Jane CBD review

That is the beauty of Plain Jane; they have something for everyone regarding patients’ needs. They have a wide selection of CBD vape juices.

If you are a frequent vapor, you are in luck. Plain Jane has CBD cartridges and Delta 8 cartridges; make sure to check out our Delta 8 review here.

They have top-name brand products such as OG Kush 750mg CBD cartridges. Plain Janes got a 750mg Blue Dream CBD cartridge 750mg Gorilla Glue. And if you do not go the battery, they can also provide this for you.

Even if you do not like to vape, they got edibles and gummies that you can take anywhere. They got excellent tasting tinctures that you must try to believe.

Is Plain Jane CBD Cigarettes Cheap?

In this Plain Jane CBD review, we will uncover if Plain Jane CBD Cigarettes are cheap, or if they are expensive, are they worth it?

Trustpilot reviews revealed that more than 85% of the people are on excellent terms with Plain Jane, and with great comments about the products, even with the bad ones, they do have suggestions on how to help. Then some think Plain Jane is garbage and do not like only 1% of customers.

Plain Jane CBD review

The other 99% give good advice; Plain Jane always responds to the emails and complaints, whether good or constructive. Plain Jane finds the time to respond to their verified customers about CBD hemp cigarettes.

On Plain Janes website, we see the prices for about nine different varieties of cigarettes you can purchase, with prices ranging from

<== CBD Cigarettes Cheap ( $2.99 – $169.00 ) ==>

Is Plain Jane CBD Legit & For Me?

Plain Jane CBD review

I don’t see why you would not want to trust this company; with all you got, they have a (better business bureau known as the BBB) account so that people can complain about them. There are no complaints against them. They have been open for open since 2018 and have been trusted for two years now.

Plain Jane is as legit as they come; if you trust the BBB and Trustpilot, then you are going to want to Join Today!

There are more than enough comments to cipher through and base your decision off of that, or you can make a decision for yourself and check them out to see if their products meet your needs.

Plain Jane CBD review

FREE SAMPLES! Get your FREE sample Today, but you can only get one if you have never purchased from them. You must pay for shipping, but it beats buying the product to see if it works for yourself.

Does your state allow CBD? What might the regulations be in your state or country?

Where To Buy Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower?

There are a few places to buy Plain Jane CBD Hemp flowers; the main one is  HERE! And the ads that you see floating around the world wide web is another.

We like to offer you a chance to get signed up with one of the best CBD companies out there, and with the help of us all contributing good constructive feedback, they can grow.

You purchase $40.00 or more of anything except vaping products not included with free shipping. With satisfaction guaranteed. The delivery guy will need a signature day of pick-up.

And if you do not like it, you can return your items with an easy return and money-back guarantee.

<=== Get Your CBD Flower Today ==>

Final thoughts On Plain Jane CBD.

Plain Jane seems to be spreading the love of their company to help others get what they want at an affordable rate. Plain Jane’s mission is to produce odor-free CBD.

Plain jane CBD flower review is all about getting the facts of everyone’s opinion and then interpreting them into what each person can break down from this article. There is no mystery when it comes to the owners, and what they strive for the company,m the business plans seem to be structured in place very well.

We think if TrustPilot can give them a 4.6  with 7,884 reviews on excellent, and Yelp gives them a 4.5 with 384 reviews, we say give them a chance and take a chance on your health.

If you happened to enjoy this article and it did help you, please help us out and comment down below if we could have done anything better or if there is a review you want to see done, let us know.




Lafaye, G, (Sep 19,  2007) Cannabis, cannabinoids, and health,

Balancing the Grind with Evan Marshall, Co-Founder & CTO of Plain Jane

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28 thoughts on “Plain Jane CBD Flower Review-2 Shocking Concerns

  1. I’ve never used CBD, but coming across your article has piqued my interest. I like natural products and Plane Jane CBD seems to meet all standards required. It’s great the cigarettes are non-addictive with very low levels of THC. Also, low odor makes them palatable and easier to use. I never realised CBD can help with so many issues including anxiety. Thank you for sharing this review and I’ll certainly keep Plane Jane CBD in mind.

  2. Hi Matthew / Deloris, Great review. I’m trying to smoke hemp. It’s probably better with the small amount of THC in there but to be honest I would wonder how it smokes – you always need a little bit of tobacco I think just so it burns or otherwise use a pipe or bong. I am sure the company has thought about this already though – very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Alex,
      We are glad that you made it to our website and with you smoking tobacco and CBD would not be a good idea and you can leave the tobacco part out unless it is a blunt wrap.
      Other than this we hope that you find our selection helpful check out more HERE.


  3. It looks like a good product to me and we can always trust TrustPilot reviews. They have a high rating on TrustPilot which speaks highly of them. The negative comments that you mentioned seemed to be rather based on delivery and then that guy who couldn’t get the products due to his state’s regulations which has nothing to do with Plain Jane. I think that this company is worth a try.

    1. Christine,
      We are thankful that you made it to our website and we are going to give you a link for FREE SAMPLES if you like. That’s all you have to do is fill out the information.


  4. Great I came across this review.
    I have looked at a lot of CBD’s I didn’t know that there was such a CBD like Plain Jane which can have many benefits. It is also interesting that Trustpilot can have so many good questions and comments that regard the company. Glad to see that Trustpilot has been in existence since 2007. This means they know what they are doing.

    1. Thabo,
      We are glad that you found our website and we are going to be making more reviews on CBD products that are on Trustpilot, this review is touching all base points on the questions that are being brought up.


  5. Interesting article. I find it fascinating that there are so many varieties of CBD out there with varying levels of THC. I learned a lot about this product. I would still be concerned about smoking CBD because of cancer. If anything, I would try the edible kinds. As you can probably tell, I don’t follow this type of product but you presented readers with an inclusive review of Plain Jane CBD.

    1. Nina,
      We like to thank you for stopping in and reading our review and realizing how much potential that Plain Jane holds when it comes there CBD products and as well as there Delta 8 products check out our Delta 8 review.


  6. Hey there. Thank you for your enlightenment about Plain Jane CBD. I think that every product (even the best one) will receive some negative comments. Additionally the most negative comment was from someone who couldn’t receive the product to his state because of their restriction and not the company’s. So this is point no to be bothered at all. I see that these products are helping with lot of problems like social phobias or even with cocaine addiction. That is great. Do you know if they deliver outside of US?

    1. Julius,
      The negative comments on Trustpilot are always going to be there and this is nothing to be mad about, but we must know which state allows you to have CBD products. We ship to Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe, and the UK, and more. With USPS First Class International.
      If you have any other questions then you can ask us anytime and with you coming here all the time we are going to give you a 20% discount and if you do not want it then you can pass it on as well.
      We are glad that you visit our website and we are going to put more information on another article.


  7. Hey Mathew&Deloris,

    The title made me think that the negative aspects of xxx would be so bad, such that people would run from it. Turns out that’s not the case.

    For a brand or its products to have a 4.6 rating with thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot, it is a pretty big deal. It shows that there are many people who genuinely like the products. Besides, I always vibe with brands with good customer service, who also reply to customer’s comments.

    Even though I have never heard it, I am really intrigued to learn that Plain Jane CBD Flower is therapeutic, doesn’t smell and is affordable.

    Thank you for this review. It’s always nice to hear about businesses doing well.


    1. Femi,
      Hi, there are glad that you made it to our website, the headline was to help people see the concerns that we found, they are not that bad but a couple of them kept on sticking out also we must discuss it with, millions of people.


  8. Hey Mathew&Deloris, thanks so much for your comprehensive review.
    I haven’t used CBD or hemp for many years, but reading through your article has got my interest.
    I do like natural products and Plane Jane CBD seems to meet all standards required. Very smart that they have developed a low odor solution.
    It’s also good that the cigarettes are non-addictive with very low levels of THC. So this will suit a lot of people, even though I am a non-smoker myself. I also learned that CBD can help with so many issues including anxiety. Do they make CBD oils too – these seem to be very popular? Also, are CBD oils the BEST way to get the health benefits from CBD?
    Thank you for sharing this review and I may consider Plain Jane CBD.

    1. John,
      Glad to hear that you found this article to be a good review despite the negative comments we found and with them being low odor then you will want to check them out.
      Yes, they do have CBD oils as well they have edibles, tinctures, creams and lotions. This company believes in helping others and with them not only having CBD they have DELTA 8 PRODUCTS check out our other review.


    1. Rique,
      We are glad that you dropped in on our website and enjoyed the read there is so much to read about the therapeutic effects that do help with so many disorders.


        1. Rique,
          We like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us. There is only evidence that CBD and THC will only help after chemotherapy reduces radiation cells.


  9. Nice article! Never used CBD but certainly interested in testing! I wonder if they are legal in Finland, where there are quite strict laws on the this matter. Need to check my links and see if they ship to Finland.

    1. Markus,
      Hi, there we are glad that you found our website and we do have bad news on the shipping issue Plain Jane does not ship out of the U.S


  10. The rating of 4.6 rating with thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot is very impressive. It just means that there are many people who have used and genuinely like these products. Not only is the product good, but it seems the company’s social relations are also great.

    It’s great that the Plain Jane CBD Flower is therapeutic, that it doesn’t smell, and that it is affordable. I’ll check out if they can ship to my country.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Andrew,
      We are glad to see that you made it to our website with more information and then with the smell not being so potent and discrete for other people. Trustpilot has good and bad comments but the good ones and more suggestions to the company. Making the customers happy is the number one concern and I know that we can not make everyone happy and there is that one bad comment that others look at.
      Other than this we like to ask what country are you from in the Uk, or Asia?


  11. Thank you for reviewing Plain Jane. It is important to know your product inside and out, especially, one you are putting into your body. articles such as yours should help people decide what is right for them.

    1. Barbra,
      We are glad that you made it to our website to comment, we are with you when it comes to putting things into your body that you have no clue about this is why we have done the research for others.


  12. I can speak personally to the positive effects that CBD can for you. I was hesitant for a long time to try as I unfortunately related CBD to marijuana which used to give me paranoia and a real unpleasant experience.
    Eventually I tried CBD and it gave me the exact opposite experience. It has helped me mostly with anxiety.
    I have never tried Plain Jane but might certainly check them out.

    1. Lee,
      Thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, we are glad to hear that you did have a better experience with CBD than THC they both have therapeutic effects that can minimize the conditions you suffer from.
      Like us, we suffer from chronic pain and arthritis in the feet and hands CBD and ratios of THC work a world of wonders.


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