Is CBD Legal In All States-Where Do You Live

Is CBD legal In All States

Frequently asked questions about CBD, we all want to know the answers to; is CBD legal in all states the USA. Where do you live? We will discuss if your state has made it legal; we analyzed websites that say CBD is legal in some states; others say CBD is not legal; we will debunk this myth today.

We will discuss CBD and how the laws have changed in all 50 states, including other countries. Let us help you make that informed decision is CBD is legal in all 50 states to have clarification. No more mixed messages.

What Is CBD About?

The big question is what CBD is (Cannabidiol); we are going to explain CBD, also known as cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the Sativa cannabis plant.

There are over 80 compounds in this plant with other phytocannabinoids and CBD it one of them along with THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, and many more that do not stand out to most.

Is CBD Legal In all States

CBD is non-psychoactive and no-intoxicating, such as its cousin THC (Delta-9 tetra- hydro-cannabinol); this means CBD will not get you high, as THC will.

CBD is a wellness product that everyone is looking for and experimenting with; and wondering; if their state allows you to have CBD products. The CBD industry is blowing up; you went from not hearing about it; to seeing it everywhere more and more in the Malls, you shop.

The corner stores you go in, your next-door neighbor asking about CBD. The coffee shops are infusing products, Can get a massage with CBD now, your sweet grandma with arthritis, and even the nervous, anxious cousin who won’t sit down.

Thus leaving you in a relaxed state of mind, calmer than usual. For some, they will say, ‘it made me feel high,” and these are the same people that have side effects from ibuprofen and Benadryl, not per se.

CBD has different effects on all individuals; no one will feel the same, people have different pain tolerance and problems and issues, and no one is the same.

We recommend that you take CBD under supervision, so you know how it will make you react.

What Else About CBD

Also, on more recommendation; that you get third-party tested products and know what you are getting quality CBD; so you will not have issues.

But, because CBD is not FDA approved; Readers and growers must more educate you on this subject to make an informed decision and be diligent in researching your company if you have a preferred business you go to.

This is also why we are educating you on the projects and topics we research by top licensed MD doctors and scientists who dedicate their lives to doing research for us.

CBD engages with your endocannabinoid system, which interacts with the digestive tract system you also have many cannabinoid receptors within your digestive tract system in your body; so this will help promote a better lifestyle of health if you take CBD on a regular basis.

How People Use CBD Products

CBD comes in many different forms such as,Is CBD Legal in all states

Note; that most medical marijuana cannabis users prefer to use CBD. To treat their symptoms or a ratio, so they do not get that euphoric feeling of being high; you will receive more medical benefits out of it.

Finding more strains with higher CBD content.

What States Is CBD Legal In?

What state do you live in and see if it is legal to possess CBD, purchase, sell, or even shipped to your state?

Before we dive in, we just want to say that Donald Trump passed the Farmers Act Bill in 2018 for all 50 states, and it is up to the individual state to pass another state law on if they can or can not possess or cultivate hemp-derived CBD products.

Just know that we are going to uncover all 50 states on whether or not you can have CBD or not.

Let’s Dive in Shall we.

Short-Tip Answers

Alabama- CBD products are legal; and allowed to possess and carry and purchase CBD products; and can even cultivate and grow, but illegal for growers and processes; and must have a license to work with CBD in the state of Alabama. (must be under 0.3% if shipped)

Alaska- It is legal to possess, cultivating, and sell hemp-derived CBD; this must be under the 0.3% category; there is no punishment for possession. Can not have CBD shipped to your house must buy CBD within your state.

Arizona- All cannabis products derived including CBD, were legalized back in 2010 for Arizonan’s medical marijuana patients and can process and cultivate CBD and THC products. See other rules and regulations on how much and how many plants you can cultivate. Can have CBD shipped to you as long as it is hemp-derived CBD and 0.3% THC or less under the FDA restrictions.

Arkansas- CBD is legal to possess and buy online and in-state; however, you must gain access to a license to grow and cultivate CBD-derived plants. As long as CBD is sourced from the hemp plant and not the marijuana plant, you can have it shipped it 0.3% or less THC.

California- Must be 21 or older to purchase hemp-derived CBD it is legal to process and cultivate, They have recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries as well for qualified cannabis marijuana candidates. Can’t have anything shipped over 0.3% THC restrictions. They got marijuana-derived CBD edibles for recreational use.

Colorado- It is legal to sell, purchase, cultivate, hemp-derived CBD products, medical marijuana, and recreational use of THC it legal as well. Must 21 and over, with procession must-see rules and regulations, and cultivating, shipping it allowed for CBD; must be 0.3% THC or under.

Connecticut- It is legal to possess CBD and medical marijuana under the age of 18 with underlining conditions and parent accompanied. To cultivate and sell you must be licensed under Connecticut laws and under senate bill 863; following the united states farm bill in 2018, you can use and buy hemp-derived CBD. Being shipped will be under the regulation of 0.3% THC (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol).

Delaware- It is completely legal to possess CBD; and since 2011 medical marijuana has been legal, they are treating patients for underlining conditions. To cultivate, process, and grow CBD under the Delaware house bill 385 since 2014 it legal and it not punishable. Shipping and handling CBD will need to be under 0.03% THC.

Florida- Legalized under Florida law SB-182 CBD in 2019, it is legal with strict rules upon purchase and must follow, must contain less than 0.08% THC (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol) per volume; to be legal in the state of Florida. Must be over 10% CBD to be legal. Medical marijuana is illegal in the state of Florida. Shipping of CBD products is legal to purchase online and have it shipped to your home in Florida.

Georgia- Under the farming act house bill 213 in the state of Georgia on July 1, 2021; they did legalize possession and production of CBD must be under 0.3%, or if they have marijuana-derived CBD it must be accounted for by a doctor and being diagnosed properly with underlying conditions. Cultivation of CBD must be licensed by a Georgia department of agriculture. Must provide samples of hemp-derived CBD to prove in testing stage by third-party testers. It is legal to purchase online and have it ordered to your front door by strong brands such as

Learn More about CBD
According to the Senate bill, 862 following the farmer’s act bill of 2018, CBD is legal in Hawaii as long as it is 0.03% and hemp-derived CBD. It is okay to possess cultivate farm, transport, and consume for medical purposes. Under the Senate, laws allowed up to 7 cannabis plants THC it legal as well.

Idaho- Senate bill 1146 following the farmer’s act bill; says that CBD is legal under the law of CBD having no more than 0.3% THC. You are able to purchase CBD online and have it shipped to your door; the safest and fastest way, you can not cultivate CBD without a license.

Illinois- Since Senate bill 2298 come into play CBD was legal and can purchase cultivate and sell CBD that is under 0.3% THC. Although THC is legal with a doctor’s note with underlying conditions such as epilepsy or glaucoma; along with a new store to purchase from. You can cultivate with a license from the department of agriculture with random tests on hemp-derived CBD. Can have CBD products shipped to your front door.

Indiana- This state did not allow hemp-derived CBD products and was totally against CBD and THC, in 2017 Governor Holcomb signed house bill 1148 and did not specify how anyone can possess or purchase hemp-derived CBD. Then in 2019 another Senate bill 526 passed. You must possess a license to grow or cultivate CBD products it will be considered marijuana and can be charged. Shipping CBD products must contain less than 0.3 % THC and must follow all regulations but can be shipped to your home. THC legalization is pending and will become legal one day.

Iowa- Under the senate, bill 2360 allows you to possess CBD and THC products that contain 0.3% or less THC. The law about THC being legal is not true and won’t be for a while. You can possess and not cultivate without a license and can have up to 40 acres. Shipping is allowed as well and can be a great source to receive your CBD products make sure it is quality CBD such a SavageCBD.


Kansas- In Senate bill 282 does conflict with the farmer’s bill act, the farmers’ bill says that you can possess CBD with less than 0.3%; Kansas says it has to be 0.0% THC levels in order to possess and cultivate CBD. THC is illegal to possess in any kind of way. THC (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol) is a mind-altering substance and will not be tolerated by the state of Kansas. Shipping CBD products online can be done but must have 0.0% THC no trace of THC. This can be confusing to most because Donald Trump passed the Farmers Bill in 2018, that CBD is legal it must contain 0.03% THC or less. Kansas said 0.0% THC products hemp-derived CBD. This means no THC recreational fans are not allowed to possess THC at all.

Kentucky- Since 2014 the Senate bill 124 passed to possess and cultivate hemp-derived CBD products, must contain less than 0.3% THC. THC is not allowed as well and it is considered a federal offense. You must not get products that contain more than 0.03% THC. To cultivate CBD in Kentucky you will need to obtain a license from the department of agriculture. Shipping CBD online to your home and purchasing CBD products in the state of Kentucky is legal if it contains less than 0.03% THC (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol).



Louisiana- House Bill Act 491 aligns up with the farm bill of 2018; it is legal; they understand that phytocannabinoids exist and naturally occurring cannabinoids and compounds in a Sativa cannabis plant. You may consume, cultivate, grow, and transport it; it must contain less than 0.3% THC. Shipping to Louisiana online must be less than 0.3% THC. They are not legalizing THC anytime soon.

Maine- The Pine tree state, marijuana-derived, and hemp-derived products are legal under LD630 passed, in 1999 they passed a law to giving patients the right to consume, and cultivate marijuana plants. recreational cannabis was allowed in 2016 under the laws of Maine, LD630 it aligned with the farmers’ bill of 2018. We are happy to they provide lots of support for their patients. Shipping is allowed with the exception of the CBD oil being under 0.3% THC.

Maryland- Since 2015 house bill passed 803, processing, cultivating, growing, possession, transportation, consumption, selling it is allowed. The legalization in 2014 house bill 881 legalized THC if they do have underlying conditions and meet certain criteria. THC and CBD products do help. Do not have to use a prescription to possess CBD products, as long as it is under or less than 0.3% THC; and hemp-derived CBD, multiple ways to have it shipped from online to your house.

Massachusetts- The farm Bill was passed in 2018 and Massachusetts does not have a state plan for hemp CBD regulation. the house bill of two one in 2017; H3818 and H4001 was delayed in 2019 and picked back up in 2020 labeled as H4528. People who wish to cultivate and grow industrial CBD must apply for a license through MDAR. You may have CBD hemp-derived or marijuana-derived CBD products shipped to your house through online shopping. THC is legal for 21 and older patients.

Michigan- House bill 5440 in 2014 was passed to hold, cultivate, and sell CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC if you have an authorized license. In 2008 they legalized medical marijuana to treat debilitating conditions such as cancer scoliosis, HIV, glaucoma, and many more. Shipping to Michigan should be simple and easy to purchase and shop online for quality CBD such as (

Is CBD Legal In All States

Minnesota- In 2021; you will not have to worry about breaking the law, the Farmers bill covers you in Minnesota it is legal to possess and cultivate and grow hemp-derived CBD. It must be regulated to 0.30% TCH (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol) dry weight to be legal if not it will be considered marijuana. In 2014 Gov. Mark Dayton signed the medical marijuana bill for underlying medical conditions. For those who want to want to own their own brick-and-mortar business, then you must apply at Minnesota Hemp Program (MDA). Shipping of CBD to your front door as long as it is hemp-derived CBD THC must be 0.3% or lower to be considered legal.

Mississippi- On July 1, 2019, House Bill 1547 was approved so that CBD, you can not possess CBD products containing twenty to on ratio (20:1) of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol (THC). House Bill 1547 does not align with the farmer’s bill act of 2018 which is 0.3% THC. CBD products of 2020 must contain 50 milligrams of CBD per milliliter, and no more than 2.5 milligrams of THC per Milliliter are allowed in Mississippi. Marijuana medical license will not be permitted in the state. Shipping will be allowed but must be under strict rules as 0.1% THC to be legal in Mississippi.


IS CBD legal In All States

Missouri- Only certain individuals with underlying conditions that call for you to obtain a Hemp extraction registration card. Cancer, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, if you do get a card then you may have CBD products that have 0.3% THC and at least 0.5% CBD. You may go to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). You may get a Medical Marijuana Card as well with qualifying conditions. Yes, you can have CBD shipped to your doorstep with no hassle and with restrictions of 0.3% THC.

Montana- You can have CBD and a Medical Marijuana Card with the conditions of a doctor and a fee to the state; Hemp CBD and recreational Marijuana are not regulated yet. Montana Department of Revenue is looking for ways to make licenses for cultivating, grow, and selling recreational marijuana available in October of 2021. Senate Bill 176 made it possible to grow industrial hemp. Shipping CBD products are legal with regulations of 0.3% THC.

Nebraska- In March 2019 Nebraska Hemp Farming Act 657 was passed to cultivate and commercialization of hemp products that contain no more than 0.3% THC; to be legal in the state of Nebraska. CBD is okay to be derived- from either hemp or marijuana. You can possess CBD and transport, handle, cultivate for commercial purposes, it is legal to possess CBD as long as it followed Nebraska Hemp Farming law. Shipping CBD to Nebraska is okay as long as the companies CBD, is no more than 0.3% THC. The ballot of November 2022 is going to be coming through for Medical marijuana.


Nevada- You may possess CBD thanks to Senate Bill 305; and Senate bill 396, you may grow and cultivate, and sell CBD hemp-derived products. Must contain no more than 0.3%.mCan not have any food items that contain CBD or THC. 2016 they legalized recreational marijuana; must be 21 and over. You may have CBD shipped to your front doorstep with it being under 0.3% THC.


New Hampshire- In the state of New Hampshire on July 23, 2013, House Bill 573 made it so you may possess CBD and THC products for medical purposes. Various conditions such as cancer, and Epilepsy to name a couple and suffering from a qualifying condition. Put Bill 1648 aside for 2021 because Covid-19 may happen this year; this is to possess and cultivate CBD or THC plants. Yes it is legal and there are many places to receive CBD online and in dispensaries having it shipped must be 0.3% or under.


New Jersey- Enacting a Hemp Farming Act for the state of New Jersey; for licensed farmers to cultivate industrial hemp, if you want to sell, and cultivate you must obtain a license to do so. They legalized it for medical marijuana patients that have suffering conditions. Shipping is possible and must be no more than 0.3% THC.

New Mexico- April 12019; Gov, Michelle G. signed House Bill 581 allows you to possess and cultivate industrial hemp-derived CBD. This bill aligns with the Farmers bill of 2018 must contain 0.3% THC and must not go over this or will not be considered a controlled 1 substance in the state of New Mexico. Shipping to the state must be 0.1% THC to be shipped to New Mexico. It is legal to possess recreational marijuana as of June 29, 2021.

New York- New York did legalize recreationally therefore CBD did follow this before the law and they do have delivery as well, cultivating, handling, possession, transport, and selling of CBD, and THC if okay. Growing and cultivating, and shipping is allowed.

North Carolina- In early 2015, North Carolina Senate Bill 313 made it legal to possess CBD, this must be hemp-derived plants. You may cultivate it under the Aguraculter Hemp pilot program. To purchase and to be sold CBD must be at least 5% and THC 0.9% dry weight to be legal in North Carolina. Selling and distribution of CBD are okay as it must meet all requirements of the state. For shipping to the state, it must be at 0.3% for CBD to be sent to your front door; THC is still not legal for recreational or medical. You must have a license to grow for personal use.

North Dakota- CBD is legal if it complies with the 2018 Farmers bill that Donald Trump passed, Housse Bill 1349 in March 2019 to possess CBD but must be at 0.3% THC. In 2016 North Dakota legalized medical marijuana for patients with conditions that qualify to use and possess THC; marijuana-derived CBD products. You can cultivate, handle, transport, it must be 0.3% and aligned with the 2018 farmers bill act. Shipping to and from North Dakota is legal and will need to be 0.3% THC (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol) before it is approved first. Cultivation will need to be under the Department of Agriculture with strict rules in play. THC is legal for medical patients and if you want to get marijuana-derived CBD then you must go to a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

Ohio- The year 2016 Gov. Jhon Kasich approved house bill 523 only excepts hemp-derived CBD must be less than or no more than 0.3% THC. you can possess and cultivate with a license from the department of agriculture, if you want to get a good source and quality CBD; shopping online will be a good option. Growers and processors need to be licensed to cultivate any Hemp plant. THC is not legal for recreational use of marijuana and it is legal to get your medical marijuana card and possess THC products. Shipping CBD to Ohio must be within guidelines and pass the 0.3% of THC or less to be legal in Ohio state. Transportation of CBD if not allowed.

Oklahoma- Senate Bill 868 and Senate Bill 238 do not align with the 2018 farm bill, Oklahoma has a lot of discrepancies about the law; they say CBD has to be PCR in order to be a legal new marketing term used for broad-spectrum hemp oil. (PCR) phytocannabinoid-rich; this is hemp oil with zero percent THC in CBD. This is conflicting and confusing to residents and others who want to grow cultivate and handle or possess, sell CBD products. Senate Bill 1033 was signed in May 2021 for medical patients that have medical conditions that they qualify for. Shipping to Oklahoma must be less than or no more than 0.0% THC and will be legal.

Early 2009 Senate Bill 676 was passed to sell, cultivate, and possess industrial hemp products they also must be less than 0.3% THC (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol). You can use medical and recreational marijuana for those who have conditions that meet the FDA requirements. to cultivate and grow medical marijuana it is only 4 plants. Shipping CBD products are going to be okay as long as they meet farmers’ bill 0.3% (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol) THC.

Pennsylvania- It is legal for you to possess and handle, and cultivate CBD as of 2019; because of Bill 967, it became legal to have a medical marijuana card back in 2016 before they legalized CBD products. This is for patients that do have conditions that they qualify for a medical card to use, sell, cultivate, and grow marijuana. Shipping from online stores is great to use if they are a 0.3% THC company and they have third-party testers. To grow hemp is illegal unless you have a license to do so; recreational marijuana is illegal as well.

Rhode Island- Gov. McKee signed a Senate bill 598 to legalize marijuana, so therefore CBD is legal as well under the 2018 Farmers Bill. This is to handle, possess, transport,process, and cultivatetivate, CBD under the hemp laws and strict state laws. Shipping to Rhode Island will be permitted as long as it is 0.3% THC approved. CBD and THC are accepted by Rhode Island.

Is CBD Legal In All States

South Carolina- Gov. Nikki Haley signed Julian law AKA Senate Bill 1035 on June 23, 2014; this is for patients with certain conditions that doctors prescribe to the patients. On May 10, 2017, they passed senate bill 3559 to cultivate industrial Hemp and grow under certain limits; allows only 20 growers with permits to grow 20 acres of industrial hemp for research. Residents may cultivate, handle, possess, and sell industrial hemp within limits of the agriculture crop SCDA. Shipping of CBD is allowed within the farmer’s bill which is 0.3% THC (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol). Medical Marijuana patients may receive their card with and for certain conditions non-recreational.


South Dakota- In 2019, Senate Bill 29 considered it a felony still; in 2020, House Bill 1008 passed legalized cultivating industrial hemp and did not specify if CBD oil was legal to possess. Transportation is not specified, THC on the other hand it is legalized and CBD is THC-based so CBD is legal as of July 1, 2021; Medical patients only. Shipping may be not more than 0.3% THC and must align with farmers’ bill. No recreational THC.

In 2019 House Bill 1164 was passed; allowed to produce and sell 0.3% THC within the hemp-derived CBD can cultivate, possess, sell, grow as of 2020 with license. 2021 Senate Bill 118; new laws of medical marijuana being legal to a point; this improves the CBD laws, Increasing the allowable limit of THC to 0.9%. Shipping to Tennessee will be okay and will have to abide by the 2018 farmers’ bill of 0.3% THC. THC is not legal yet to receive, Governor said that he will increase the THC limit within the CBD products.

It is legal in Texas to possess and cultivate CBD under House Bill 1325, which turned into a new law; the sale and farming of hemp-derived products with no more than 0.3% THC; will be legal. They got a Texas Medical marijuana program that allows you to purchase from a dispensary. CBD that has 0.5% THC or less is qualified medical marijuana card hemp-derived. CBD that comes from the brother THC will be at 10% CBD. Shipping CBD online must be within legal limits of 0.3% THC or less. They got a Medical marijuana program but limited THC levels and soon will join other big states such as Colorado or California.

Utah- 2014 House Bill 105 legalized the industrial use of hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC. The cultivation and research of CBD plants are strict. Utah has a medical marijuana program available you; must possess a card and a signed document from the neurologist indicating that he/she improves from hemp extract. Stick laws come into play with the use of marijuana. To cultivate possess or sell, you must obtain a license from the state. The 2018 Utah Medical Cannabis Act or House Bill 3001 legalized medical marijuana with fewer restrictions. Shipping CBD must fall under 23018 farmers’ bill 0.3% THC.

Vermont- Senate bill 76 legalize medical marijuana in 2004, The second Senate bill passed in 2018 that anyone 21 and older can possess can cultivate marijuana plants. CBD products that are marijuana-derived will need to get in the dispensary. Shipping CBD will be legal but must align with the 2018 farmers’ bill. CBD is legal all the way around depends on how much you want. Cultivating, growing, handling, selling, transporting CBD will be legal in the state of Vermont.

Virginia- In 2014 Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed Senate Bill 955, which allowed the process of cultivating industrial hemp containing no more than 0.3% THC. S of July 1, 2021, you can possess 1 ounce and cultivate in your house, if you want to buy from a dispensary must wait till 2024. Shipping CBD is limited under the 2018 farmers’ bill of 0.3% THC.


Washington- November 2012 House Bill 502; Washington legalized marijuana and can possess up to an ounce. Buying and selling CBD products online is legal along with THC products with stricter rules. CBD must be 0.3% to have it shipped to your front door when you purchase online. CBD can be shipped to your house if it is within the limits of federal laws 0.3% THC.

West Virginia-
Senate 339 allows you to possess and cultivate THC and CBD products. Gov. Jim Justice is willing to support adult use of cannabis THC and CBD products. February 3, 2021 patients were allowed to start signing up, and; Medical marijuana must be permitted by a neurologist. CBD can be shipped if no more than 0.3% THC is in the products.

Wisconsin- 2017 Gov. Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 10 in law which legalized CBD Oil in the state of Wisconsin; in 2014 medical patients were able to get their cards in early 2017 another Senate bill 188 was passed to loosen restrictions; can cultivate and produce CBD with stricken regulations of 0.3% or less THC. You must have a license to sell CBD products. Possession, cultivating, handling, consuming, Shipping online CBD is legal in 2021m in Wisconsin.

Wyoming- Early 2019, Gov. Mark Gordon signed House Bill 171 for residents to consume and possess CBD products with less than 0.3% THC. This bill aligns with the 2018 Famers Bill that Donald trump signed to cultivate and sell and possess CBD products that are Hemp-derived. It is not legal at all to possess medical marijuana; it is still under approval by the chairman. Shipping CBD will need to meet the 2018 Famers Bill.

What States is CBD illegal In?Is CBD Legal in all states

Laws differ and need to be regularly updated to see what changes are made in what states.

  1. Indiana
  2. Kansas
  3. Missouri; must possess a medical card.
  4. Oklahoma
  5. South Dakota; Strick rules must have a license with cultivating Industrial Hemp

What States Can Not HaveCBD Be Shipped To?

They can all be shipped to except the ones that did not make the cut of possessing hemp-derived products and must obtain an average of 0.3% or lower of THC.

  1. Alaska; can not be shipped to
  2. Hawaii; Strick rules oh how it is consumed and used not for food, or cosmetics.
  3. Kansas; Must be under 0.1% THC
  4. Mississippi; Must be under 0.1% THC
  5. New Mexico; THC levels must contain less than 0.1% to be legal.
  6. Oklahoma; Must contain less than 0.0% THC

How The Laws changed Over The YearsIs CBD Legal In all states

CBD and THC products will always be illegal Federally; Donald Trump the president of 2018 passed the Famers Bill. Which made it legal to possess and cultivate under these stricken laws leaving us with so many choices to choose from.

Even though it was made legal to all 50 states to possess CBD.

It is up to the state to adopt this new law change, which is a Senate Bill, signed by the Gov. and put into play each state is different, and the laws will keep changing.

This is for the time being and will change with time, and this website will change with new trends, so don’t get discouraged if you find conflicting stories; State laws are just changing rapidly.

Also, selected states allow Hemp-derived/based products, or they allow marijuana-derived products.

In a few states now; they are trying to appeal the right to use cannabis for non-medical use and it is unconstitutional according to “circuit judge Christina Klinger from SD South Dakota”. They make it difficult to buy or purchase CBD products even online they delay the process.

What Countries Are CBD legal in

There are over 190 countries actual number 197 that are in the world besides the U.S.A; we are going to cover the top ones and there are many little countries within these bigger countries.Is CBD Legal In all States

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Jamaica
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay

If you would like to see what other countries allow CBD with a Medical Marijuana Card in other countries see here.

Last Words

We hope you found this article helpful; useful and beneficial to see and lookup if your state in the U.S.A you can possess, cultivate, handle, transport, sell, distribute, and consume CBD products.

Is CBD Legal In All States

Pretty soon all of these states will conform and follow the 2018 law which allows you to possess or consume products that are 0.3% based THC.

We did find over 190 countries that we need to debunk the truth about most of these websites are outdated as of last year and these laws change rapidly as we said. And can be difficult to keep up with if you do not research the new laws.

If you live in a country/state; and know CBD is not allowed as of now 2021 then we would like for you to share this with us. We would like to know if you think it will ever change and conform like countries like Europe; or states such as Orgon or, Washington.



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These will lead you to what states are trying to legalize marijuana the last 14 states keep updated.

June 30, 2021,

Mayers, K. (December 31, 2020). CBD Oil vermont 2021.

Medical-use update.

Daily CBD, (Dec 16, 2020) World and Federal Laws on CBD Oil.

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  1. Hi Matthew and Deloris, Very interesting. It sounds like the USA isn’t too far off legalization. It is mad really that CBD is illegal anywhere considering its benefits but the history is quite interesting if you know. They say the real reason cannabis was decriminalized was not for its psychoactive effects but actually because hemp could be used to make paper with amongst other things and it was seen as a threat to the timber industry.
    I mean we will see I guess. As for your list of countries, I am from the UK and you can buy CBD. I think it is just a cap on THC has to be under 0.3%

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      We would like to agree with you on the industry using hemp as a paper form, and they do not want us to see this, and the lumber industry is mad; CBD has made several changes for the better, in our opinion.
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  2. Great reference article for those wanting to learn if they can use CBD legally in their state. I’ll pass it on to some friends who are still unsure what is allowable in their states.
    As for me, I’m not from the USA and am living in Southeast Asia. The laws over here are not always clear and are always complicated by the corrupt police and legal system in general.
    However, within the last year, I have been happy to see some cannabis cafes open up where you can get your favorite dring infused with CBD and cookies with cannabis leaves infused in them. So things are changing for the better.

    However, I look forward to better times ahead when the majority of humanity wakes up and realizes that we don’t need permission from some bureaucrats to grow and use medicinal plants for our own use. We will just do it because it is our right to take care of ourselves in any manner we choose.

    Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks for commenting on our article. We are in agreeance that you on looking forward to better times ahead. We do not need anyone to tell us that we can grow, possess, sell, and handle medical products.
      We trust that one-day things will be view a little differently.


  3. Hi, Matthew and Deloris, very useful article about CBD product which in my opinion should be legal all over the world. There is nothing wrong with using cannabis for healing and relief purposes. It is a completely different matter that there are certainly abuses, so it is limited to the ways that you are mentioned in all US states individually. My mother has a nervous disorder and I think this oil would help her. My aunt is living in Arkansas and I intended to order from her. Regarding that, as you say, it is possible to shop online in Arkansas, does that mean that my aunt could send a couple of bottles of CBD oil to Europe, specifically Montenegro? Thanks for the reply and just keep going, I’m following you.

    1. Danijela,
      Thank you for stopping and sharing your thoughts with us, and we are going to say that Direct vapor does ship to Europe and Montenegro; you can have anything shipped to your house, but it is up to the state and allows it to come in. In this case, it is Europe, and only certain parts of Europe allow you to have and purchase CBD products. We agree with you that it needs to legalize CBD everywhere and let it be your choice if you want to use it, just like liquor right.


  4. Well, that finally clears it up. I have heard a lot of confusing news. It’s “legal here but not there”, It surprises me that it’s still illegal in Canada and Switzerland. I thought it was legalized in Canada too? Someone told me that at least … but seeing how so many confusing messages have been spread it’s possible that that person was confused about it too. It’s good to have this list of states and see how much is allowed and what exactly is legal and not. It’s very handy, especially if you’re traveling from one state to another.

    1. Christine.
      No, we are the ones that had it wrong we did have the words illegal, and it was supposed to be legal and was turned around. We have fixed this issue, and we will make sure that it will not happen again. The states will be up to date and will change; year by year and will not be the same unless they have medical marijuana and recreational, along with CBD products.


  5. Although i do not live in the US I was still interested to see that CBD is legal in some places while not for others.
    I always thought it was legal in all places or all states.

    1. Thabo,
      President Donald Trump made it legal to be in all states in 2018, but it is up to the states to allow it to come into the states by mail; when you purchase online, you could have ordered it but never would have got to you they would be denied it. For other countries, we try to post where they will be legal.


  6. Hello Matthew and Deloris,

    Unfortunately, CBD is still illegal in the Philippines, but this article is a very comprehensive and helpful reference. For healing, I understand why laws limit the amount that you can carry/buy due to the potential abuse and also in the black market. In our country full of corrupt politicians, agencies, stereotyping, lobbying, and FDA still not approving it (which our health officials are quick and religiously follow), I just hope that someday, with all the benefits of CBD to our health and providing relief to disorders, that laws are passed for it to be legalized here but with strict implementation to prevent abuse and illegal activities.

    1. Lemuel,
      Yes, you are right on the benefits which there are about CBD; the laws are strict, and we must learn to fight, and by that, we mean group people together and fight with power and wisdom. The FDA did approve of those who have epilepsy and other underlying conditions.
      We are glad that you still believe that this can help benefit others.


  7. Hi M & D,

    I didn’t know that each state governed it’s own CBD laws until reading this. I guess I’m so used to living in Alaska, where pretty much anything goes except liquor – we’re one of the strictest states in the nation when it comes to anything having to do with alcohol.

    I have to admit, I’ve always loved CBD. I actually need to get some for my dogs – which CBD products do you recommend the most for dogs about 50lbs in weight? My Atlas, who has always been a sweet dog has suddenly turned reactive over the course of this heat cycle. I’ve been so worried about her that I pretty much keep her muzzled almost all day now. But, I think that some good CBD would possibly help calm her down, maybe?

    Anyway, your recommendation would be awesome! Thanks!


    1. Katrina,
      We are glad that you asked about CBD pet treats. Which ones are the good ones so that Atlas can calm down and not be so rowdy; Well, we recommend that you check this site out, and you will see there are so many products to choose from.
      We recommend that you give Atlas a little at a time to see how she reacts to the news treats; if she is still acting the same, give a little more and play around with her doses, so you feel how much.


  8. Very informative article, thank you for your research. Nice mentioning of the brick and moter business thing for MN too, as I have seen a few vape shops with CBD supplements in them. Starting one of those might be really smart, I feel that with all the legalization over the last 2 years, that CBD products will continue to grow in value.

    1. David,
      We like to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We are on the same page as you regarding CBD and its continued growth over the years; we have seen significant changes and will see more. There will be the legalization of marijuana dispensaries throughout the USA like alcohol or tobacco shops with time.
      We apologize for the delay in response; we like to give you $10 off on your next purchase, with PROMO CODE 10MYWAY.



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