How Does MCT Oil And CBD – Mix Into Products

MCT Oil and CBD

We are discussing MCT oil and CBD mixed together these are a good combination to bind, MCT oil is a type of fatty acid called “medium chained Triglycerides”=(MCT). Going to explain how most companies use MCT Oil and CBD together to make a better product and clean as we discuss further.

Which company using MCT Oil this and what is MCT Oil going to do for you why should you want to know if you ingest CBD products?

Let us dive in, and we will explain what you must know about MCT Oil and CBD and if you should be using more MCT and CBD.


What Does MCT Oil Do

Let us explain, what MCT oil is, and what it will do for you, if you are viewing this article then you are wondering what you are ingesting when you get products such as tinctures, or edibles.

MCT oil is a type of fatty acid called “medium-chain triglycerides”. (MCT)

In our body, we have “Long-chain Triglycerides” (LCT)and that makes food break down in your system to be absorbed.

MCT oil makes it much easier for your body to absorb the good compounds in CBD, but this makes it bioavailable for our system to absorbed faster if you put MCT Oil in it.

How Is MCT oil made?

MCT oils are made from coconut oils, and palm kernel oil, they both have MCT oil in them and are extracted and turned into a concentrate.

It is separated from each other almost making it pure MCT Oil this is called “fractionation” breaks gases, liquids, solids, enzymes, isotypes, it divides during a phase transaction and makes them into smaller quantities.

Some may ask: “what is MCT oil going to do for me”?

MCT Oil and CBD


Well, this can and most definitely boost your metabolism and breaks down into energy so that your body can abort things quicker throughout your body.

  • This can help with appetite control
  • Weight loss in some cases, promising data to expect not yet determined
  • Helps with inflammation
  • Increase of energy
  • Brain function
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Ingestion problems

What else should I know?

In your body, you make ketones when your body breaks down fat and MCT helps you make more ketones than (LCT) this lowers your insulin levels.

It will help you burn fat faster so that you can lose weight bet studies are not proven yet not enough data has been collected.

MCT can lower your chances of heart disease.

But, from personal experience, we make edibles and do use tinctures, it does help with giving us more energy and does feel like if you eat too much you will not be too happy.

You might end up with diarrhea but, if you put the right amount in there you can have good results with MCT Oil.

Were to get MCT Oil you can order it from amazon or you can get it at your local grocery store it is cheap and effective.

Let’s move on to how MCT will interact with Tinctures and edibles since we spilled the news too early.

Is MCT Safe in CBD

MCT is safe FDA approved and with companies, they are organic so, it is cleaner and purer for us to use in edibles and tinctures we use.

We’ve done our diligence in doing research for all of us we care what you put into your body don’t ever think we will tell you to ingest it if we aren’t going to.

MCT Oil and CBD

We do want you all to know what you are ingesting so that you will not harm yourselves, or the people you give these CBD products to that contain MCT oil in them.

So, MCT is safe to use leave it up to the professionals to put the right amount in, not saying that you can not do this we mix it all the time with our edibles and tinctures.

Let’s find out how they put MCT Oil and CBD together.


How is CBD Mixed In With MCT

Glad that you are still reading and wanting to know and understand all about MCT Oil and CBD and how it is mixed in so that we get quality CBD tinctures or edibles you desire.

They extract both of the oils and end up with one, CBD oil, and the other is MCT Oil.

Depending on how much raw material you have (CBD flower) will depend on how much MCT oil you will use.

MCT Oil and CBD Mixed

If you wanted to make it yourself then you will not put that much little goes a long way if you bought it from the store read the label it will tell you how much to put 2″ tablespoons to smoothies or drinks” it says.

We go by this and may add a little more, if we are making tinctures with a half-ounce of raw material, then we use four tablespoons.

If you are making gummy bears with an ounce of material then six tablespoons.

And, if you do not have that much material CBD then you can decrease the doses of MCT Oil you have to compensate for how much CBD material you have. You can use and 1/8th of CBD if you had to, you will use a tablespoon of MCT oil.

If you have to just adjust the doses up or down of MCT oil make sure  you use the right amount, so you don’t end up with diarrhea (not fun).

What Companies Are Doing This

The one company that we love to promote and think they are one of the top companies that care for what their consumers and customers think. And what they all have to say about their products.

It means they care what you ingest and smoke using their CBD products, adjusted to the ways it needs to be with their vape juice ratio being so you can vape for long periods of time (PG, VG) juices.

With there tinctures using no added ingredients but MCT Oil terpenes with the CBD being extracted through the co2 process to extract oil from the hemp plant.

MCT oil and CBD

This company is (SAVAGECBD) they’re based out of, Orange County, in California, and their motto is “full transparency, high-quality CBD products at a low cost to end-users so that everyone can enjoy the benefits from CBD”.

Lots of other companies do this as well, if they do care what their consumers think of their product and if they are a reputable company.

They will make corrections to their products and move forward with MCT Oil to mix in with CBD products.

Quality companies are going this way more, MCT Oil is FDA approved and safe with organic compounds that can promote good growth to our bodies and the Hemp Industry.

One Last Thing

Did you know that MCT oil is good for your brain and good for inflammation to any part of your body.

And if you eat broccoli and CBD they will work better together because of the chemicals our brain holds and CBD?

Tune in next week to find out why this works and why we would use them together more often as well as chocolate.

All-in-all MCT Oil and CBD work best together so when you cook them the fatty acids in the CBD and MCT Oil bind better to extract more oils from the hemp plant.

Watch out for how much you take and for extended periods of time it will not be good ay results in you overeating if you take alone with nothing else, creating more fat tissue around your liver.

MCT Oil and CBD

Can stimulate your hunger hormones, but CBD will curb your appetite if it is real CBD. Dont take MCT Oil alone for long periods of time.

Making it easier to understand for those who want to know what MCT Oil will do for them if their CBD product has it on the label and wanted to know.

Do you know if your CBD label has MCT oil on it for your Tinctures or even your edibles well SavageCBD does and they want you to know what it’s all about?

Creating awareness about MCT and CBD and how to use them and when to use it.

Have you used MCT Oil if so, how did you use it?

Some people don’t use it in CBD so, if you do not that is okay we would like to hear about it still?

Thanks for reading how does MCT Oil and CBD-Mix into products




Nazario, B. (August 25, 2020), MCT Oil: Health benefits and common uses

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14 thoughts on “How Does MCT Oil And CBD – Mix Into Products

  1. Thanks for the great article. I must say although don’t know so much about MCT. I am open to more information and eager to seek more knowledge on it.
    Thanks once again for sharing such an insightful piece.

    1. Solomon,
      We thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts and we can bring you up to date with the things you want to know and we can start with do you or have you vaped before if not this is fine. We are not in a rush and don’t want you to think we don’t know what we are talking about so you can read for yourself and tell us if you like or dislike it it’s not for everyone. You don’t even have to vape there are amazing products to choose from, I know do you enjoy coffee?
      Understandable and no force to read if you are interested read this and if not may you pass it on with good faith.
      Thanks for stopping in and being a part of this post.


  2. Hello Mathew&Deloris,
    I really enjoyed your article. It’s very detailed and informative. Keto lifestyle has been a part of my life for a while now so things like MCT oil and CBD are very relevant to my everyday life. Your article explains it very well thank you for that. I also know that a lot of people are trying out the keto lifestyle, so this article would be very relevant to them as well.

    1. Anna,
      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us and we like that you do the keto diet this diet is becoming more and more popular and has great effects on people. MCT Oil is a good source of energy and can help with many things that may bother, but MCT oil is good for inflammation if ever needed that why we use it or discovered it in the ingredients. Now we cook with it and add it to all kinds of things you don’t always have to use with CBD products.
      Supplement in drinks before a workout and after the workout, this MCT Oil is high in medium-chain triglycerides which make everything break down so it becomes bioavailable to your bloodstream.
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  3. As soon as I read “Alzheimer’s” somewhere my ears peek up. My father had Alzheimer’s so the reason I am interested is obvious. Do you think the claim is justified? I am wondering if it is backed by scientific investigation? Of course, I am aware that not every good product is scientifically examined because science has a bias at times as well.

    I had heard of CBD but not about MCT, so thanks for the interesting information about the benefits. 🙂

    1. Hannie,

      Yes we agree with the experts and only relay facts straight from sources I will out more facts about that in the next article and for now, we did some more research from scientists.
      We found that ketos they say are the reason for more brain function and to help with dementia will not cure it by all means, but can improve cognitive function in mild cognitive impairment.

      As you said, they are still collecting data so that we can learn further what MCT Oil does for Alzheimer’s and dementia but nothing long-term building new brain cells.

      Check out this article we can across we hope that it might help put with your situation and your dad we are sorry to hear this about him, my wife, Deloris is a traveling nurse so I hear about it all the time sundowners and dementia.
      And with CBD he can help reduce your dad from acting out if he does his behaviors he dont realizes he is doing this it can be difficult to deal with we know what you are going through if he is that far along if not then ask him if he would like to try it.

      We do have this great code that will give you first-time subscribers to take advantage of this, it won’t last long.

      This is backed up by scientific methods and trials but still collecting data to be analyzed.


      1. Thank you for your review, article about MCT oil. I would like to know if the MCT oil is automatically part of the CBD oil or just in some cases? Or is it added manually? I always tought that this ability to bind the fats is more part ofthe THC.
        It all comes to the point, how the CBD can influence and improve one’s life. If the MCT is showing the benefits, it is all just an extra reason to go after it. Cheers

        1. Julius,
          there are extra benefits from using MCT oil and CBD this can be good for THC products as well for binding the fats and CBD has oils just as well and in fact, it binds well with MCT Oil. MCT oil is used for smoothies and drinks and your daily foods alone it has promising effects on your body and brain function. CBD contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids also high in vitamin B and D and amino acids that help make protein in your body.
          We hope that you enjoyed those and learned something new at the same time, hope to see you soon again.


  4. I’ve never heard of MCT oil. Can it be purchased in Australia? I want to learn more about this product and if it can be shipped overseas.?

    1. Yvonne,
      You can have MCT shipped to Australia and will maybe have it in your local grocery store and with you living in Australia you can find lots of CBD products as well. Unfortunately, we can not ship anything to where you live we apologize for the inconvenience we’ve done some research on where and you can get MCT Oil where you live and how to receive it.
      We hope this helps and hope to see you come back if want to read more helpful content that relates to you.


  5. Hi Mathew&Deloris,

    A very good read I must say. I knew MCTs are good for health but never tried as I wasn’t sure but reading this, I am surprised and full of knowledge today and I am definitely going to add MCT in my smoothies as my midmorning meal.

    I feel always bored to read such a long article but reading this never felt bored as it was so crisp and very engaging as well. I am definitely going to share it with my friends. Very unique yet informative post.

    Thank you so much for this lovely post. Keep up the great work.


    1. Samantha,
      We are glad that you found this article to be a good read and most are too long to even get into it, so glad that you found it to be smooth with adding MCT oil to your smoothies. The best part about adding it to your smoothies is that you will always have a good source of energy while getting your body in shape.


  6. That’s very interesting! I have not heard of MCT but now that I know what it is I would definitely want to try it, seeing that it has so many benefits. I just have one question about one of the used sources. You mentioned palm kernel oil and I was wondering if Savage CBD uses palm kermel oil from sustainable and environmentally responsible palm oil companies?

    1. Christiana,
      To answer your question, yes, SavageCBD does get certified food grade and FDA-approved ingredients for processing and manufacturing CBD oil tinctures or vape juice, or even MCT Oil and CBD oil, benefits that can minimize effects on what you are applying it to and how you take it.


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