How To Grow From Seeds-CBD Everything You Must Know

CBD Seeds

Important facts that have people asking on how to grow this wonderful Sativa plant from seed to sale and everything you must know.


  1. The Seed Stage span is two weeks from the day you plant the seed. Can have strain such as Sour Diesel, Afhgahn, AK-47, Any Kush’s that you can think of, Etc…..
  2. The Vegetation Stage is two months or however big you want it to grow just remember it doubles in size when in flower.
  3. The Flower Stage Is Typically Two months you can check (Trichomes)-(Crystals on bud)


How to grow from seeds is the best way to tell if you are getting the right results in the potency of the products, when you buy seeds you must always buy feminized seeds in order to get the results you are looking for.

Image by Markéta Machová from Pixabay


Now to make the seeds grow from the begging of its life what we like to do is drop the seeds into a glass of RO water (Reverse Osmosis). Can you find this at any place that you pay for you’re gallons of that you buy from the store such as Wal-Mart, or we get Culligan Water 20 cents per gallon.


So you must put those seeds in the water for at least three days, or you start seeing signs of them popping out of the shell

then you must act quickly and plant them in the soil or you can germinate them the old school way. That would be in a wet napkin and in a Ziploc baggy in the sun once a day, either way, it works the same.


You must be prepared for the planting of the seeds and make sure that you’re soil is not to rich in nutrients, because this can burn your plant’s to death and new seeds so just regular soil new fox-farm products yet.


You can have a low budget grow if you are strapped for cash at the time and want the plant still this is possible people all the time don’t do this cause they say they have little to new cash well let us tell you that this can be cheap.



  • First, buy seeds that are feminized, Great strains such as Super Skunk, Super Silver Haze, ETC..
  • Dixie cups possibly clear to see roots Growing so you can plant faster
  • You must buy soil preferred regular potting soil like Black Gold,  nothing advanced for first seedlings. After we use Ocean Fox Farm Soil has lots of Nutrients.
  • Fluorescent CFL lights or LED lights, Has to be on for 18 hours on and 6 hours off to grow right.
  •  Grow Tent so that you have the reflection you need, or use foil to prepare this for growth and warm the room up
  • Want to keep the heat above 68℉ and don’t let it go over 76℉


We plant these seeds in the clear plastic drinking cups and cut holes in the bottom side, so the water can come out when it is done feeding and don’t stay in there and kill it or fungus.


This is just the beginning of the vegetation stage of the plant and you want to feed and have the lights on for 24 hours a day/or eighteen on and six off for the first two months until they have to move to the flower room.

You must feed them accordingly of the way they look and feel we feel them by putting my finger in the dirt about two /three inches in the dirt.


If it is wet do not overfeed your plant if it is dry than defiantly feed when I say feed this “means just water” this is just so they can grow without nutrients and be killed, the dirt has enough to keep it alive until you replant it.


You should not have this in the Dixie cup new more than a couple of weeks the roots start to grow too big and will become “root bound” meaning that it will new longer grow big unless you take it out of the cup so that you can keep it growing.


By now, you should have transplanted the Dixie cup into three times the size of the first one and have got good soil like the fox farm nutrients.

This is the soil that you want to grow with after you have transplanted the second time. Then you must make sure that you have a schedule so that you can feed on time and lights on and off, day by day.


You can let this grow for as big as you like but remember that when you put it in flower this will double in size and depends on how many plants you have and what size is you’re tent or do you have one?


Well, the general rule of thumb is two months in vegetation and then moves to flower.

TWO OUT OF Three 2/3 Flower

  • 1000 or 500 watts of lights for the growth of two more months to go
  • Switch lights from eighteen on and six off, too twelve on to twelve off this will switch them into the flowering stage where the buds come in.
  • Fox Farm nutrients big bloom four tbsp of this in a one-gallon bucket
  • Fox Farm Grow Big in the same gallon with two/three tsp
  • Fox Farm Tigerbloom same gallon with two /three tsp
  • Fan circulation is a must fresh air always has to maintain the temperature in the room

You first want to start off small with the doses that are going to make your plant love them. So I recommend for the first two weeks the Fox Farm Big Bloom you want to have always four tbsp of this every time you feed once a week pick that day and stick with it.

Next is the Grow Big you want this for the growth in you’re planting and you want two tsp of this for the first two weeks. And for veg, you want to use both of Big Bloom/Grow big.


For the flowering stage you want all three of these in there it makes them thrive and grow bigger the way you need them for the next two months in flower, so Let’s recap: two months in Vegetation, and two months in Flower, Seedling is one month I give them.


If they are eating more than one week than I would choose one more day in between that and feed only water. You don’t want them to overfeed them with nutrients they will burn and die off so, watch for the symptoms of bad leaves if they are,


  1. Yellow all around they could be a lack of nitrogen in the soil or nutrients you give them.
  2. They look wilted like they need water,
  3. Deformed leaves such as three-leaf syndromes, this happens and sometimes lack air
  4. They are turning purple of the stems its cold or genetics


You must really pay attention to the leaves of you’re plant you can overfeed them nutrients also if they look really green or look fake too many nutrients.


If your plants are thriving just fine then just watch out for the tall tale signs of them not doing good one more thing, you really don’t want to have these plant’s dry too much we found out that you can get bugs so easy such as,

  • Spider mites
  • Thrips
  • Nats
  • White powder mildew
  • Bud rot
  • Root Rot

These can be very vital to you’re growing and you’re yield on the weight that you will have at the end of the harvest. These bugs (Spider Mites) have the tall tale sign of spider webs on the plant itself they can and will thrive off of you’re plant and will multiply by the day if left untreated.


You will want to make sure that the plants get the sun and nutrients it needs for the rest of the months to come this is very crucial for the three stages (cycles).

Thing’s To Look Out For Throughout This Grow

  1. The Dryness of the soil can be bad, but then good cause you know that they are eating but that’s when the Buggs come if too hot and dry they will multiply.
  2. Overfeeding of plants droopy and, sad, looking down at the ground the leaves.
  3. Air-Flow must have fresh air in the Grow Tent or room.


Wow, you have made it to the end of the life cycle of this beautiful Sativa plant called CBD (Hemp) the main things that are good to come out of all this are medicine and healing of the nation.

  • Mason Jars
  • Friskers (cutters)
  • gloves
  • trays

So this is the harvest you want to check the trichomes that are the crystals on the plant itself and that determines if the plant is ready when they are 80% auburn and 20% cloudy. That is the perfect pick and you can pick before that will result in more Sativa dominate and if you grow for longer than you have more Indica features.

You have three stages of trichomes,Fiskers

  • Clear
  • Cloudy
  • Amber

Indica is more mellow and on the couch feeling, while Sative is uppity and active to do things.

And if you do not want to check them and want to just pick it then typically it runs from six to nine months of the full course and then when you decide to pick this.

You want to clip right at the stock of the plant and hang on the dark for at least 24 hours or 48 this Let’s the plant finish in the dark the humidity that needs to be fifty-two percent so it does not dry out to fast and not too cold it will dry to fast and to wet-dry to fast.


  1.  Clip the hole Plant and hang in dark for 24-to 48 hours.
  2.  After 48 hours we start to clip all the trim off of the plant.
  3. Let dry in another room with the Humidity of 50% and heat about 72% and that’s for Three to Five more days after that.
  4. Put into jars when they are dry, to a snap of the stem will tell you but not to dry will mess with the smell, and smell like hay don’t over dry.


I usually do this in the same room as the flower room but behind another curtain, so they are left in the dark for the two days depends on how dry is it in your house, or do you live in high humidity state of when you can start to jar the flower.


After the two days are up I like to clip all the dead leaves off or the remainders of the leave so it looks nice when you put them into jars for the final step.


Then with all those clippings you can use them later they have trichomes on them and contain the CBD compound that is needed you can make hash later that would be “extracting” see in other articles.

They usually dry within three to seven days or you can do two kinds of things that you can tell that they are done drying, that would be to see if the stem breaks easy. You can leave the leaves on while it dries and to the touch, it will have a bit of crunch to it in your hand.


You can keep those buds in there for up to one year with to make sure that it cures the right way and make sure that you have the humidity right in the jar we have made the decision to buy these wonderful packs that keep your bud fresh for you.


These can really help with the mold and terpenes being held together while you just leave it you can burp it (Open the Bottle) if you want but don’t have to, this is storage use.












Final thoughts of the process are the best you can test the product and see if you have managed to succeed in the harvest of the plant. You must give yourself a pat on the back and say that I have done this and made it through the months without trying to test it.


You will always want to test it while the stages go one but try to refrain from doing this and waiting the whole time frame of the plant’s life.

You can use these in food, also can be break en down more than it already is and turn into

  • Oils
  • Edibles
  • creams/lotions
  • Tinctures


You can use these in all kinds of different ways that will make you manage your pain, for the time being, we are not giving you a diagnosis at all and we are not doctors by any chance so do not try to mix this up.

We are here to educate and spread the love and information that everyone should new and if you did not then we hope you do now.


Real help is in this product and does treat so many people in different ways every day and can have great effects on people.


We hope that you have enjoyed this and will leave a comment at the bottom of the page to let us know if we have made our point across, or do we need to add some stuff of how to grow from seeds? Well, we will love to read the comments that are to come, please read other articles that are all related to this topic they will help.


Also, if the questions that you may have not been answered then reach out to us and we will answer the best way possible. Or you all can subscribe to our E-mail list for free and find more things you might like.





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  1. This is amazingly informative! I actually have been curious for a while now how to grow and take care of a cannabis plant. My mother in law has MS and uses cannabis instead of opioid drugs such as Percocet for pain management, better for you you know? But it gets expensive so I was looking into how to grow a plant for her to help her out.

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