Are Hemp Leaves Nutritious- Find 5 Unique Facts

are hemp leaves nutritious

Would you ever think, are hemp leaves nutritious in our diet and why? Can we benefit from eating hemp leaves?

In this article, you will find 5 unique facts about why hemp leaves contain: Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron.

The word hemp refers to (Cannabis), a Sativa female plant that produces flowers and holds significant unique compounds over 113 and specific vitamins within those flowers.

See what other true benefits are within hemp leaves. Keep reading and see if you think differently about hemp and marijuana at the end.


Fact #1

Are hemp leaves nutritious for our diet? Below is a short list of examples.

  • Hemp material makes rope, durable clothing, biofuel, shoes, paper, and insulation.
  • Hemp Contains Tetrahydrocannabinoids (THC) in limited amounts depending on strains and genetics.
  • Raw cannabis holds beneficial everyday life proteins and minerals.
  • Cannabis contains more proteins than lettuce.
are hemp leave nutritious

Hemp is understudied because it is Federally illegal in the United States, and in certain states and countries, they are allowed to possess a Medical Card.

Find out what states those are here.

How much protein do hemp leaves have?

Is raw hemp leaves an excellent source of protein? Keep reading and find out how many different proteins and vitamins are in raw hemp leaves.

Can you eat hemp leaves besides kale and get the nutrients you need?

Are hemp leaves nutritious, as they claim?

The Short answer is YES!

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Fact #2

Just how much protein is in hemp leaves?
Some ranges vary on strains and genetics 9.47g.
Are hemp leaves nutritious? Raw cannabis leaves could be the world’s leading source of protein.
are hemp leaves nutritious

Hemp Plant leaves contain Nine essential amino acids, enzymes, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, Flavinoids, phytocannabinoid acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, and terpenes.

Stalks, stems, and seeds contain essential vitamins and minerals that provide an excellent source of protein.

Carbohydrates, Water, vitamins, fat, folate, Zinc, Magnesium, calcium, sodium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Are hemp leaves nutritious learn what dried leaves will do for your health?

What is the Difference Between Raw and Dried Hemp Leaves?

You can purchase raw or dried hemp leaves from stores around the USA and other countries.

Find out the facts about raw and dried cannabis leaves below.

Are hemp leaves nutritious if dried or raw?

They will show their true properties either way.

RAW cannabis leaves are non-psychoactive and contain over nine essential oils hemp holds viable properties.


What other benefits are contained within cannabis leaves?

  • Nutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Fact #3

Raw cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in your system better when consumed raw.

Raw cannabis contributes to the maintenance of health and restoration of our bodies.

It is better to consume raw leaves rather than smoke cannabis flowers.

The main difference is when Raw hemp leaves are dried, they destroy the primary nutrients and vitamins of the leaf.

During the drying process of raw cannabis leaves, it breaks down through decarboxylation.

Dried hemp leaves are beneficial to our health but are less when dried.

When CBD hemp is dried (decarboxylated), it turns from CBDA to CBD. A chemical change in the decarboxylation process activates CBD and TCH compounds.

People prefer raw cannabis because it holds non-psychoactive properties, unlike its psychoactive cousin, THC.

Aside From Essential Nutrients, what Else Is In HEMP?

Did you ever think are hemp leaves nutritious in our daily regimens?

When it comes to cannabis, plenty of health benefits and nutrients are used in our day-to-day lives.

We will discuss more beneficial compounds found in leaves, stalks, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Which were found in other plants such as fruits and vegetables; phytocannabinoids are a disease-fighting compound and are not found in other plants but only in cannabis.

Fact #4

  • Phytocannabinoid derived- acids– are bioactive natural products in flowering plants that help with pain, anti-inflammatory, and different cancers cannabis raw hemp interacts with our endocannabinoid receptors CB1, and CB2 receptors, depending on the levels in each plant and genetics. To help the cannabis plant fight off diseases, which are compounds. Which is also known as CBDA and THCA. These are in their natural state; when heated and decarboxylated become activated, psychotropic THC and CBD are therapeutic when used together.
  • Terpenes- To learn More about terpenes, click here.

The main question is, are hemp leaves nutritious in our daily lives?

Can Vegans Use Raw Cannabis Leaves?

Can you use hemp leaves for veganic diets? YES or NO?

How many companies use chemicals tossed into their weekly feeding schedule, or do they use other regimens besides bone meal and bloodworms?

Depending on your parameters regarding veganism, you should not just eat any weed or cannabis plant you see.

Can you use hemp leaves as a daily benefit to your health? Are more people adding hemp leaves to their diets?

Dried Leaves

Using worm compost, such as worm tea, can be an excellent place to start when you want your cannabis leaves to be all-natural and Organic. Along with plant feed with cannabis hemp leaves.

When it comes to hemp leaves, does it mean you are being vegan?

No, It does not mean you are vegan if you eat raw hemp leaves.

You can pick the best hemp leaves by knowing if that grower used an organic regimen to cultivate marijuana.

Depending on the strain, breed, and genetics, you will receive multiple therapeutic effects when cultivating different strains, like Sativa or Indica.

Find out the difference between Sativa and Indica leaves.

Did you know that cannabis can have many pesticides and chemicals unknown to your health when consumed?

Fact #5

YES, your hemp leaves can be veganized if you know where your cannabis comes from; if not, you may not be consuming chemicals.

NO, it’s not vegan if your dispensary has other chemicals used to grow hemp leaves or flowers.

Using cannabis as dark leafy green diets like kale or seaweed, like any health drink, smoothies, or juicing, can be an excellent addition to your daily eating habits.

What Will THC leaves Do To Me?

THC or CBD leaves can affect you only if they are decarboxylated, but that does not mean hemp leaves are not suitable for our health.

THC leaves are full of nutritional benefits that can help with critical health rewards in the end.

Eating a green cannabis leaf or adding it to your daily diet will not automatically be stoned or (high). Understanding how the plant works can save you a headache and benefit everyone’s health.

are hemp leaves nutritious

Vegans are starting to understand how the marijuana plant works. Scientists understudy the plant because it is illegal federally and around the world.

More states are joining hands and getting on board with turning their state into Medical Marijuana States.

Are hemp leaves nutritious to us? THC can be added for more benefits.

Dark Leafy materials such as cannabis leaves are born and integrated into many people’s lives. They are high in protein and rich in vitamins B and C.

Last Words:

Are hemp leaves nutritious to our diets? We discussed 5 unique facts that are beneficial to our daily lives.

When it comes to raw hemp leaves and knowing the benefits, we are all in and confident that if you added these green leaves to any smoothie or juice, it could benefit you.

You can use raw cannabis material leaves in your diet. Natural hemp leaves are better than lettuce and kale; hemp leaves have three times more protein than seaweed.

Do you juice or drink smoothies? If you do, you may want to try this new dark green leaf you learned about today called hemp leaves.

If you are vegan, Do you check your cannabis before purchasing at the dispensary?

In the comments below, we would like to know your preference regarding strains, tastes, and flavors.

We want to understand better what others like regarding hemp leaves or THC.





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  1. Thanks for the information. I didn´t know that cannabis can be a nutritious substitute for other plants: Good to know!
    Take care

    1. Thimo,
      We thank you for your time and for sharing your thoughts with us. Cannabis Does have so many great facts to learn and understand.


  2. An interesting article but which still leaves me a bit in the dark in relation to the connection between hemp, CBD and cannabis/marijuana the latter normally being prohibited to users around the world. Here in Australia doctors can usually only prescribe CBD to people suffering extreme pain such as cancer patients. You cannot purchase the products at retail outlets, only through pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription

  3. Hey guys, thanks for another useful, knowledge-full, and learning post. There are a lot of (health) benefits from THC or CBD leaves. Not so many people are aware of them. The government will keep it illegal, not because it is not healthy, but because it stopped their “drug business”. I mean, we could see it during the COVID pandemic. What was happening around the world, was an obvious sign that government is happy to be using (promoting) drugs that they liked (earn money from it ) and not what can actually help people. Keep your great work. Cheers

  4. Thanks for this article. I just started taking CBD with THC gummies for pain, I just broke my foot and found out I have osteoporosis. I’d like to see an article on how to be sure I am purchasing a quality product because the prices are different. Also, why do I get dry mouth when eating a CBD gummy and CBD with THC?

    1. Mary,
      We like to thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with us, the prices are different because everyone charges differently depending on how good the product is.
      And for the cotton mouth, when you use THC with CBD, it makes you have red eyes or cotton mouth or sleepy.
      These are normal side effects of THC.

      That is awesome to hear that you use CBD with THC. You should check out our other articles to see what you are missing.

      Let us know how the articles are and if you learned how to make gummies or brownies.


  5. Very interesting! So, a raw leaf has more nutrients than a dried leaf. But what if the leaf dried naturally, let’s say it dried by itself while still on the plant? Does it still have the same nutrients as a raw leaf or not?
    It’s amazing that they have all 9 amino acids, pretty unique, the only other plant that I have known of that has all 9 amino acids is the pea. It’s definitely worth it adding hemp leaves to our diets.

    1. Christine,
      We like to thank you for revisiting our website. And to answer your question about a dried-up leaf on the plant, it would not be the same when it is RAW. There are more nutrients when it’s raw material.
      It is worth adding to your diet because there are more nutrients than lettuce, and compared to a pea is another prime example that is worth comparing. With nine amino acids, it’s going to be worth taking a second read about raw hemp leaves when you hear how much hemp leaves can support your healthy diet.


  6. Making a search for nutritional facts of hemp leaves I didn’t think I was going to find much. Instead I found your very thorough post. Nicely done. Exactly what I was looking for.

    1. Eric,
      We like to thank you for your time in sharing your thoughts and are glad that you found what you needed. Glad to hear that you found our website online and found what you needed.


  7. Very informative information as always, thank you!
    A wonderful product with many benefits, I wonder why did the keep it from us for so long?
    Could there be a hidden agenda?
    I am using it also with great success.

    1. Estelle,
      We are glad you found our website, and we do not understand why the government hides the Truth about marijuana.
      Glad to see that you are using CBD and THC to medicate and not in pain.


  8. Hi MnD, So I’ve seen quite a few protein powders recently that use Hemp seeds. I was aware that they might be a source of protein but never really looked any more into it but good to read this article to learn more. Besides this, I did hear some things about making smoothies with hemp leaves. I wouldn’t actually mind trying myself as a health kick. I also like your suggestion for growing organic hemp. It’s true that so many plant-based foods can become contaminated in production. One field growing GMOs or using pesticides next to a field that isn’t can contaminate the other field by the pollen blowing about in the wind I think.

  9. I really did not know that a raw cannabis leaf has more nutrients than lettuce and is enriched with proteins and minerals. This is a very useful informative article and I’m sure many will benefit from it as it did me. I have to try the smoothie juice 🙂 Keep up the good work and I wish you success and good health 🙂

  10. Super interesting facts about hemp leaves! Thank you for this information. I was very surprised to discover how nutritious hemp leaves are. WoW! Great to know now that natural hemp leaves have 3 times more protein than seaweed. I certainly consider adding them to my diet as I am a fitness guru who needs a lot of protein!

    1. Anne,
      We are glad to add to your knowledge as you are a fitness guru and need a lot of protein. There is a lot of protein in raw hemp leaves, and we want others to know what vitamins people consume.


  11. It is unbelievable how the same leaf can do so much good but if processed differently can do harm as well.

    I used to put hemp seeds in my breakfast indeed because I heard how healthy they are but I have never realised that these seeds are healthier than kale!

    Thank you for this informative article and for reminding me to start having these seeds again 🙂

    1. Tatiana,
      We are glad that you made it to our website. We have to say that CBD seeds are healthy, and raw hemp leaves are as well. There is great potential when you take both THC and CBD products.
      We hope to see you come back to us.


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