Can I Travel With CBD Oil-Read This Before Do

Can I travel with CBD Oil?

The short answer is yes, but allow us to explain what we’ve come up with so that you will be safe with (TSA) Transportation Security Administration and with the question can I travel with CBD Oil. You must understand that you can carry CBD with you and in luggage, but it must contain the legal amount by law and that is a 0.03% THC level or lower.

This must be hemp-derived and no THC contained in the bottle it must have proper labeling to let (TSA) know if they have any questions. The question is can I travel with CBD Oil- read this before you do.

Can I travel With CBD Oil

Fly With Caution:

In this article, we will cover the most basic question then we will dive into some more different questions such as if you can travel in a car with CBD oil as well.

To begin this topic we are hearing many ask,  “can I travel with CBD oil”, yes you can travel with CBD oil on you for carry-on bags, and checked bags.

These have restrictions on CBD oil this has to be hemp, first of all, second, it must only contain 0.03% THC within the product this is dry weight-based or has to be FDA approved.

(TSA) security officers do not check for illegal drugs or marijuana they wait till screening and if they have it on them they turn them over to law enforcement.

What Else To Know?

Yes, you can travel with CBD Oil while on the plane still and use it if you feel the sudden urge to like if you are going to get sick and barf this may calm your tummy.

If they were to find out if you had THC products it is still a federal crime to possess products that contain THC within them too much is prohibited on this travel.

Whenever you have questions that might concern your well-being in jail, I would ask if you have doubts about what you can bring if not checking here what you can bring on the plane.

But there may be other questions such as “what If I vape and use CBD oil”?

Can I Travel With CBD

Then you are going to keep this the same way with labels to specify what is in the bottle and a recipe probably would be nice if you had one if not then keep it stored.

If you need it that bad then I would suggest, just eat edibles before you get on the plane, so there will be no issue with what you have on your person, this means if you are scared. It is legal in all 50 states to buy and possess CBD hemp-derived products

What If I use edibles/ Best CBD Products to Travel With

This can be perfect it does take longer to consume and run its course to do its actual job of easing your mind and making you feel at ease.

We use these when we travel with CBD Oil we use edibles and eliminates the supposition if you are carrying CBD while you travel. More people started to travel more since they have lifted the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are more people than ever traveling and with CBD oil, on them, or in their system.

We say to use edibles if you do not do good with the law they will do nothing to you, if you have CBD oil on you, dont even have to tell them you got it.

Living in Colorado has lots of good benefits to help us and our journey to living pain-free and with having our medical licenses for marijuana our (MMJ) card.

The limits go on and on but are restrictions in place to having and possessing it on your person, we won’t get into that right now the focus is on can I travel with CBD? YES!

Can I travel with CBD

Are There Restrictions On Traveling in The Car With CBD?

Can I travel with CBD oil while I am driving and will I get in trouble the short answer is yes you can travel with CBD oil if it’s hemp-derived CBD and under the limit of 0.03% THC?

If it says “Full-spectrum CBD” it may be considered to be too high of a THC limit and may be confiscated from the cops if you were to get pulled over.

The restrictions are basically the same as (TSA) transportation security administration, you can travel domestically throughout the states and not too sure about traveling out of the USA.

You should not have to declare that you have CBD  on you, if it is under the legal limit, and you will not get into trouble if you have an open container, so that is vape oil and CBD flower mostly it is not illegal to possess and will not get into trouble.

As long as it is not THC dominant (sour diesel), then you will be fine and can travel on the highway, the byway, and skyways and use CBD it does not get you high, CBD oil does not impair your ability to drive or operate machinery.

It is legal in all 50 states.

Can I travel with CBD Oil

What should I Do If I have CBD On Me At The Time?

Can I travel with CBD oil on me, I would not be worried if you get stopped by the cops, it is legal to possess in any of the 50 states in the USA.

There are restrictions on if it contains more than the legal limit and that is 0.03% just to let you know again, so again if you have it use it and not worry.

We travel with edibles and tinctures and vapes we travel everywhere this is our job and on the way, we use CBD in all different forms that it can come in even to gummies.

Don’t worry if you do have CBD Oil, but if you have THC flower on you then eat it, THC or CBD will not hurt you, if consumed by mouth won’t even get you high it would be considered CBDA, and THCA.

Can I travel with CBD Oil


Last thoughts:

Nothing will happen to you if you have CBD Oil on you it’s legal in all 50 states and besides, they might not even smell it if you just smoked it.

Some strains have a potent smell the aroma is strong and will create suspicion to the cops, so the question goes back to can I travel with CBD Oil, YES.

No matter if you are traveling in a car on the skyways, and of course a plane you do not need to worry about getting into trouble it is legal.

If you have THC products, this can potentially be bad and depending on what state you reside in and where you are traveling.

Just want all to know that do not be scared of traveling with CBD do not let this affect you and dont treat CBD like THC or (weed) most call it.

You are thinking of traveling with CBD then you will want to bring other CBD products with you along the way so this will not be a problem either.

If you have ever got stopped by the cops with CBD while you were traveling in, or out of the USA, then please share with us down at the bottom and what happened we all liked to know.

In this article of can I travel with CBD Oil we want to show you there should be no fear in this and if you are not worried then, we want to show you the best CBD Oil products to travel with.

If you have any other questions that you would like to see answered then don’t hesitate to drop them at the bottom as well it helps to see other opinions.

Can I travel with CBD


(TSA) transportation Security Administration, Medical Marijuana.

Rossi, A. (Feb 2, 2020), Can You Travel with CBD Oil? What’s the Best Kind?

Can You Travel with CBD Oil? What’s the Best Kind?

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24 thoughts on “Can I Travel With CBD Oil-Read This Before Do

  1. M & D,

    This is great information to have. I actually wasn’t sure if you can travel with CBD, but now I know you can. I especially like that you can take it in gummy form as well. I’ve always been a fan of the edible versions vs the liquid form, only because I don’t like the flavor a whole lot. The liquid form kicks in faster, so in some cases, I don’t really care, but I prefer the edible kinds nonetheless.

    I also didn’t know that it was legal in all states, so that’s good information. CBD does wonders for the body, especially during times of high stress and feeling ill. So, I’m glad that some of the more conservative states don’t look at it the same as Marijuana.

    Thanks for sharing this information!


    1. Katrina,
      Thanks for responding to our article we are glad that you found this relevant to you with not knowing if you can travel with CBD or not but, yes you can travel with CBD and carry it in any form.
      We do like edible as in (gummies) these seem to be tasty and last longer than vaping, we use vape at night and throughout the day.
      I know that this is going to help with people that travel all the time like us and not want to be bothered by the cops, you will not get in trouble with CBD these decriminalized it.
      The liquid form (tinctures) is another form of medicating and getting the relief you need to proceed through the day and with my bum knee and it will take the edge off severely.
      Thanks again for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us and letting us know how relevant it is to you.


  2. M&D,

    Thanks for posting about the legalities of traveling with CBD! It can be a difficult logistic to handle especially since each state has its own rules regarding THC and CBD products. When it comes to the TSA I liked your suggestion to simply ask about the guidelines to ensure safe passage through the airport to your destination. Perhaps also, reading more about the dos/don’ts with CBD is necessary to ensure the best outcomes. Thanks for your post!

    1. Robert,
      we agree with you o learning the dos/and don’ts with CBD there are so many but the main thing you need to know when traveling with CBD is that it’s not illegal if it’s under 0.03%. If it says full-spectrum, then it’s more than likely there will be more THC in there than any other kind of CBD product out there but is safe to say they are still under the legal limit. everyone must understand that there will still be traces of THC in there it won’t ever be pulled out, but the levels are safe enough and won’t get you in trouble for it.
      Must watch out for those companies that still have the full amount of THC within the product still, look at the labels that should tell you everything you need to know.


  3. It never crossed my mind about TSA and CBD! I’m glad to know it is safe and legal to travel with my CBD. I can’t live without it! I would be so devastated if I were to travel and TSA took my stash. I think now that you posted this article more and more people will be traveling with their CBD. Very informative! Thanks!

    1. jamie,
      Well there are more and more people that want to travel and that do use CBD there are not many restrictions on handeling CBD it is bad to have it in public at all its not a crime. (TSA) will have more rules to follow when flyin and travleing domestically with THC, but CBD is not a problem if it is less than 0.03% CBD. We want to ensure that everone that is flying, or even traveling by car will not have not issues when you wan to medicate and use CBD when and how you want.
      The rules with TSA are put into place to prevent people from bringing on whatever they want, unless you want the cops waiting for you when you land than we suggest you only take CBD products you dont even have to announce you have it.


  4. Now without a doubt, I will travel back to my city with my CBD oil.
    It is very important to know cause I never did take to ask people if it is legal & now this came to me. I’m so glad you did share this. thanks for the good info!


    1. Venche,
      We like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us on how you did not know the rule and regulations and now you do it and be used to your advantage. Hope that you come back soon to see the new articles surrounding this one but more education for us to teach others.


  5. An interesting article guys. Good to see there is also a consistent approach across all states in the U.S. It’s easy to foresee however that there will still be challenges with traffic stops as law enforcement officers will no doubt have different attitudes. Overseas travel is still an issue though – all in good time I guess.

    Thanks for sharing. You’ve got some really informative and up to date content so I’ve been using your site as a reference guide. Nice work.

    1. Jason,
      Thanks again for stopping in we are glad to hear that you are using our website as a guide to reference and learn new things, but most of all the traffic stops are sometimes difficult there is always that one officer that dont agree. With the power of the new laws, we are protected but only for CBD products, not THC. If an officer wanted to be kill buzz then he would just take it and you into they figured it out and then let you go we agree with you on this over-seas is still rough to get by.


  6. hi,

    great information here for those that may be worried about travelling with CBD.

    It still is a little murky regarding how lenient the authorities will be for the possession of CBD. Even though it is legal, you still run the risk of it being confiscated.

    In my opinion, I would travel without it and buy some more when I’m at the place I’m going to.
    Hopefully, this would save any issues you may have on the plane or in transit anywhere.

    Thanks for the advice as ever.

    1. Lee,
      Thanks for stopping in again and sharing your thoughts with us on what you would do, you would just leave your CBD at home and get new CBD where ever you were going. We agree with you on this if the person does not feel safe driving with it then use edibles and or just dont worry about it because it might get confiscated anyway. But to be on the safe side you would suggest leaving it and getting new CBD at the place you at already.
      We travel with CBD all the time and have not a problem with the cops smelling it or even asking us questions if you want you can get the trees that you hang on your mirrors and let that take the smell away if it is strong. All suggestions are wise and hope that others take them seriously when the time does come just make sure it is not THC either or higher than 0.03% THC.


  7. Hey guys, thanks for sharing this post! I was wondering whether or not I can travel with CBD in my luggage. I’ve read several sites so far and found out that there are different laws from country to country. It seems like everyone has their own law. However, this post has cleared some doubts for me. Thanks! I will be referring to your post some more because there’s a lot of info here. Any ideas on how much CBD can you travel with in the EU?

    1. Ivan,
      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us we did find out that in the EU almost all small countries are legal to have no matter what. You are safe the possess as long as it’s under 0.03% THC. It is just harder to get food products and we do hope that you found this informational and see which CBD products we recommend trying while you are on the road.
      The best part is that you will be safe while you drive if this is a concern in your quest to travel across the country or countries.


  8. It is interesting to read about it, know the legalities behind it. I have never questioned if you could travel with CBD. Good to know as there is always some one closer to us that this information can be useful. Very detailed article with all the main points highlighted and well written. Easy to understand even for someone that is not close to it. Well done.

    1. Hi, there thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, we agree that most do not think about it and travel with CBD or THC products like it’s nothing. For those that do have the question at hand, this will guide them to make an informed decision if they would like to travel with CBD or TCH products and if so they will have A guide to do so.
      We are targeting the ones that do have doubt about traveling on air-lines or by car or boat whatever they choose they will be informed and educated to make that choice.
      We did work hard on this article so that many can see there are no rules unless it’s over 0.03% THC.
      Since you travel with CBD with no question we are going to offer you a one-time code of 50% off first-time buyers such as yourself we want to make everyone happy so this is our gift to you.


  9. Hi M&D,

    Thanks for this article. Now I understand that we can travel with CBD oils, but there are some regulations that we need to take into considerations. I also like the photo that you attached here called CBD gummies, which is my first time to know this product. I used to hear that edible versions last longer than vaping, so it’s my top pick after reading your article & will purchase them in the future.


    1. Matt,
      We thank you for coming to our website and finding it in good faith with knowing you can be safe when you travel with CBD and with us giving you good options to choose such as CBD Gummies. We do have an article oh how to make CBD gummies yourself at home it is simple and easy and a fun project to do there are videos to watch hope you enjoy.
      Again thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, if you found it to be usefull pass it on to someone who you know will use it or benefit from this not a must, just want to help others if we can.
      Sparing our time for resaerch so others can learn and get educated about what CBD can do for you and me.
      Yes it is true that you feel the affects longer than smoking it.


  10. Interesting article guys, I have been curious about this in the past. However I see you touch on all 50 states, but what about international travel. There are many countries in the world that even a trace of thc in your system can have you locked up for years in prison. I realize there is no thc in cbd oil, but curious how these countries react to finding oil in your luggage, etc?

    1. Robb,

      We understand that you would like to know more of what other countries think about CBD and THC well, I no in the EU they are alright with CBD as long as it is under 0.03% THC.
      There will always be traces of THC in CBD but depends on how much is in there and if there is more then they confiscate it from you and might even give you charges.
      We are going to find out more information about other countries besides the USA and the EU countries, we are doing research for you as we speak.
      “To look at cannabis as a whole, some countries in South America have legalized medical marijuana. This includes Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile, as seen in this handy Latin America Post article.”

      We hope this helps and we will do another article regarding other countries, and what they think of CBD and THC in their countries, but most will expect the CBD to be under 0.01% THC levels dry weight.


  11. Thank you for this post.

    I really never knew there were risk associated with traveling with CBD to some extend.
    I also did not that something as simple as Full-spectrum CBD could make your CBD an issue with cops when you are traveling.
    I will be more cautious when using these now ha ha.

    1. Thabo,
      We are glad that you found this article interesting and with the cops thinking it will be THC within the product they may confiscate it from you and may prosecute you in some countries.
      In the USA you are fine and should not be messed with, but some states are still not letting CBD be in the states at all.
      And still is looked down on and will not be decriminalized for any reason in the near future, but more than likely they will join the rest of the states it can not be stopped.
      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with all of us. until next time.


  12. Up and until I read this article I never thought I could travel with CBD oil. Having been stopped at Dubai Airport with prescription Codeine (for Chronic Back Pain) and threatened with arrest if I was unable to produce a letter from the Doctor (which I was), I am now super cautious of flying with anything other than Asprin.

    I think your wise article and the “be cautious” approach is probably the best course of action.
    Here in the UK we do not have “Medical Marijuana” it is illegal to use or to have a small amount for your own use with or without a letter from your Doctor, CBD oil is still a thorny issue and years behind the US in terms of herbal pain relief. The clarity you have been able to provide has given me more confidence and hope that one day we will be able to move freely throughout Europe with this benign and helpful oil.
    I still struggle with chronic back pain and I really like the idea of edibles as an alternative.

    Thank you for taking the time to document a much head-scratching issues with answers.


    1. Cordelia,
      We would like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts on whether I can travel with CBD or not and some countries are illegal and shunned. We have seen that lots of people from other countries are having a hard time with CBD products they must be under 0.01 percent such as the UK. Doing our diligence and research on other countries, so others can experience no pain for one night, they might appreciate it more than those prescribed pills opiates.
      I can’t understand why the government would want you to take those pills rather than giving you a natural plant Im not saying it is a miracle but it can take the edge off, just like pills.
      We used to take pills for three years and realized we didn’t need them I could get prescribed medical marijuana at the store and not get into trouble and even grow our own source of plants.
      But, we would not want anyone else to risk this if they can not afford to get into trouble, they should not care if they got it through the mail or hipped to them from CBD stores.
      Understanding the pain levels of chronic pain constant pinching and pulling in our legs and sciatica nerve is hard to control.


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