How Long Does CBD Stay Good For- Shelf-Life

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How Do I store my CBD the right way?

In this article we’re going to discuss an important topic that many ask about, How long does CBD stay good for – shelf-life. A couple of factors take part in this, such as how many milligrams there is in the bottle, the strength, quality, & environment that you store it in after you get it from a company, or if you produce this yourself. Also, we’ll get into how long your cartridge will last if you put it down for a while. Let’s dive in a see what we can find out if and how long does CBD stay good for- shelf-life.

what is the shelf-life of CBD

Shelf-Life In General.

How Long Does CBD Stay Good For- Shelf-Life?

  • Ranging from 12 months to two years your liquid should be well stored, and depending on the product who it came from, and how well the plant was treated. What extraction process method did it go through, we want to know all this before you store for a long time, and must have a general date we can look at, as far as shelf-life goes.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes shelf-life more valuable for your end products if you are doing all this yourself, you must keep it at room temperature and in no direct sunlight. This means having them in a dark room, or if you have just the 30ml bottles then you can keep them in the drawer.

Keep them up-right and not on their sides this will make them go bad faster, just keep them up-right until ready to use, also in air-tight jars, we use wide mouth mason jars.

If not done properly this can cost you lots of good therapeutic CBD benefits, all down the drain if not done the right way, can depend on the quality of your CBD flower that comes before this process.

“…You want that liquid gold to last as long as possible…” Says, (Lesley Nickus on 8/20)

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Full-spectrum and pure CBD products can usually last longer than those that have added ingredients such as terpenes and scents that make it taste and smell the way it does when you vape or tincture.

These can degrade with time and in the long run, now if you’re a frequent user of CBD oils or vaporizers then you can easily go through a bottle-less then a couple of weeks, or a month if the quality is exceptional to the user.

How Many Drops:

If you’re using tinctures and typically take drops, 2-6 drops a day to about 1ml, of a 30ml bottle, and the mg was 1000mg in a 30ml bottle you will be ingesting about 20-50mg a day so, you can use this less, for us a month.

You have a 30ml bottle and you take over 1ml a day then this bottle can last you roughly less than a month depending on how much you ingest a day or vaporizing it.

This can work for both ways tinctures and vaping the ratio in SavageCBD is the perfect ratio for vaping and tincturing depending on how you feel. The (PG,& VG) are safe to consume according to the FDA these are used in lots of ingredients we use.

Others can vape one whole bottle in a single day, depending on if they are using it for therapeutic effects or if they are trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

Extraction Methods Depends…

Depends on how the company and how you extract the end product (the flower/buds), this plays a big role in the quality of CBD that we’re talking about.

If they, use Co2 extraction “supercritical” carbon dioxide is used in most companies learn more here.

Co2 super critical

There is alcohol, butane propane, and ethanol extractions, which are on the list of many frequently used methods of extraction to make the end product of oils.

High-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detection(HDLC/DAD) – those were used to determine THC.THCA., CBD/CBDA, Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBGA), and cannflavin A/B. They have broken down the female plant through an extraction process.

If companies/or you use the top cuts of the plant rather than the sugar leave, then you may benefit more from the medical properties of CBD/CBDA this is raw cannabis of the plant itself(flowers/or buds).

Says the school of a pharmacy university college in London, (By Wieland Deshel).

Why Does It Degrade With Time?

CBD oil is not meant to last for-ever it has to be thrown out sometime it will start to separate with time and this is the )VG, an PG) degrading even though they are safe to consume, they’ll still go bad over time.

Anything can expire if you ingest it. it matters how long ago did the process start to take place, in this case, it’s two years typically this is the rule of thumb as far as the expiration date goes on CBD oils.

  • The consistency of the oils of the CBD will start to turn a dark color and stay this way if you happened to leave your CBD and or nicotine in the sun, it turns darker. Thus, because it breaks it down and now has degraded for being in the sun just for a short period of time (go in the store and come out on a hot day).

If this was to separate, it will not be good anymore, this has separated and will not bind back together thus making it taste gross and dark taste to it also, peppery taste.

Do you store this in proper air-tight jars, or in a green dark bottle, this will keep the sun from turning your CBD oils to a dark color that you want to avoid and protect your liquid gold medical properties?

do this the right way

One important fact that you must know, is that this will not go bad like spoiled milk or rotten cheese, our sour meat, you will not get sick to the stomach if ingested and did not now.

What About Cartridges, Pod, & Mods Too…

Well, this does go with how much an individual uses and how good of a quality product do you have or make, in the end, we want to have a well-made tincture or vapor oil. To have these last if you we’re to store them for a long period more than a year.

These PODS and MODS are a little different because they have different fill systems the MODS have tanks and the PODS you just fill the PODS and discard the coils learn more about coils here.

Typically, for us a cartridge you can easily go through about 4 to 5 a day, depending on what we are doing for the day as well as work, school, and traveling.

Using PODS depending on how much you vape a day, will determine the amount you use a week so if you want to keep track of this then pay attention to how much you use a day.

Then times that by 7 days a week then you times that number by 4 weeks in a month this will either be over the amount in the bottle or less if it’s over then you may want to get another bottle.

The same with the MODS as well.

Even if you decide to quit for a bit then we suggest to clean it out, don’t leave it filled, take the time to clean and properly store it if you are storing it. Take the juice out, and take the coil out as well, then buy a new one. For further questions or concerns about coils click here.

Remember the rule of thumb is one to two years shelf life or cartridge, PODS, MODS, if they are secured and stored properly they can and will last on the shelf.

How do you vape

What about after two years?

The color will give it away and the smell of the product will have a more skunky smell to this and dark like motor oil so we do not advise you to use it if looks and smells are not there.

Consistency of the bottle and depending on if the product did not separate from everything (PG, and VG) ingredients in vape juice, thus not binding when you shake it up again.

Final Thoughts.

We do hope that you find this article with educational purposes and is intended to educate you’ll with the truth behind CBD and THC products, we are discussing how long does CBD stay good for-Shelf-Life.

Disclaimer: Do not take this out of context, we are no doctors and this will not in no way cure you with any disorder you may have, this is a self-treatment/ or care regimen, not to cure, but to manage disorders. In the way that you think is possible but if you have problems beyond this please consult with your doctors.

  • All-in-all if you buy this or you make it yourself then you will want to store the best way possible if it will be for-a while air-tight jars and dark bottles you want.
  • If they are in little tincture bottles already then you can put them in the drawer so that the light will not degrade your end products.

Store them up-right and not on their sides and in the right environment then you will save them for a while but remember they will have to get sometimes used, they don’t stay good for-ever so use them in a timely matter.

  • Temperatures have to regulated not hot and cold this will degrade fast if the climate gets hot then cold, If you get these from the store or online purchases. Look for the expiration date they should all have one on them if not then I suggest moving to another company chances are they are not that good of a company.

If they, do have an expiration date then follow this, it means they take pride in their product and stand behind what they say.

If you vape expired CBD oil it should taste stale, but will not harm you it will just taste bad, making you burn your coil out because the CBD oil is thicker now that it separated over time. Do you vape with nicotine, if so then this can and will have a peppery taste to the product if you mix this as well with CBD oil?

You may be a frequent user of CBD such as ourselves, then you may not have any problem using all the oil up by the time it expires, but rather earlier than intended.

Keep stocked up if this is you.

Can’t stress enough the rule of thumb one to two years and this is it well maybe a little longer if top-quality buds were extracted. It won’t get you sick, just don’t use it, get more, or make more.

Thank you all for the ear and if you have made it this far we can appreciate you enough and tell you what that means we will be creating more articles keep an eye out for our latest work.


Does CBD oil expire?

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  1. Wow, great site you have here. Very good information about CBD oil. I have a vape and I think I’m going to try CBD oil with my vape. Thank you for sharing this information with us, I enjoy reading

    1. Lyne,
      We thank you for stopping in and sharing that you use a vape and now your thinking of trying and using CBD, we will tell you that you will not regret using it and will feel better if you hurt. Even if you just want to try it this is still the way to go thank you again for stopping in and sharing your thoughts.


  2. Some time ago, CBD oil was bought in a bottle, and I kept it in the fridge during use. I guess that wasn’t the best decision? I read here that it should not be kept at too hot or too cold a temperature.
    Thanks for this useful article with all the interesting information!
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Nina,
      We’d like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thought with us and yes at room temperatures that bottle should be stored at. the refrigerated would need to be really cold to keep from separating.


  3. Hi Mathew&Deloris,
    Thanks for this informative article, CBD oil seems like a god send treatment that alleviates major health problems such as depression, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain studies have proven this! Not only CBD oil is high in protein, omega, eco-friendly, and vegan but it offers enormous health benefits.
    Shelf life can be extended by choosing the right brand, it is a chemical compound and plant extract makes it shelf stable.

    Type of extraction also influences the shelf life, but storing them in the right way will save it for longer. CBD oil can last for two years but picking up a fresh bottle is always the best option.
    Have a nice day

    1. Samatha,
      You seem to have the shelf-life down and the way it needs to be stored at room temperatures can be the best way to keep the compounds from not separating apart. The extended life would be great but, like you said picking up a new bottle would be the best option that you can do to keep CBD the best is to use it or buy a new bottle.


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