CBD Vape Juice Review-Honest Opinions

CBD vape juice

In this article, we are going to discuss another vape juice review and give our honest opinion to you, while we talk about what companies are really doing with CBD vaping juices. The truth of these CBD vape juice reviews is unbiased and is for you to choose.


Let’s dive in

Unbiassed Opinions:

Product: Pachamama Grape Berry CBD Vape JuiceCBD vape Juice

Best Place: DirectVapors.com

Price: $29.99+ FREE Shipping

Features: 30 ml bottle 50/50 ratio of (PG) and (VG) of all-natural CBD isolate comes in

  • 250Mg,
  • 500Mg,

Other Flavors:

  • Minty Mango
  • Strawberry Watermelon


In this CBD vape Juice review, we are going to reveal how we take this and what we take it for and anyone that wants to take it can you do not have to have an underlining disorder to use CBD (weed).

This Pachamama grape berry CBD vape juice is going to have a very berry and fruity taste to it and a district taste of grape, and greatness, and great dedication to growing this wonderful CBD plant. Extracting it to make vape juice for others that want to vape with the best flavors and to enjoy is perfect for relaxing and taking the edge off.

Pulling up a nice chair with your cold drink or hot beverage and a bottle of your new Pachamama grape berry blend of CBD vape juice will be enjoyable.

By vaping your new CBD vape juice whether your new or a veteran in vaping, this flavor is extraordinarily unique and will leave your taste buds in awe.

comparing to other companies that have add-ins to the ingredients to make the production of the vape-clouds better, but it really only companies with poor quality CBD hurts them with no one buying products.

Do Other Vaping Companies Even Care?

CBD vape juice reviews

Do I seem to be the only one taking into consideration the quality of CBD I consume?

You might be thinking “which CBD company do I follow”.

If you found this review then more than likely you care about your CBD vape juice and the way it was made, and how it’s made.

You care about the ingredients your CBD vape juice contains and I’m guessing that you’ve not done your homework in the past and now you are.

Did You Do Research?

Let us tell you that, you are making the right choice in doing research on CBD vape juice and the reviews on your juice, there seem to be millions of vape shops that are willing to sell you anything.

Well, the truth is we care, because we are tired of getting stiffed online with these fake companies with their unknown additives with toxic harmful ingredients, Vitamin E is one of the bad ingredients doing harm.

To these teens and young adults, they are the ones that suffer while they make a buck off of us. (NO MORE).

CBD is a natural plant that comes from the earth and with little to no effort it can be grown and taken care of with harvesting, and curing is the hard part and where many growers go wrong.

They don’t care for the buds after they are harvested, this where the most effort should be put into play.

This is where the quality comes in, we all want quality CBD but can’t seem to find the right place that will give you this option well? We do the work for you guys, finding the right product and company can be hard at times.

Why Is It Hard to Find Quality CBD

CBD vape juice reviews

It is hard to find out what quality CBD is because no one wants to take the time to properly cure buds, this seems to be where they ship it off or extract the buds in big quantities.

If you want quantity rather than quality, then stay with the manufacturers you’re going through and forget what we said, or you can listen to us because we have been through all this and want to save you the trouble and a literal headache.

What Companies Do We suggest?

The companies out there are just for your money we want to educate you on CBD and everything around the sun about CBD, what you must know and see for yourselves.

Taking the time and being diligent in our research with these reviews from Directvapor and Savage CBD products we care for the sole purpose of your health.

The companies reflect your health and what they are giving you (us) to ingest into your body like doctors with their pills, they give you that pill trying to treat one symptom and end up with more side-effects than doing any actual good for consumers.

This natural plant that grows from the dirt does more good and they try to ban it from everybody but give us liquor and pills but consider marihuana a class 1 drug in some states and countries.

Now that Donald Trumps’ Farm Bill Passed for all farmers on December 20, 2018, gave farmers the right to grow and produce more cannabis, and with this people took advantage of not doing harvesting correctly. Only for 50 states to take action on the farm bill with so many different brands to choose from (competing).

We just want to provide you all with the truth and what we think is the best companies to choose from, we provide this for you all to see first-hand.

What Vaping Helped Me With?

CBD vape juice reviews

Vaping has a vast majority of teens and adults vaping, and they want to learn how to vape or want to do research on their products.

To make sure they are receiving what they asked for (quality products).

Cannabis helps us with Anxiety and chronic pain, from a total knee replacement, helps with letting the receptors relax, with relaxing my muscles around the knee (inflammation).

Even though I can’t feel it to the touch, I cant feel inside and imagine the hurt spot and rub it, with vaping a plethora of different CBD vape juices.

We found what works and what doesn’t work.

What works for us may not work for you, but we are going to leave you with some tools that you can use while you try these products we recommend for a variety of disorders.

Maybe even just because you want to experience a new way to medicate.

We call this medicating, it does not get you high but rather leaves you with the same characteristics that THC would, but without the HIGH involved know as the (Psychoactive-effect).

This to can help anyone with a variety of things, our other articles show a majority of disorders and issues an individual may have to live with or is going through right now.

      <==Click Here To Try Pachamama Disposable vape Pens==>


You just do not have to have an underlining disorder, you can try this if you like it helps with your metabolic system and over-health digestive IG track system.

CBD promotes a good source of energy and boosts the immune system,  you will notice differences the more you use CBD, don’t go overboard, but rather in moderation and daily.

That’s Why This Review is Honest

CBD vape Juice reviews

If you got something out of this review then we’ve done our job as educators on CBD topics and everything evolved around CBD.

The article is showing you how to take care of your health, overall with self-treating doses of CBD to maintain a healthy lifestyle. CBD does not treat or cure any disease, we do not claim to be a doctor. This is strictly our own opinion on our review with results from ourselves and research.

In this CBD vape juice review, we discuss how other companies just don’t care about what their consumers think of their products.

Discussing what companies do care about what their consumers think, giving them an advantage to keeping customers coming back.

If you think that there are other great CBD companies in this industry then please share with us all what CBD company is worth, if so,t two questions.

One, do they got a good background?

Two, what do their customers think of them?

We would like to know if this article has helped you in any sort of way possible or do you know someone that would benefit from these CBD Vape Juice reviews.

Hope to see you in the next article.




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Hi, there everyone we have put this site together to help educate and relate to others that have the same pain. Your wants or needs that we overlook when it comes to CBD. We want to teach you everything there is to know about that YOU need to know the benefits that come from CBD. The brands are trusted and lab-tested to be safe and ensure the quality that is produced. the fact that come from research and science studies that are done with precision and diligence. We make sure that you get the facts first, to show you that we are dealing with the same problems. Figuring out what alternative to turn to is the hardest part of the change. It does not change anything it is managing your pain levels and taking charge to the next step to relief. Cheers, Mathew&Deloris

32 thoughts on “CBD Vape Juice Review-Honest Opinions

  1. Hi both,

    I hope you are well?
    This is a great article as it’s not just a review, you are taking the time to educate and help the reader.

    You are correct with regards to the number of unethical companies that are selling CBD that could be potentially harmful to your health.

    CBD can help with so many ailments as you mentioned above, it’s good to see people are finally realising the positive effects of CBD.

    This vape would be a good shout if someone wanted a very juicy option.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Lee,
      We would like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, CBD reviews are to help them make an educated decision about their products such as CBD.
      CBD is being made all over the world and most don’t care what they put into the mix of making tinctures or vape juice either or this can harm our customers. We’ve got to expose the truth when it comes to CBD and its power, CBD is supposed to help with many different disorders and diseases, we claim to say this does not cure or treat any disorder or disease. this is simply to provide another alternative to managing your pain through a natural-herb that is extracted by chemicals to become tinctures.
      The chemicals are what harm us and we are finding the best companies to show that there are good products and made with love to self-medicate at your own leisure.
      Thanks again.


  2. Hi Mathew and Deloris,

    This is a really honest review and it does seem that some of these companies don’t care what their customers think about their products. So, it makes me think do they care if their products cause harm to their customers?

    I will share this review with a few friends of mine who are into vaping and using CBD products. I think this will open their eyes and maybe help them to think twice on what products they buy.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great reviews.

    All the best,


    1. Tom,
      Thanks again for stopping in, and sharing your thoughts we want to say that companies do not care about the customer just if they buy it or not, we take pride in doing research for the public to see.
      There are many companies out there that are not educated on what products mix and what other products do mix like vape juice too much (PG) propylene glycol is the cause of smoke production and the nasty cough if used too much. We are saying that if the ratio in the bottle is too much then it can cause harm and if put less of you have a smooth cloud of smoke.


  3. Hi.
    First of all, allow me to ask, is Vape pen similar to e-cigarette? Or are they the same?

    Obviously, I have no idea about the topic, so I’m glad that although this blog’s main purpose is to review your recommended vape juice, yet you still talked about CBD (which I’m a little familiar with) in general.
    Therefore educating your visitors.

    Well, if I were to vape or use vape, I would choose to have CBD juice in it raher than the typical liquid flavorings (learned from Google just now) especially if you are dealing with some pain or medicating.

    1. Mina,
      Thanks for stopping in and if you are interested in learning more about CBD, we are going to lead you in the right direction of our other articles that will explain more in-depth. CBD vape juice is different and similar in the same way, vape juice is thicker and can be vaped in the same devices as an e-cigarette juice pen.
      We do hope that you will read more on this and will not have to use google search to learn it is all provided for you and will be explained in its entirety.
      Again thanks for stopping in, hope you come and read more articles thanks.


  4. Great review. What better way for vape lovers to get a dose of healthy CBD! It sounds like great products. I’ve used CBD Oil for over 3 years now and can’t live without it. I’m sure this vape gives all of the same benefits and sounds like it could be absorbed in the blood stream even quicker than drops or topicals. I would love to give this a try myself.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It’s worth a try!
    Jamie L.

    1. Jamie,
      Well, we appreciate your comment and there is no better way for us to medicate than vaping, vaping has so many benefits it and is the faster way to get absorbed into the body. If you use this sublingual(under the tongue) then it can be absorbed but not as fast making this bioavailable to your bloodstream.
      Glad to hear that you are going to give this a try, you said that you have used CBD for three years and love it, we think that it really works and want everyone to know the truth about CBD products and their power.
      The power that CBD has and we know works are amazing what it can do for us if we are in pain in any sort.
      Hope that you do come back to read more articles.


  5. Hi Mathew and Doloris!

    As usual you gave a great product review. You are right to say that (unfortunately)there are some companies not caring for their customers. When buying CBD products its highly recommendable to chose ethical seller that do inform and educate you about their products.

    Keep on the great work:)


    1. Arno,
      We thank you again for stopping in and sharing with us all, we care about our customers and what they are ingesting in their bodies CBD is a natural- plant that has been extracted to make oils.
      Other companies try to make a quick buck and we think this is not the way to grab the attention of your audience if anything this is hurting our leads and subscribers with fake CBD products or harmful products.
      We want to provide the opposite of what we described to you there are real CBD products out there its sad that you have to search for the best one on the market.


  6. That is a great review! Thank you very much! I have actually no idea about this topic, but I already tried some amount of CBD and THC, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe I took too much or too little.
    I have problems with relaxation and falling asleep. Would you mind telling me what I can do, how much I should use? I would love to know. The Vape, is it a vapor? or are you still drinking it? Or is that something that makes it possible to breathe in the CBD? I have no idea, but I would love to know more about it.
    Actually, I believe that companies are trying to provide low-quality CBD. That is something we always have to deal with. Thank you very much! And I am hoping for your reply!

    1. Sylvia,
      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your concern about CBD and how to use it, and how much of it, CBD is not complicated at all not easy to understand. Vaping is just hot vapors that are made through a battery and a cartridge to hold the CBD vape juice or e-cigarettes, it is heated to a certain temperature then inhaled to blow out thick smoke while receiving CBD characteristics.
      We do not drink it you can with warm and cold drinks mixed with CBD tinctures these will not absorb as fast as vaping CBD, but drinking it is a good way to receive the medical properties of CBD.
      Vaping is not complicated to understand you put the juice in the cartridge and connect the battery to the cartridge and push the button and make sure that the battery is charged the same way you charge a phone.
      Restless nights?


      1. Hi Matthew and Deloris, Thank you very much for the reply. Now I understand, that is the reason it is outstanding to use at night. Great explanation! I will try it and let you know how it works for me! 🙂

        1. Sylvia,

          You are welcome to stop by any time and share your thoughts with us we are going to share more articles that are going to make more sense.
          Want to reach and educate other the importance of CBD and the power it holds.
          We do hope to hear how this worked for you and how it made you feel please do share.


  7. Hey guys, thanks for sharing this review of Pachamama Grape Berry CBD Vape Juice. This seems like an ok CBD vape juice. I’m relatively new to this world so your reviews help me a lot. I understand that vaping CBD has a lot of benefits, which is why I’m interested in getting started. A curious question though. Are there any side effects of vaping CBD? Looking forward to your answer. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey there Ivan thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us again we know that you know little about CBD and want to show you that there are many benefits to vaping CBD and there are some side-effects depends on the person.
      There are also some downfalls to some individuals they can get diarrhea or even headaches if you take too much for your first time you can get sick even.
      If this is the worst side effects that come with CBD then I would say that is not bad at all. Considering that prescription drugs that these pharmacies have the side effects do more bad than good such as getting addicted to the medication and get dizzy and impaired vision.
      These side effects are not the same kind you get when you ingest CBD not even close.


  8. Nice article on vape juice. I think CBD has found some great uses and it will become a very popular product, going forward.

    Pachamama Grape Berry CBD Vape Juice seems a safe variant and I am tempted to try it out. CBD has worked for me in the past, to help alleviate some chronic back aches that I had, so I am quite a fan of the product.

    1. Aparna,
      Thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, we agree with you that CBD products are getting more popular and are doubling in shares over the next year and until 2025.
      Pachamama Grape CBD vape juice is a good CBD to use after all sorts of different activities that we use CBD for driving (traveling).
      This is perfect for us to use on the road and after long days at work and traveling, we are exhausted and ready to medicate by the time we get home, CBD is to help ease the pain in my lower back (sciatica nerve).
      Hope that you want to help alleviate some of that chronic pain soon if you still have it?


  9. Hello!

    Kudos to you for taking the time to explain what CBD is and all of it’s benefits. And especially, the fact that a lot of sellers produce crap quality CBD. I buy from my local dispensary, but good quality CBD (whether it be cartridge, tincture, flower, etc.) can be extremely hard to come by.

    Not sure if you’ve heard of this before, but I recently bought a cartridge that after smoking for a few minutes, looked like it crystalized. I did some research and found that it actually just meant that the CBD was high quality. Have you ever had this happen before?

    It is still smokable at that point! Just scared me and I almost threw a fit before looking into it haha!

    It’s nice to come across an honest opinion of CBD where you’ve done the research. Takes some of the stress of of me as a buyer! I’m interested to check out your recommendations for sure!

    1. Haley,
      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us about CBD and the way it crystallized if CBD is of quality and yes, this does happen and is still safe to vaporize if crystalized. This did scare us at first and was shocked that it happened, then we had to research this and found out that it is because of quality CBD was amazed at what it did.
      Seemed like Hunny, the same way it would if left alone, you would think that it was no good anymore but this is good still and can vape as much as you want.
      You mentioned that you receive your CBD from a dispensary so this has THC in there as well and these ratios are good to use if the pain is intolerable.
      We do get our CBD from a quality store from California called SavageCBD, and have been in business since 2015 and will listen to their customers and what they are wanting and looking for.


  10. Hi Guys. I’ve read a few of your reviews now and I must admit, you’re helping me keen abreast of some of the rapid changes within the industry. I wasn’t aware of vape juices though.

    If I’m looking to use CBD from more of a general holistic perspective, are some methods of consumption better than others in terms of extracting the benefits i.e. vaping vs gummies vs juices, etc.? Would in interested in your thoughts.

    1. Jason,
      Thanks for stopping in again and sharing your thoughts with us, we see that you would like to try other ways to medicate with CBD and these other options are perfect we write about edibles all the time.
      Tinctures are the next best way to feel the effects the fastest, we have some great material if you would like to review it.
      I think that there are many CBD products that have fewer characteristics when you use these and the way they extract will be another factor in how potent CBD can be.
      We want to know do you drink coffee, so then we have the perfect method of getting the characteristics you need and a good boost of coffee and medicated together.


  11. Hey guys appreciate this review of CBD vape juice. I’ve been looking into and interested in the effects of CBD. I have heard a lot of great things about it. My biggest thing is getting a good nights sleep, my mind is always racing at night and I am looking for something to help with helping me sleep better.

    Does CBD help with that or it is more for anxiety and inflammation as you were describing?

    Thanks for the help!


    1. Robb,
      First, we would like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, but for your question, the short answer would be yes it does work for restless nights.
      We know this will work for restless nights and to ease your mind to unwind maybe you need to unwind still and this can work if you like to vape, but we do have other methods to help you with your problem. We do know you work online all the time do you like coffee?
      If so, we have this method of CBD in coffee this can have different effects on people with one of the leveling out with the jitters if you have them, or this can give you a boost of energy.
      Thinking that this will work for you if you do like coffee.


  12. Mathew & Deloris,

    I didn’t know that Vitamin E was harmful mixed with CBD until you mentioned it in this article. What does it do when it’s mixed?

    Also, I think it’s terrible that so many people vape. I’m not sure if you do, but vaping hurt my lungs so bad. Back when vaping first came out, well, first started becoming more popular I should say, a friend of mine wanted me to vape with her. They said that it was an alternative to smoking pot and much healthier. I ended up trying it with them, and I only took a couple of vapes before something felt wrong with my lungs. I stopped after I started feeling short of breath.
    The next day, I woke up and felt like I was a smoker again and smoked an entire pack of cigs. I was short of breath and felt like my chest was just heavy. It lasted for 3 full days, even after only 2 or 3 vapes. Nothing like a bowl of pot, or even half a cig for that matter.

    I told my friends that clearly, something was wrong with vaping, but they assured me, it was natural. Now, come to find out that vaping has a chemical in it that can cause popcorn lung and it’s hurting so many young people.

    Anywho, sorry! I kind of went on a whole other story besides CBD. I’ve stuck with just the oils since vaping just hurts too much. But, I love the idea of the edibles you posted about in that other article!



    1. Katrina,
      We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with vaping and we can assure you that this vape juice is not harmful they have come a long way with vaping CBD or THC.
      This choice is not for everyone some can live with it and others can not, it comes from the company that you get it from, and most of the street corner drug store or Walgreens is not good to get.
      These companies just want to make a buck off of you, this is why they put vitamin E in CBD oil to make it go further and harming teens and adults giving us lung diseases.

      The whole point of vaping is to feel the effects faster and to be discrete in public with others not knowing what they are vaping.

      There is a health risk to your respiratory system with vaping and smoking CBD.
      Just cause it’s smoke it can cause asthma problems being hard to breathe, for long strenuous activities.
      If you use vaping for long periods of time and when it heats up too much,

      (PV) Propylene Glycerol,
      (VG) Vegetable Glycerin,

      when those two are overheated by the coil for long periods of time without changing the juice remains. Then it has a chemical reaction called carcinogenesis compounds, it is a big threat to your lungs.
      But, popcorn lung is another lung disease that people get from bad reputable companies that dint care about others and what they are ingesting into our bodies they want that many. It is a chemical that they use to heat up popcorn so it pops all the way in the bag and when they started vaping CBD companies would put that in there to make the product go longer, but harmed people.
      That is not any longer the case well in some companies they do not care about the companies that we represent and promote they care about what their consumers ingest and what they like.
      We understand that vaping is not for everyone that is why we have other products besides vaping so many to choose from, we do hope you come back.
      like to hear what you have to say if you still feel the same way or do you think that CBD products are changing more people are standing up and expressing what they like and not scared.
      This article might explain a little more about what you want to have a good mix of vape juice.


  13. Mathew & Deloris,

    I never really thought about where I had bought CBD from and whether it was a good company or not. I used to buy CBD for my older dog Annie all the time. It was the only way I could get her to sleep or relax once she reached 12 year old. Her hips bothered her a lot as well, so towards the end of her life, I was giving her a lot of CBD to help her walk. Poor girl. She was getting old at that time. I guess when I’m buying food, I pay attention to that. But it never crossed my mind with CBD. I’ll have to make sure I do some research next time I have to buy some.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Katrina,
      You can use this for your dog they have certain ones that you can give your dog you can not just give them the same thing as you, must be to the point where she is in pain. If you get it from the wrong place you may be at risk of getting bad vape juice you can get sick or your dog can potentially. Lots of these companies are getting sued for the chemicals that they put in their vape juice they don’t have much experience with vaping and just want to make a name or brand.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.


  14. Hi M&D,

    So much information here really helps with the research.
    As this would be the first alternative to me not having tried other medications, I have a question about the ‘characteristics’ referred to in ‘We call this medicating, it does not get you high but rather leaves you with the same characteristics that THC would, but without the HIGH involved know as the (Psychoactive-effect)’ under the section titled ‘What Vaping Helped Me With?’ Are you referring to the info. you presented or were there other characteristics as well?

    ~ Tina

    1. Tina,
      We like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us and what you’re referring to “What Vaping Helped Me With”, we are referring to the info and dedicated research to help others get the right information.
      My great Vapes is dedicated to helping put the real truth out there.


  15. Hey guys,
    Thank you for this reminder on how important is where to buy the CBD Vape. I guess, it’s like with everything nowadays. There are good companies who care about their customers and there are bad companies that don’t care about their customers, and only thing they do care about is their own profit. I know you have great piece of knowledge about quality of the vapes. But, do you have ONE, the most favourite one you would recommend? As it seems harder and harder to find the right one. Cheers

    1. Julius,
      Thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us on the companies that have the best quality and not quantity I would say.
      The ones that we would recommend would be the Geek vape MODs and see how they feel to you.
      We are going to recommend that you start with this and see what your taste for vapes the feel and sleek looks to it, how do you hold it in your hands, do you hold it all the time or do you have it in your pocket most of the times.


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