How Does CBG Compare to CBD – 5 Astonishing FACTS

How does CBG compare

We will uncover how does CBG compare to CBD-5 astonishing facts that you need to read it will help with providing alternatives to patients. This is cannabigerol CBG for short, CNG will be one, out of the hundred (Phytocannabinoids – these are defined as cannabinoid compounds, Cannabinoid is shorter). Which is a molecule with a 21-carbon terpenophenolic skeleton, these are chemicals found in the female Sativa plant. We do know of a few that we have discussed Tetrahydrocannidol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Today we are going to be touching on CBG, they say it is the best, the mother-load of cannabinoids found since the dawn of time.

Research is undergoing on CBG, there is not enough evidence but, what they do have, we will share actual studies of CBG. Later we will discuss how does CBG compare to CBD with 5 astonishing facts you won’t forget. CBG and CBD, CBN is non-psychoactive which means it still does not get you high, whereas THC does.


What Is Cannabigerol (CBG)?

This is just one of the many Phytocannabinoid cannabinoid compounds that are found in the female Hemp-plant, this can sometimes seem confusing and hard to pronounciate at times with all the big names. All you need to know is that CBG is another compound found in the marijuana plant, just like CBD, THC, CBC, and about 110 other compounds.

CBG is present in less than 10% of cannabis strains

CBG is the chemical precursor compound of CBD, and THC.

Precursor compound-means; there is a chemical reaction that produces another compound which is CBD and THC.

These are in their acidic form which is the raw stage, CBG starts off as CBGA, the acidic form of CBG, CBD, and THC. These all start off as CBDA, CBGA, THCA, CBNA, and CBCA.

In other words, to put it smooth and simple, when the marijuana plant is growing it starts off as CBG, with lights and UV as the plant grows, it converts into CBD and THC compounds as it matures.

Strains with high THC and CBD will have less CBG.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol CBD is another Phytocannabinoid found with many health benefits that tie into the rest of the cannabinoid family tree. There are over a hundred and still finding new ones that are beneficial to our health; CBD is one of the many talked about natural treatments and regimens, just like THC.

CBD has been around for many moons, and still to be studied with full resources will take more time.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that does not get you high but rather deals with managing moods and the calming feeling it is not intoxicating like THC.

In a sense like weedmaps indicates, that CBD is psychoactive, because it does deal with your cognitive state of mind, your mental process, and last your moods.

You have CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain, CB1 deals with your nervous system pain, and CB2 receptors deal with your immune system, anti-inflammatory, which interacts with the CBD oil that you take along with the endocannabinoid system in your body.

How Is CBG Made?

CBG is made by a natural growth process in the plant when it’s about 6 weeks to 8 weeks in the flowering cycle of a female plant, which then must be cut down. The levels of CBG are at the highest point they can be before it changes into another cannabinoid compound which would be CBD, and then THC.

CBG binds directly with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that do enhance the pleasure part and alleviate the pain in your body, it can affect your sleep and appetite.

Many companies and cultivators are studying how to make CBG more predominant in strains, cultivators are genetically modifying CBG cannabinoid strains that is by cross-breeding other high cannabis strains together to get one good plant.

So, taking one CBG plant strain that has significantly high levels, and breeding it with different cannabis strains, will result in making better CBG Strains.

Difference Between CBD & CBG?

CBD has many promising facts and continues to gain momentum in the health industry that many do not believe in, and are not too fond of thinking that this could actually work. There have been significant studies on the Cannabis plant for a lifetime feels like.

What they have come up with amazes people like us. CBD helps with OCD, PTSD in mental health patients, Cancer-related symptoms nausea, and pain.

Carcinomas Liver and kidney cancer, studies show when taken with increased CBG the levels decreased.

Used as an anti-inflammatory aid, heart health lowering blood pressure.
Even in neurological disorders patients with MS, CBG has the same promising effects these patients.

CBD has been studied for other neurological disorders such as epilepsy in kids.

FDA Approved CBD!

FDA first approved Charollets Web to help her control her seizures, went from 100 a day to maybe 5, CBD extended her life as long as possible.

She died April 17, 2020, in Colorado Springs, her real name is charlotte Figi, she was born October 18, 2006, the cultivators grew a CBD strain for Charlotte and called it Charlotte’s Web.

For patients with Glioblastoma brain tumors, CBG will show signs of anti-proliferate, this is a good thing, and with the help of CBG. New studies are being done every day to help figure out the fullness of CBG and the power with CBD and CBG combined will reach new levels of health treatments.

5 Astonishing Facts & Benefits Of CBG?

CBG studies show that it reduced cell proliferation in severely cancer cell Lines including these 5 cancers.

1. Fights brain tumors-Cancer- Glioblastoma (Gli-o-blast-oma)-

Glioblastoma- is the most aggressive cancer among brain tumors, CBD alone was suggested to be a treatment strategy for Glioblastoma. They see that the psychoactive ingredient in THC does no good for those with potential cognitive impairment, having trouble remembering or learning new things, due to the progression of the disease.

Replacing THC with Cannabigerol recently exhibited anti-tumor properties in some carcinomas, (carcinomas- types of cancer found on liver or kidneys).

CBG can destroy therapy-resistant Glioblastoma stem cells, which is the root of cancer development, along with any other lethal cancer cells.

Recent studies show that natural purified cannabinoid CBG combined with CBD can help with Glioblastoma tumor cells and Glioblastoma stem cells. CBG and THC showed that they reduced the visuality of cells. Whereas CBD and CBG combined seem to be more efficient whereas THC does not.

2. Breast Cancer-How does CBG compare to CBD

It slows the proliferation of cancer cells, nearly half of the US takes THC or CBD for breast cancer proven to help with nausea after chemotherapy, to recover faster. CBG is new and going to take time to see what the CBG cannabinoid molecules will do as far as to help. For all types of cancer CBD and CBG do show signs of anti-proliferation, which is a decrease in cell production.

3. Prostate Cancer-

Investigation CBD and CBG are the only ones that work on prostate carcinoma cancer cells, and whereas THC does not show any signs of anti-proliferation.

4. Colorectal carcinoma

A test-tube study showed the correlation between Colorectal cancer, and CBG inhibited cancer cell growth, therefore, showing similar effects in human carcinoma cells slowing and showing potential anti-cancer effects, in short studies CBG is known to proliferate tumor cells.

5. Gastric Adenocarcinoma-Stomach Cancer-

CBG is gaining people’s attention when it comes to cancer cells and what CBG cannabinoids do for patients with stomach and bone cancers. CBD and CBG exhibit anti-tumor properties and studies with human Gastric Adenocarcinoma cells in which the cannabinoid molecule penetrates the cells membrane. Gastrointestinal cancers are amongst and the highest one of the most widespread causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide.

3 More Things CBG can Help With!

Here are three more that are on most pages that most of us know and for those who don’t let us discuss the last three so you fully understand. How powerful CBG can be and how it relates to most of our issues, these are real proven studies and scientific studies with lab rats and shrews.

1. Reduce Inflammation

2. Help with vomiting (Nausea)

3. Supports Focus

How Does Cannabigerol (CBG) Compare To (CBD)

Last Words

Does cannabigerol (CBG) compare to CBD? We have found scientific studies done over the years and scientists found that CBG does have the same properties, if not more benefits.

Research on CBG and CBD took time in finding the top resources to identify the right structure of CBG and the form it is most present in which could be CBG oil, CBG capsules, CBG edibles, and many more.

CBG is a Phytocannabinoid found in the female Sativa plant which has multiple therapeutic suggestions now and later on in the future we will know more about CBG and its full effects.

How does Cannabigerol CBG compare to CBD

All we know is that when CBD and CBG are combined they are stronger acting agents against several astonishing facts we listed above.

My Great vapes strive to give the best information in a simple form

We want to ask if you ever took CBG or saw what it does for people? If so, let us know dow in the comment box below.


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  1. Hi M&D,
    Accidentally stumbled on your website and this article and and wondered at the difference between CBD and CBG. Quite honestly, I have limited knowledge about CBD.

    This in-depth article provides a wealth of information and I certainly learned a lot! Thanks for the information. I learned
    – that CBD is a cannabinoid that is used to manage moods to produce a feeling of calm without getting you high.
    -that a young growing marijuana plant first starts off as CBG. If lights and UV are used, further growth of the plant will convert it into CBD and finally into THC compounds as it matures.

    Is it safe to say that moving forward because of the profound scientific effects of the combination of CBD and CBG on various various types of cancers, nausea, inflammation and focus, this form of treatment will be more common?

    1. Ceci,
      we are glad that yoy=u made it to our website and with all of this knowledge on CBD and all other cannabinoids found in the female plant.
      Yes, you are right these types of treatments are going to become readily available nationwide.


  2. Hi Mathew and Doloris. I have to say that you did a great job.
    I didn’t know about different compounds, but I know that many very ill people thrive on CBD. A German friend of mine who had suffered a horrible car accident with all kinds of symptoms and handicaps after recovering slowly has significantly benefitted from a higher amount of CBD. Another friend is using CBD for relaxation and sleeping problems. I know about its effects on cancer and many diseases, so I ask myself if this is due to detox properties. Do you do this? Do people detox very much due to the natural phytonutrients in the tincture? And can we use it to improve vaccination damage? I would love to hear your answer.
    Thank you very much for this great article! 🙂

    1. Sylvia,
      We are glad to hear that you have had lots of experience with CBD you are knowledgeable about cancer and many other diseases that CBD can help with.
      CBD can act as a detoxifier with your body and pull unwanted toxins from the human body.
      For vaccinations, We are going to look into this and we will do a topic on this to show what studies are being done regarding CBD and vaccinations and the damage is done to our body recovery time?
      Great question.


  3. That was very interesting. I thought that there was only CBD and THC, but I had never heard of CBG before. Its healing effects are astonishing and I think that there is a lot more to CBD and CBG than the medical community would like to admit.
    Is CBG also available on the market and in what forms can it be purchased?

    1. Christine,
      Glad to hear that you are learning more on this website, we hope to leave you with something interesting so that someone may benefit from CBD, CBG, CBN, etc…
      It can be purchased in any form that you desire and want Vape, CBG oil, Capsules, edibles.


  4. I have been looking into CBD for a few years now and this is the first in-depth article I’ve come across that goes into the differences between CBD and CBG. I really like how you broke down how the stage of growth of the plant is where you get the cannabinoid differentiations. I am very encouraged by the direction that society is going with the desire to understand more about the natural gifts provided by nature! Thank you!

    1. Randi,
      Hi there, we are glad that you made it to our website and with the help of research and reading we have come up with a variety of different research and data that reflects the positive outcome of CBD and CBG.
      Going to be putting more information out there on the different types of cannabinoids found in the female Sativa plant.


  5. Thanks for sharing good information about CBD and CBG. I’ve known CBD for a while, but this is my first time learning CBG. From your post, I get the idea of using CBG can decrease the levels of some diseases and help people focus.

    I wonder, will CBG products cost higher than CBD products? Since CBG works stronger in fighting sicknesses. It would be better to get the answer from a CBD/CBG expert like you. 🙂


    1. Matt,
      I know sometimes it may seem that if your health is involved it needs to be expensive products, no, this is not the case CBG does not cost more and does not need to be more expensive due to its ability to help reduce tumor cells in the human body.
      We are glad that you asked this question and we will share a link with you and everyone else who wants to discover how much CBG really is.

      1000 mg CBG Oil


  6. Really interesting article! I’m just now getting into all of this and I’ve never even heard of CBG until now. Pretty interesting to find out that the compounds change as the plant progresses through it’s life cycle. The video was a great touch!

    1. William,
      We are glad to hear that the video did some good and we are wanting to see if others are benefiting from the videos we produce. The videos are an explanation of what you are about to see in the article.
      If you want to know how we did the video check this video out for yourself and dont show no one.


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      Hope to see you again.


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  7. Hello, this is Elijah Owens. Your post astounds me. I didn’t know CBG contained a plethora of benefits. For instance, I can’t help but think how many people in my family could’ve prolonged their life if they knew about this product, i.e., alternative treatment for cancer patients. Also, it fascinates me that this product doesn’t get you high and has all the benefits of CBD. Learning the recreational use of a drug is an intriguing topic. We could save millions, if not billions, of lives if we reexamined nature, exploiting its herbal gain.

    Overall, this is a well-articulated, thorough article thinking outside of the box to save lives to amplify health outcomes on all fronts. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Elijah,
      We are happy that you found this article beneficial to millions of people and saving lives if the world knew more about CBG and CBD and combined them to make valuable products. The products are used daily by billions of people, and with most like it and understand CBG and CBD, the other half don’t know enough, and this is where we come in and share our thoughts and thoughts with others.
      Thanks once again for stopping in. We have to agree with you; we wish more folks viewed and valued things the same way.


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