How To Make CBD Vape Juice- From Scratch

how to make CBD vape juice

In this article, we are going to explain a couple of different ways to make CBD vape juice 100% fresher than your local store make it your own way. Then we will learn about PG and VG and how they affect your CBD vape juice, many people mix different strains with PG, and VG to get better quality out of the strain that they are growing.

We are discussing what terpenes are and how to use them in CBD vape juice, if you have not used them before we will brief you on terpenes. This article on how to make CBD vape juice – from scratch will be a guide for all who want to learn to DIY at their own leisure.

How Is Vape Juice Made?

First, it all starts with germinating a seedling, hopefully, it is a female is all you want are females, males pollinate your plants to produce an abundance of seeds.

After growing, comes harvest time, this is where the magic happens to the smell and the flavor of the plant you desired to grow.

There is a process of curing the buds you must let them dry for 5 to 7 days before putting them into the mason jars the next process.

Burping you must do it release any excess chlorophyll in the CBD plant, by releasing the chlorophyll (burping) you get a better smell over time.


how to make CBD vape juice


Time-consuming for most but, this is required if you desire to have a good end product of CBD vape juice.

For the ingredients, you will need to have a good ratio of VG and PG for any vape juice THC or CBD, to mix in with your decarboxylated CBD you must do this first for both methods.

Let us explain.

The first method we will discuss will be a long process that most can not wait for because this is even more time-consuming.

You must have patience.

What Is VG & PG & Are They That Important?

Vegetable glycerine (VG) is the number one ingredient that vape shops use giving a sweet taste because it is derived from vegetable oils.

It is a sweetener and a thickener to the juice and is a lot thicker than PG, VG is going to give you that thick cloud and less of a harsh hit and more to make CBD vape juice

The harsh hit comes from the (PG) Propelyn-Glycol.

VG is FDA-approved and can be found in many common household products.

Such as baked goods, toothpaste, and dental hygiene, just some facts.

Individuals can be allergic to VG but, these are very low rates and can be harmful to you, most individuals are allergic to PG.

These are good to burn in sub-ohms with controlling the temperature you heat your CBD at.

This and can be a problem as well if you vape a lot your ratio should be at what you want it we recommend the 70/30pg ratio.

If not, you can clog your coils in your cartridge to vape your oils.

If you do not use just VG then you can potentially clog your coils faster because of the thickness of the VG juice.

Propylene Glycol:

Is sugar alcohol that is safe to use in foods and used in vaping products, this safe to be inhaled and approved by the FDA to ingest. PG is a thin liquid that is used to dilute the VG so that you can have a good ratio of vaping juice this may irritate your throat.

This is used widely throughout the industry, we suggest that you make your own ratio and see what is your sweet spot if you are a vapor.

Making your own vape can result in many good benefits for one, you will know what exactly you are inhaling and know how simple this process is. This holds the flavors more than VG.

You do not have to worry about if this is bad for your lungs it has been studied and these are not actual oils that you are inhaling. PG does not have any odor and is tasteless, may have a funny taste if you dipped your finger in it to taste but in September 1947, there were studies of glycol.

These studies show that rats and monkeys and humans were exposed to air that was saturated with glycol, some got high weight gain, the monkeys had dry skin for months.

PG will give you a dry mouth and make you dehydrated so drink lots of water if your CBD vape juice PG ratio is high stay hydrated.

Remember that you can get vape juice if this irritates your throat and hurts it if there is too much PG in your CBD vape juice.

This is why we are showing you how to make CBD vape juice.

Ingredients For Long- Term vape Juice:

how to make CBD vape juice

  • Decarbed CBD weight choice is yours we use 28.g’s(stronger the flower, better the quality)
  • Mason Jar
  • VG & PG Mix
  • terpenes
  • Darkroom
  • Cartridges
  • Blunt tip Syringe
  • Cheesecloth


The long method will consist of letting your decarboxylated CBD or THC sit in a mason jar for two months the longer the better.

Then we put VG only a small portion we believe that if you put it little by little it will fuse better because it is hard to fuse with VG itself. This is the first month we had put about a quarter of the mason jar and let it sit while we try to remember to twist and turn it once in and while.

You do not have to turn it in all the time if you forget about it once in a while this is fine, the second month we took it out and added more VG about two tablespoons. We add the PG to the mix as well this month we don’t do it the first month only to let it fuse more with VG.

What Else Do I Need To

The PG allows you to get those big smoke rings people like to do and you do not have to mix this to your ingredients, you can vape just VG, thus giving less of a harch hit.

But, PG can act as a preservative and will extend the life of your CBD or THC, you can use either or if you choose and most companies use the mixture of both.

We let our experiment go for six months with a mixture of both PG and VG, then we let it strain into another mason jar where we were going to keep it on the shelf.

After this we did put terpenes into the mix so the taste and smell would be worth the wait, now we put them into cartridges so that we can vape.

Make sure the when you fill your cartridges you wait for at least ten minutes so that the CBD vape juice will soak into the coil, so you won’t burn it before you use it.

Even MCT Oil.

How to make CBD oil MCT oil

They even use MCT oil as an agent to bond with vape juices making it more bioavailable to your system making the effects faster.

The short name is MCT oil, which is “Medium-chained triglycerides”. They are fats found in coconut oil or palm kernel oil.

While some carriers might be putting MCT into their ingredients, even though it may be really good and safe for you do not.

We repeat DO NOT inhale anything with MCT Oil only edibles. Learn more about MCT.

Short Method:

This will consist of CBD isolate this is the most potent type of CBD that is a powder that is broken down to the finest type of CBD you can get 99% CBD.

How to make CBD Vape juice well, we are going to discuss what the short method is going to be then we will discuss what is going to be the last thing you add to either method.

You will want to get your ingredients together now,


  • Scale
  • CBD isolate
  • PG (propylene Glycol)
  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin)
  • Small bottle

Step #1

You will want to get your CBD to isolate and weigh out 500mg or if you want to make it 1000mg, this is most bottles so for 500mg you will need to get 0.5 grams.

And for a 1000mg bottle, you will need to weigh out 1.0 grams so this will break down it is powder.

You will need to get your empty bottle, get your PG (propylene glycol), get your blunt tip syringe, and fill it in 12 ml of PG.

Then you will add the weighed-out CBD isolate and to the mixture of PG in the empty bottle shake it vigorously till it has dissolved.

Remember that the higher the VG the less your throat will hurt and will taste sweet, and with PG you will get less of a cloud and with a sore throat with more flavor you choose.


how to make CBD vape juice


So for the smokers that as that throat hits then adding more PG will be the solution for the ex-nicotine smokers and for those who do not like your throat hurt but like to vapor all day, then add more VG to your ratio.

Finding your sweet spot should be easy, adding in more is easy, but taking out is not, so make sure that when you start you add more of PG or VG what do you want more.

Such as less of a throat hit and less flavor, or do you want to have more of a throat hit (harsh hit).

Step #2

Next, you will want to get the VG Vegetable Glycerin out and fill your blunt tip syringe to 15 mg and add this to the bottle that has the CBD isolate and PG.

Now you will be adding the VG, this is going into the mix and is not the last, you want to shake this bottle as much as you can as well.

You will know it’s done if there is no crystallization in the mix the isolate will be dissolved.

Step #3

Now, we are getting into terpenes and this is the taste and the smell of your vape juice this is where you want to let them set so they bind a little better.

You can use it right away we like to wait at least one day so that way they fully bind with the PG and VG components.

Step #4

Filling up your cartridge, so that you can vape the mix that you just whipped up make sure that you have them open before filling up the blunt tip syringe.

When you fill-up your new cartridge be sure to let this sit for at least ten minutes, only because you will burn your coil up before your juice soaks in.

Depending on your ratio of vape juice 70,30pg the thickness of the vape juice does not soak in fast enough so let your cartridge sit.

You will have a funny taste if you burned the cartridge and will be bad vape juice, well it will taste burned.

These are just tips that we’ve learned many times.

What Are Terpenes?how to make CBD vape Juice

Terpenes are what you smell every day, such as flowers.

When you walk down the street or the fresh fragrance you put on before walking out the door.

These are aromatic smells that can not be denied by anyone.

And need to be talked more about the meaning and how they work with CBD.

How do terpenes work with CBD and what do I need to know, well there are two different terpenes and terpenoids.

Terpenes are responsible for the aromas that come are natural in flowers and cannabis plants.


Terpenoids are responsible for the smell that comes out of the plant when you dry and curing the right way, these are chemically altered as well.

The full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD will usually contain other components of the cannabis plant besides CBD, which is the result of terpenoids.

But, for CBD Isolate there are no terpenes (smell), this is usually added at the end of any run of CBD vape juice, the best place to get terpenes. Learn more.

Can Terpenes Help Me Too?

The types of terpenes that are in your CBD can lead to other promising effects of treating diarrhea, blood pressure, and diabetes in the terpenes.

Myrcene is one of five types of terpenes that can do more good. It is named after a Brazilian shrub myrcene sphaerocarpa.

  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Alpha-humulene
  • Limonene
  • linalool
  • Pinene

The rest of the five terpenes that are found in flowers such as CBD and THC-derived products work with the cannabinoids in the plant.

Most of these terpenes show really good effects on your body.

These terpenes can cause the “entourage effect” and studies show those flavonoids are a type of treatment for mood disorders such as (anxiety) studies are still being done.

These are the effects of the cannabinoids that are found in the plant and terpenes that work with the body and mind.

Bottom line is, the type of strain you use can affect how you feel, (meaning, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, inflammatory, just by the Sativa plant, or Indica plants and the flavonoids that come from them are responsible for these effects.

So, putting terpenes in your CBD vape juice if can have more positive effects, when you learn how to make CBD vape juice the terpenes will come automatically.

Making your own vape juice can help you find your sweet spot, so make your own quality CBD vape juice and try it if you won’t find the right ratio.

Then you will not add terpenes until this process is your final stage end product.

how to make CBD vape juice

How To Properly Store My CBD Vape Juice

We are going to tell you the first thing you need to find in your house is the coolest, and the darkest spot, and where no one goes, so you can properly store your CBD vape juice.

After you learn how to make CBD vape juice from scratch then you will want to learn how I can keep it for a long time if you make too much.

The first thing you want to know is how long?

12 months to 24 months depending on the temperature, which requires you to turn the mason jar every once in a while.

You will want to keep it air-tight lid jar mason jars are the best, but they do the tricks and for years, keep this jar upright do not leave it on its side.

The sun degrades your potency of your CBD or THC so dark rooms it a must, even when your done filling up your vape cartridge and you travel dont leave in the sun.

Make sure not to use MCT Oil, Use MCT Oil to make edibles. Learn How.


do not leave your CBD in the sun

We hope to hear your story of how you made CBD vape juice or THC, and what did you use more VG or more PG.

What ratio do you use for your CBD vape juice?

If you did enjoy the video and want to learn animation more, this is for any business, personal, or commercial license, for explainer videos.


Create Studios Animation


Robertson, O, H, Clayton G.(Sept. 1947) Test for chronic toxicity of propylene glycol.

Harding, A (Mar 2, 2021) What are CBD terpenes in CBD.

Ferber, S, G, Ramat, G, Israel,(Feb 18, 2020), The “entourage effect” Terepenes coupled with cannabinoids for the treatment of mood disorders. entourage effect in Cannabis,endogenous cannabinoids, increase its activity.

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  1. Hey guys, thank you for your post about how we can grow our own vape. It is fascinating. I thought it was a bit easier to be honest -:)
    Anyway, you described it here in detail, so I think it is much more clear for everyone. I am sure that who is searching for this knowledge, will find the information you shared very helpful. I have a small question though. To me it seems that that VG is much more suitable to use than PG. Does the vape need to have the PG or could it be made without it? Cheers

    1. Julius,
      Thanks for stopping in again and we have described in detail how to do this if you wanted you can use so little to you do not have to use big quantities.
      We use that much because we use it all the time, and you can just use one or the other we’ve explained in the article, you can use all VG if needed.
      Some people do not like that harsh hit but, want to vape all the time, this is a good solution, you can also mix them to find your sweet spot.
      You can always add more PG, or VG, you can not take out.
      VG is a smooth hit and more used for clouds, and PG is used for the flavor and smell of the vape it also binds better with PG than VG you have to let it set longer, adding in more VG every three weeks.
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  2. Wow. First off, I have had no idea that you can make your own CBD vape juice. But as always, I found great info here on your site. I always like to find out whether there is some sort of natural procedure before I reach out to those industrial products. I’m not against industrial products. It’s just more fun to make your own stuff, am I right?

    In any case, this is awesome information. I will definitely check it out and see how it goes. Thanks for including two different methods. Out of those two, which one do you guys recommend as the best process for making your own CBD vape juice from scratch?

    1. Ivan,
      Yes you can make CBD out of almost absoultly anything, this is what we are trying to educate others about, is that you do not have to always smoke or vape. There is other alteratives then smoking and vaping CBD or THC, we are trying to get gummies and now we are infusing CBD with Starbusrst. We want to see others take care of themselves if they are in any kind of need, we have soulutions, we are no doctors, but we are experienced and done lots of research by top researchers and scientist. They may not put it out for others to read this is why we are here to relay the message to you all.
      It is fun to do this kind of project it does not have to be complicated easy steps to follow and different ways incase someone is unpatient with these methods we provided.
      We recommend that you wait the process out, it most defitnetly is worth the wait and will not regret it, the long-method extracts more in the long run rather then rushing the process.
      Others may find this to long to wait, our opinion if you want quality CBD then we suggested that you wait it out the longer the wait the better the results, we let it sit for four months.
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  3. I’ve certainly learnt a lot from reading this well written post on making CBD vape juice. I’ve heard of propelyn glycol but not vegetable glyceryn. It’s interesting the difference it can make by varying quantities in vape juice. Also, I found it interesting to hear the health benefits of terpenes. The long method of making CBD vape juice sounds quite time consuming, but I’m sure well worth it if you get everything right.

    1. Kathy,
      Yes, we agree with you that the long method does take time and will be well worth the wait to see how your product turns out the wait time can vary on how potent the CBD is.
      The longer the better we are glad that you saw the health benefits of terpenes there is going to be another article coming out this week on what are CBD terpenes and the benefits.
      Well, we are glad to see that you enjoyed the article as much as we enjoyed writing it.
      VG (vegetable glycerin) is a good product to use and safe for it to be inhaled for over time it will not hurt you, as much as smoking would, VG is FDA approved and used in many bakings.
      We hope that you try this and find your sweet spot.


  4. Mathew & Deloris,

    I do think that making your own products is much better for you, rather than buying anything that can be harsh on your lungs or contain harmful chemicals. But, this process sounds like I would almost need a lab and a scientist. 🙂 Fascinating though to read how in-depth it is. This makes me wonder how many people choose to make their own.

    Definitely a good read! Thanks for sharing this process and making it easy to follow.


    1. Katrina,
      Again we would like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us on how to make your own CBD vape juice, this is going to seem really hard. It is rather easy and fun to make if you have been growing for your own pleasure and want to know how to make other CBD products this is one of them.
      It can be easy to follow.


  5. It looks easy enough to make (except for the straining, I’ve never been good at that), but it does take a lot of time. It’s understandable, though, you need a few months to create a quality product. How can you differentiate a female from a male plant? Do only female plants produce seeds? Can you tell the difference from when the plants are small?
    I can’t wait to try this. I would prefer to make this at home instead of buying it. In my area, these things are sold really expensive, it will be much better to be able to make this at home.

    1. Christine,
      The female and the male CBD plant are easy to tell apart, females are the ones that produce the buds, on the stock and, the males produce pollen. These can be found early on in the vegetation stage of the cycle, but sometimes you have to wait till flower to know what sex your plant is, you want males to reproduce. But you want a female, to get the full components out of the plant the male is good to use, but you mostly want to makes females.
      It does get expensive at the store, do not keep buying it, unless you knowing what they put into the bottle the ingredients are what tell you.
      Make your own, and if you can not right now, then we give you this code so that you can save some money on your next order.
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  6. Thank you for another great review.
    It is now more important than ever that we start making our own things and CBD juice seems like one of the best things during this lockdown period.
    All I wish for now is CBD and your article have come in very handy.
    I like that you also tell us how to store CBD vape juice which is vital now as survival without electricity too much can be a good skill to have.

    1. Thabo,
      We are glad that you found this article to be helpful and with other individuals looking the same keywords up, they can benefit so many people if they would make their own vape juice. The best thing for us to understand is how to store it properly, the CBD vape juice you get from the store as well. This article is going to give so many tips to get the products you want and need easy instructions to follow and with no electricity.
      Thanks again.


  7. It’s very nice to share your vast knowledge about making CBD Vape Juice, which I never thought we could DIY at home, and you might need some lab facilities. It’s better to make our own product instead of buying the industrial products at a much higher cost. In that case, you can decide everything, especially for the natural & no harmful ingredients.

    Another good point here is that I learn that Terpenes also helps people with many emotional issues, so I got so much value from this post & cannot wait to follow your instructions to DIY.

    Thanks for sharing today,

    1. Matt,
      Keeping it in the dark and a cool spot up-right container that is leak and seal proof, so many think they need a big laboratory to do this science project, incorrect. You can do this with the products from your home and with easy instructions to follow, doing it from home will benefit you with non-addictive ingredients. The components in your CBD vape juice are vital to your health and terpenes being so helpful with making you have less pain and help with inflammation. CBD and terpenes can have promising effects if you allow them to work, scientist and studies are still doing research.
      DIY is the best part you can know and understand how to do it the right way.
      Hope you had a good read, come back soon.


  8. This is an interesting article on the issue. I used to work in a coffee shop in NL and people came in asking for this many times. Fortunately, we only sold pure weed, so reading this now opens up the whole thing 🙂

    1. Sonya,
      That is nice that you used to work at a coffee shop that sold nothing but THC products and now knowing this article you can understand more. The benefits of CBD and coffee can be a good source of energy if you need to be up or sometimes it can have the opposite effect on people this is nice to know, they do this with TCH in Canada.
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