Geek Vape Aegis Coils & Why You Need Them

No matter what at some time you will have to change your vape coils if you have them and vape they are not to use forever and they will need to be changed. In this article, we are going to discuss the in’s and out’s of the way vape coils work, Geek Vape Aegis Coils & why you need them. We will learn and teach you what these coils do for you and the flavor you want from your Vape MOD. If your vape tends to be harsh then we will tell you why and what to do about it before you vape the whole bottle of CBD.


Geek Vape Aegis Coils

Changing Coils

This is going to happen no matter what you do.

You must change them, but they are not expensive we just want to educate you on these coils. So that way you can get the best vapors possible with the pulls (puffs, drawls) from these mods then it comes down to the tank of the airflow.


Geek Vape Aegis Coils

  • But we are going to explain the coils to you all so that why you won’t miss anything so if you are new to this, then you won’t have any trouble. So if you just received your MOD and vape coils and stuck don’t worry we will explain, first things first pull the coil from the inner tank by unscrewing it from the bottom where they split from MOD to the tank.
  • Then you have to pieces you see the coil pull it out, you should have a tool if it is snug this snug is from the O-ring and you will want to prim this coil so that you will get best results of a new coil. Use your CBD juice to prime the coil before you vape you can put some in the middle following the rim and others put it on the outside so they won’t have to wait. If you do not let the coil prime or if you don’t take dry puffs or pulls from a MOD after you fill it with CBD vape juice.

The coil acts as a wick and made of cotton and if you fail to let it soak up the juice, and when you go and take a real vape hit then you will burn a little part of the cotton. Thus resulting in a burnt taste this can last for a long time until you change the coil again this is the only way to make it go away.

This will make vape juice not taste the same as what it really should be also making the vape sometimes really harsh on the throat.

Why Do I Cough

It is when you start to taste burnt within the vape juice this can make you cough lots of the time and this is the burnt taste that hits your throat.

  • But also this can be from what is in your vape oils juice you must read the labels if you vape you want to know what you are inhaling in your lungs. There are two things that you always look for in vape juice (VG), And (PG) these are the main things you want to look out for.

Geek Vape Aegis Coils

  • The two are (vegetable glycerin), (Propylene glycol) these are compounds that are found in E-liquid juice, but there are terpenes that are added to the sequence. For now, we are worried about VG & PG the ratio that is in each bottle will tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s discuss the ratio that we think is the best for sub-ohm tanks and which one is responsible for making you cough this will be PG this carries the flavors.

  • While VG carries the vapors…
  • So you will want a higher VG and lower PG so the ratio would look more like 70/30 or 60/40 these are good ratios to go by when you look at labels.

If you have a hard time vaping and seems harsh to your throat so look for these and Savage CBD seems to have great ratios to vape with.

Use of Wattage

It Will also play a big role in how long your coil can last and with the mod you have, it will not be hard to dial in the right temperatures.

The use of wattage is huge and should not be overlooked if your an every all day vapor like we are then you will want to watch how much you change the coils. They will burn out no matter what it matters how high or how low of wattage you’re using can depend on the existence of the coil.

The perfect wattage for sub ohms is about 10-12w max 15w and this would be the best Watts to use for CBD if you choose to vape higher. Then you might burn it and thus making the compounds in the CBD useless will not work and will be vaping just the juice. Bottle of Savage CBD Vape Juice

We don’t want this for any of you so we have to tell you and want to make sure that you understand what happens when you burn CBD at high temperatures.

Then you are going to need a juice to go in that vape tank right?

Check these out we have found best for you to try.

Final Thoughts

You changing your coils will increase the flavor production, and the vapors that come out when you puff your sub-ohm tank mod coil that you just received.

When you first get this you will want to prime the coil before putting the coil back together and let sit for at least one hour if your impatient then take dry pulls off of mod.

This helps with soaking up the juice in the cotton this acts as the wick and you don’t want to burn this so prime your coil and wait until it’s totally saturated with juice.

  • These coils come in a pack of five so that way you will have spares if you are just learning and starting out but this article will help you save that problem.
  • The super mesh X1 0.20 ohm coil-rated 30-35w

Which One Do you Need?


This is a recommended usage that asks you to use it to ensure the best quality of the product (coil). To make sure it lasts you will want to take pride in changing coils and having the best airflow with tanks this will be another topic.

How many puffs do you take a day with your vape mod this can also tell you if you need to change your coil quick as well so if you are a frequent vapor then it will need to be changed.

But like we have mentioned earlier that no matter what in some time you will have to change if you want to continue vaping we suggest you do.

All of these things that we have said is our own opinion, and this is one of the choices that we love to use Vaping from a MOD.

We are going to be writing another article so lookout for the best PODS to use they are still By GEEK Vapes.

These are all great response you will want t change them coils at some point and how to avoid the harsh taste of bad mesh coils. Geek Vape Aegis Coils & Why You Need Them is always going to be talked about and a widespread of vaping with geek vape products to fit our needs.

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read this article and we hope to see you at our next article hope to hear some comments as well about the best vape device you use?



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10 thoughts on “Geek Vape Aegis Coils & Why You Need Them

  1. Hi Matthew&Deloris

    This is a great and informative article. I used to vape a couple of years ago. During this period, I never found as much information as you provide in this article.
    Thanks for this informative article.

    I think I probably had about 10 – 15 different types of MOD – mostly Elaf.

    In Norway, CBD is not allowed, so I have never tried this. All my eliquids came from the UK, and from a friend who lives nearby who produces a good fruity oil.

    Happy vaping 🙂


    1. Cathy,

      We thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us and letting us know, do you think you will ever vape again?
      This is a great way to stop smoking addictive cigarettes. Thanks again for stopping in we hope to see you again.


  2. If you vape daily, is there any guideline/recommendation on how often you should be replacing your coil, or do you judge when to replace the coil purely based on the “signs to look out for”, as described in your article?

    1. Schalk,
      You will want to change them depending on the Coils you use. Many are different depending if you burn it out right away. If you taste a burnt smell or taste. Before the two weeks are up for the most part it will be a week or two. We have had ones that last a month depends how many watts you use as well.
      We hope this has helped.


  3. Hi. I’ve never smoked and don’t intend to but this is a great site, with enough information to wet the appetite for vapers. It looks like a very well planned site and the colours make the media stand out really well. I am sure tis will be a great success. Good luck

    1. Dave we thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us. We hope to change your mind with one of these articles.


  4. hi its Anthea what a gorgeous page i love the section when it asks are you a robot and then takes you into a fabulous gorgeous range of lovely products.Also the attachment for Wealthy affiliates is nice…i am a smoker of tabacco however and not giving up but i sure loads of people love vapes and whats more the way you’ve done your page is so attractive it could encourage that’s why i am pulling out at this point and going to have a chill out smoke later…thank you for the educative part on page Anthea xx

    1. Athena,
      We thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, we are proud to say that we have worked hard to write articles that educate others on the CBD industry. And we are still making more to come so we hope to see you in the next article thanks again Athena has a great day.


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