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Hi, There our names are Mathew and my Wife, Deloris, We have built this website to get the best vapes and many beneficial products that are already chosen for you, and know that we are adding to our site, always staying updated. We put together the best vaping material and the CBD to put in it with everything needed to know about it.

We want to try to educate the people more on the natural ways to manage your pain and the way you do things from day to day.

There is so much more to look at then there was before we have handpicked the best ones that we think would benefit the needs of others.


We have taken the time to go out and look for the best quality and did the homework for you all. We like to think that this is the hard part of it all and it’s done now.

There should not be a problem with picking the wrong one, so take your time we are here to help and answer questions.

Were we live and where we come from there is nothing in town AT ALL I mean the “population is very low”, a small place so its hard to find things except online the only thing that everyone is on so why not.CBD Leaves


Give It A Chance

We want to give you all the insight of our website Vaping and Much more off firsthand, and what it’s all about this is our first time trying to teach others all about vaping and CBD we love it.

And want to be the first to say that we want to gain your trust and let you see how we came to creating this website

https://mygreatvapes “DOT” com

We figure we want to give you guys the things that don’t hurt your body.  Compared to those other addictive products on the shelves at stores, this is all-natural ways.

This is more of a clean way of doing things then all of those pain pills that the doctor tries to give you and… Well, we want to discuss more of this later, please Keep reading & look around!

 And we want to express how thankful we are for you all we want your help and inspiration from all of you.

There is going to be more to come and updates of the Great Vapes and More.

Please tell us how we can make things better along the way and experience great people here and Reviews that’s all we ask please tell others about us if you like what you see.

We want you to share the Great Vapes and More with YOU ALL!! And Educate.

Take This With You

But if you guys have any questions please ask them and we will be more than willing to help out. Also if you guys just want to look around until you feel the time is rite.

Then you are more than welcome to look around and come back and always see what’s new and updated and catch up with everything bring a friend with you. We really hope that you have enjoyed this as much as we did. There are so many articles that we have done so far this is a place to learn about vaping and all about CBD all in one of how its made to the way you consume it.

Thanks for the ear hope to hear from you all soon enough.


Thank You All,


Founder of Great Vapes

2 thoughts on “About Great Vaping”

  1. Dear Matthew,

    I`m completely new to CBD so this was a learning from a zero start for me. Fascinating. Moat interesting to learn that CBD helps with considerable pain, anxiety/stress and for people struggling to sleep. So CBD comes from Hemp? Not from Marijuana. Did I get that clear? And it doesn`t make you high?

    Assuming the answer is no. And I think that is what I understand from your post, then I fully agree with you, and would use it myself to manage pain if I can order some.
    I fully agree with you that antibiotics are harmful to the good bacteria in our bodies, so if CBD is another “alternative remedy” to manage pain, stress and insomnia, then count me in!

    Please excuse the tangent but did you know that Southern Mexico used to make ropes from Hemp before plastic ropes became popular?.

    Thank you for introducing me to CBD and helping to explain, in this fascinating post the benefits of CBD. Now, where can I get some?

    • Trevor,
      We are sorry we did not see that you wrote here we thought you wrote in the WA platform, But yes this can not get you high it has at least 0.03% TCH in there and likely not enough to make you feel the effects of the TCH only CBD compounds.
      The best place to get them is here you can look within and we have so many different types and styles, there is something for everyone whether you’re a beginner and don’t know what you are doing. To people that know what they are doing and can search for the things, they might need such as coils and batteries, and other cartridges for the mod you have or just replace the old with the new.
      We are sorry that we did no get back to you in time and we apologize for that and there is a 15% discount for you in the this link
      If you have any other problems please don’t hesitate to email or leave a comment again we will get back to you.



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