How To Extract Hemp Oil – Relief And Pain

There are so many ways out there on how to do this, but I want to show you how we do it here. How to extract hemp oil there are a couple of things that you must know before all this, there is a great deal that goes into all of this before it is hemp oil.

It all starts with growing CBD it is not only dependent on genetic it’s a non-psychoactive drug CBD can be broken down in so many ways. Like any other strawberry patch or grape vineyard, they care about how they grow their products so that they get the best quality they can strive for.

You may have purchased flowers and want to know how to extract hemp oil from them, for your skin or even cook with, but choose the ones that are rich in (CBD) and terpenes that’s the smell of what you desire for this project of extracting hemp oil.

CBD Flower

Have to say that pure coconut oil is going to be the best result in this and unsalted butter for the edibles is going to be best for this as well And if you would like to make cake-like things, brownies, etc… Just use olive oil instead of what this asking for  Shall We

Let start with the ingredients first

  • 1 pure coconut oil/ 12 tbsp of unsalted butter/ 2 cups of olive oil
  • 1 ounce (28g’s) Flower
  • strainer
  • parchment paper
  • 2 Glass Mason Jars
  • Crockpot
  • Cheese Cloth/ can use a coffee filter

We will give you the best way to extract hemp oil from the CBD plant itself well as the flower that comes off of it the fruit. You will need a few things first before all of this so you must get a pure coconut oil bottle the big ones they sell these at Sam’s club but I think Walmart as well.

But has to be pure coconut so that there will be no other chemicals in their safety first. Then you will need at least one ounce of CBD flower (28g) but your only using half of it so you can get the most for it all. And all this can be all broken down if needed too if you do not have that much flower so if you have (14g’s) then you will only need half of it so on and so on.

Why Decarboxylation CBD Is Necessary

Decarboxylation is the real name, and decarb is the term that is always used because it is hard to sound out if you hear that then you should know what it means than right?Decarbing CBD Flower

I think that it is necessary to decarb your CBD flower only because when it is raw it is only (CBDa) and you want (CBD) it is still CBD but being raw decreases all that. So when you smoke it, you burn it so you decarb as you smoke it and you get the real results. This goes for (THCa) and (THC) when it comes to that.

So when you put it in the oven you turn it into (CBD) it has to have a chemical change to make it all work. (CBDa) have there own unique benefits besides (CBD) everyone is after the effects of CBD, not CBDa.

This is a big step into getting your CBD to be the best and at the peak of its potency when you do this to your CBD. You will need to put the stove at 300°F (148°C) for about 7 minutes or 250°F (121°C) for about 21 minutes so that way the (CBDa) will turn into (CBD) and be pure, and not raw and have the side effects you are looking for as we explained earlier (CBDa) is the raw ingredient before it turns into (CBD).

Prep Everything First

Next, you will need to get your crockpot and set it high to melt all the oils in the coconut let that melt away before you put the flower in or the butter if your making edibles.

After the oil has melted then take the flower and put it in there so that they can mix okay so this is where you set it and forget it for 24 hours at least. you need all this to break down so you get all the extract from the flower material.

You set it low and mix every once in a while and for the ones that are doing butter add water so you won’t burn it. you need to set it overnight and do all this in the morning so pick a day when you have to do nothing but this will consume your time.

  • So now that you have waited overnight and are ready to get the strainer out, strain all that into another glass a big one because there are still particles in there that you do not want in your edibles or oils. So now you have the big glass full of oil and now you need that cheesecloth and if you don’t have one then you can use a coffee filter.
  • You will need another separate glass that you want all this to be in for the next six months, or however long it takes you to use it. Recommended use is six months to keep all the terpenes and flavor in and just so it doesn’t go bad.
  • Cheesecloth time you have to put the cheesecloth half-way in the bottle and half-way out so that you don’t lose anything and it is easier to handle and pour it in, and wait. It might take a while so be patient with it.
  • You are at the end almost done dripping if you have a lot leftover pick up and squeeze the remainder into the jar or what you have to put it in.
  • there you have it all now the recommended time to keep like I said six months you don’t want it after that it starts to separate and starts being a headache.

So this is everything you need to have to do this project of extracting hemp oil or if you want to make an oil for your skin it does not take much but patience. , have patience then this is great for the around the house things or if you’re doing butter then you can cook with it and make edibles. You can even make this for the people that hurt all the time like yourself just to relax and enjoy.

Want The Best Results Follow!CBD Flower

Want the best results on how to extract hemp oil from the CBD flower? You must do the whole process from start to finish. Remember decarb first, it is best to decarb for the best result and get you from (CBDa) to (CBD) in no time before you start this process and maximize your results.

This is to try at home for yourself or others, share with people that there are many ways to help yourself other than going to the doctor’s office that everyone dreads going to. This is one of the natural remedies that you don’t have to search for too far, it is here for your reading and knowledge.

Just make sure that you follow this, or if you find a different way to do this, share it with us we love to hear from all of you about what makes your pain go away the best and the fastest ways.

So if you have better natural remedies to share with us we love to hear we hope this was educational or informative other than someone else’s we just want to see you all get the best results that suit you. There are so many ways that you can follow, do your homework and find the best way that is for you to put all of them together and make your concoction up. And see how that works out for you this is just to get you started on your own.

Thanks, fo the ear again lookout for our next article,




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  1. Wow….some great information. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this cbd oil lately. Honestly, thought is was a gimmick, but I’ve had family members who have recently used it and tell me that it works wonders for them! I have heard that there are many cbd products out there that are not real, and they’re charging good money for them. Not sure if this is true, I’ve just been hearing it here and there.What better way to be sure than to make it yourself! Appreciate the information….

    • I think that the butter will be better in the cake. I do know that you can use olive oil also instead of the coconut oil so that you can make that cake. You would have to break the measuring down a little bit so that you can get the accurate measure for the cake.

  2. Hi.. I never thought about actually going through the process myself – but you make it sound easy enough. I suffer from arthritis and I have been told that hemp oil works. Would love to give it a try. Very interesting website. Thank you


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