Growing Vegan Weed- Myths Debunked!

growing vegan weed

Growing vegan weed can be expanded into eating, lotions, and Gel’s, is vegan real, and My Great Vapes will share what we know about veganic weed and other supportive alternatives along the way. Those who have many questions will feel safer and more comfortable. When you hear the word vegan, what do you hear? Do you think of just food? You will want to keep reading if you care about plants as much as we do.  Growing vegan weed or CBD, THC there, all part of the marijuana family think of them as all cousins, and they are all related one way or another.

Vegan can bring many benefits to the table. In this article, you will view facts and debunks that you heard and seen plastered fake news all over the internet that put fear into others who have not learned the fundamentals of Growing vegan weed or even understand.

Growing vegan weed is not as hard as it sounds, but when it comes to this article, you will find what you are looking for and more knowledge than you came with. Get ready to get the best research laid out in one scoop.



Growing Vegan Weed

My Great Vapes will explain the difference between Vegan and Organic and if vegan weed is prevalent for our health. Consider what a cultivator puts in a diet for growing weed to help mature the flower faster, like zinc, calcium, phosphate, and nitrogen, to make them bloom beyond their full potential pushing the limits of growth.

Other words are used in a big industry like cannabis, such as CBD, THC, dank, or marijuana. You will learn the different regimens you may use to smoke or use vegan weed products in the purest and cleanest form.


growing vegan weed


CLICK HERE if you want to know or learn how much protein is in raw cannabis.

Myth: when you grind up cannabis material and use it for cooking, it won’t work unless decarboxylation is used.

Believe it or not!

Growing vegan weed is not as hard as one would think. Believe it or not, the nutrients that dispensaries use are less powerful than a simple regimen that everyone should be doing, like Vermicomposting. Unnatural contaminants and metals are harmful to our health if coming from different forms of sources.

You can use natural compounds from the earth to get minerals and vitamins when growing vegan weed.

We think everyone and anyone can do this. Being dedicated to receiving and growing vegan weed or using products, if you are an all-time CBD or THC user, and if you’re tired of not having clean, non-chemical, pesticide-free weed, then keep reading. Dont we all want to want to know what we are ingesting, just like food and drinks?

Even if you did not use cannabis products this is a practice we should all be adapting to help our own world out.

The best key to growing vegan weed starts with the dirt medium, natural nutrients then harvest.

Is Vermicomposting the Way?

Vermicomposting can sound disgusting, but we think of the dirt and waste from worms as an environmental way to freshen up roots and fruit and give back to our earth. Which they call black Gold or Worm tea, found in Walmart stores or indoor or outdoor plant nurseries.

Veganic cultivators are changing the world on how commercial industries, farms, and hobby growers are learning how natural plant-derived farming methods will sustain the smell, taste, and how potent cannabis can be.


Growing Vegan Weed


Depending on your views on being vegan, vermicomposting can be a way to grow vegan weed. If your worms are on a tightly controlled diet, your worm castings will become vegan, organic, and GMO-free. (Genetically Modified organisms.)

Why Composting?

When growers think of weed (Flowers), they think of the biggest and fattest Khola they can grow made with the best nutrients. Learn the fastest way to grow seed to shelf with fewer remnants or contaminants.

Vermicomposting consists of removing your food waste from your house,s such as leftover vegetable scraps, fruits, coffee grounds, organic waste, leaves, and cardboard, without ink or print. Being vegan consists of feeding your worm’s bone meal and blood meal. Worms break it down in a bin which has levels which are called worm castings. These worm castings depending on what you feed your worms will determine whether your worm castings are vegan.

If the worms are not eating vegan, they are not producing vegan casting.

What is Veganic

The true meaning of being veganic from Wikipedia says; that the veganic gardening method started with Rosa Delziel O’Brien and Kenneth O’Brien. O’Brien argues that animal manures are harmful to soil health and would not make it okay to use in mediums. You can use straw hay and other vegetable wastes to maintain vitamins, and minerals, in soil fertility.

Being Veganic is two words combined “Vegan” and “Organic” (Veganic.) This guarantees that weed is grown organic with plant-based fertilizers, which will be VEGANIC Pesticides are not needed. As “Vegan Organic Network” explains in other words.

Is there a difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?  A vegan excludes nuts, seeds, whole grains, dairy, eggs, meat, poultry, animal products, and fish and seafood, as for a vegetarian, their diet eliminates Meat, Polturay, fish, and seafood only.

Vegan, Veganic, and Vegetarian all sound the same, but there are key differences between them. We hope that we have explained to the best of our in depth-research.

Difference Between Vegan & Organic

When you hear Veganic, you will understand that they are words combined, one Vegan and the other Organic, which makes Veganic.


growing vegan weed


Vegans will eat seeds, whole grains, plant-based oils, avocados, olives, canola, and nuts and focus mainly on plants while eliminating meat, poultry, animal products, dairy, eggs, honey, fish, and seafood from their diets.

Anything that is “Cruelty-Free of Animals.” Even though plants are fertilized with fish, shellfish, and insects, can be amended to not have these. It is hard to get material that contains nothing but organic or vegan-style weed.

Are plants free of growing without all these forced fertilizers that contain fish and shellfish?

You can use grain meal food to replace fertilizers, soybean meal, and organic cornmeal.

Being vegan and organic share the same values; both want sustainable food systems of non-contaminates.

According to USDA, they want a food system that delivers food security and nutritional value for economic and social environmental bases to be sustainable for future food systems to satisfy human food needs.

Organic Material Can Mean?

Organic is only liable to be called Organic if the soil has been amended and prohibited from chemicals and free of contaminants for three years or longer before any harvest.

When Organic dirt is made, they amend it with peat moss, coco core plant material, sand, or perlite to get the purest natural minerals needed to thrive.

Organic means anything related to natural materials that come from living things as naturally as possible.

Meat fish contain high amounts of Hormones and microplastics, which leads to diabetes, heart disease, and cancers; if you switch to a vegan plant-based diet, you can eliminate this percentage in half.

Foods are grown free of contaminated materials, with different mediums (soil) free of pesticides and clear of any metals, fertilizers, and contaminants to grow the best and freshest fruits, vegetables, and plants.


growing vegan weed


Were are not telling you to stop eating meat if you just want to smoke the cleanest weed by growing vegan weed.

If you care about the environment as much as “My Great Vapes,” you will learn the fundamentals of a veganic diet.

Is Vegan Weed A Real Thing?

Vegan weed is real, and if grown with the right material and the best dirt, it brings fruitfulness in the harvest with non-contaminated soil.

Being vegan and learning about how cannabis portrays different characteristics which correlate to our health in numerous ways, such as the endocannabinoid system in our body.

Working with CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brain for pain, anxiety, motor control, and brain function helps with its psychoactive properties.

If you try to get your weed from the dispensary, you won’t know exactly what materials they use to grow their harvest. In that case, you’re taking a risk.

By growing vegan weed yourself, you can only ensure the best and purest weed from seed to harvest, amended with the best soil for cheaper prices and better quality.

If you are trying to get vegan weed from dispensaries, then you will need to do lots of searching to find vegan weed.


growing vegan weed


Best Regimen To Grow Vegan Weed?

Learn how to amend your soil to get the best regimen for growing vegan weed. Even if you are not all about vegan but are a recreational user and smoker, you will want to learn the best way possible.

You may use coco core, a light-medium that you must keep up with when you water plants.

If you use peat moss, you want to use a coco core medium. Watering your plants will need to be attended to every other day for water feedings for any plants using coco core. Peat moss stays a little wet longer to help with roots getting feed slow.

When harvesting cannabis plants and growing vegan weed, you receive quality fruit.

People might think if you grow vegan weed, your yield will be less, but actually, it will be the same if not more veganic holds more nutrients and minerals that plants love.

Depending on the regimen you use on plants, they may be considered vegan or veganic.

Coco Core, Sand, Perlite, Pumice, Compost, and vermicomposting can be the best dirt.


Last Words

Learning the difference and key points between Vegans, Veganic, and Vegetarians is not as hard as you think. You can learn from “My Great Vapes.” Which one are you? What do you prefer when it comes to smoking or using cannabis products?

Let us know in the comments below, Please, as we want to see what preference others got.

If there was anything that we left out that others know as Vegans correct us for, we might be wrong and sourced our work and content from top-rated websites that are credited to the USDA and other medical websites.

What is your preference for Vegan, Veganic, and Vegetarian?

Call Dispensieres or Write To Local Farmers!

If you live in an area that allows you to grow or have access to dispensaries then inquire about vegan regimens that can help, or even better yet, call and ask and see how they grew their weed.

Your second way to get more answers is to write your local farmers and see what they are doing to help with growing vegan weed.

When growing vegan weed, there will be key points that are vital for our health if you’re an everyday user and if not, then you can still be safe and utilize all key points.


growing vegan weed


Veganic plants can guarantee you get the best nutrients your plant needs without all contaminants from undesired living organisms.

There is a great regimen up top; please referee to backup Top.



Jane, M

What is veganic?




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  1. Very interesting. Many people confuse the word vegan with organic. I’m glad you wrote this post and explained the difference. I hadn’t heard of veganic before, so again, thanks for clarifying this.

    1. Christine,
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  3. Great article and very well explained what is the difference between vegetarian and vegan many think they are the same but I’m sure this article will be useful to many when it comes to growing grass properly and how to do it the right way. Thank you for sharing such an informative article and I wish you good health 🙂

    1. We like to thank you for commenting on our article. This article is put here to get the best results and like you said doing it the right way.


  4. Hey,

    Very interesting article on growing vegan weed. I didn’t even realise you could grow vegan weed, so it has been an eye opener for me. My brother would be really interested in this article too so I am going to share it with him.

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  5. I had to have a good think about this when I see the title growing vegan weed because surely plants are already vegan but I guess some vegans will complain about crops being grown with animal fertilizer. Honestly I think this taking it too far – I get those that choose to go vegan because for ethical reasons such as how animals are farmed and slaughtered but does an animal care what someone does with their waste? why would they and what’s more give me crops that are grown with animal fertiliser anyday because the toxic s**t they use instead is not what I want in my vegetables or weed. In fact, they a lot of people are getting ill these days because of this – they say that because farmers are not using things like pig manure anymore it’s taking all the sulphur out of plants. The human body actually needs sulphur in adaquete amounts as it helps with waste management.

    Like I agree with a lot about veganism.

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