About ADHD And CBD- Facts And Fiction


This is not unheard-of in adults and teens and kids, we want to help others understand about ADHD and CBD- facts and fictions about this disorder. ADHD (Attention-deficit-hyperactive-disorder), the meaning can be defined as someone with a mental disorder that has impulsive actions with behaviors that make you feel on edge and hard to pay attention to what is going around them.

Fact’s That HappenAsk questions about ADHD and CBD

  • ADHD can have an impact on you such as having jittery hands and can not stand still and have so much unexpected energy that makes you act out at times. Overly active and some might feel nervous or look nervous but not at all, paying attention one thing at a time is hard to do they can be everywhere. Those that learn to cope with this can get more done with the energy they have and focus it right.
  • It’s hard to pay attention to projects at work can’t focus on the right things that you may need to, At school may be hard to focus on the teacher. The homework becomes hard to do because you have not an idea of what they have said during class activities at school becomes harder. This leads to impulsive behaviors and on edge with others, which can result in bad grades and missing classes.
  • Adults can have a hard time at work paying attention to what needs to be done in a timely matter that every job expects from you quality work.

If you, have ADHD and have not dealt with it and want to? keep reading and see for yourself what you can do to cope with such conditions you live with every day.


Ways To Cope With ADHD

There are ways to deal with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) you must learn time management skills to manage the time in a day. Have a planner that you stick to and carry with you to make plans all the time.

  • What we do is we have sticky notes everywhere so that we stay on track to the next thing we have them from the bathroom to the refrigerator. We have learned to deal with the way we are and find alternate routes that we take to make our lives work and (“CBD”) is one of the tricks we use.
  • This is just the beginning we have learned to manage our lives it is hard to cope with these everyday struggles we encounter. The sticky notes really keep you in line we are organized and have created this system to make things work in our busy lives we/ and or everyone has.

Meditate comes after you learn to handle the coping skills of being able to pay attention to one thing at a time and not soADHD and CBD scattered.

ADHD How Long Does This Affect Me?

The truth is if you have been diagnosed with ADHD then you are not going to get rid of this at all you must learn to handle your situations better by being impulsive with others or yourself. Have you not dealt with this then you may want to consult with your doctor to set up a plan.

  • The plan may put you on medication dealing with ADHD specifically, and in this case, can have effects of looking like a zombie and not wanting to do anything. This has made me feel like I really did not want to do anything at all and just “be left alone don’t talk to me” type of attitude. I was not myself and knew that I had to get off of them and find other alternatives that fit my needs and have effects that I can handle.

Medication in our eyes is not the way to handle this unless it is so severe that you have to take this, to make you at least focus for one day. But other than this don’t recommend medication to anyone it made me feel not myself actually got me depressed and has always been bright and upitty. This is who I am and have learned to cope with this in many ways that have helped me stay on track and focused.

Do I have To Change The Way I Think?

Change my thinking

No, you don’t have to change the way you think, only the way you act on them, and the impulsiveness has to be managed right. Thus, can get you into trouble if not dealt with. You must slow-down and think of what is going on, or what they have said to you “teacher/parents/bosses”.

Must not be impulsive acting out your behaviors and do things you will possibly regret.

Dealing with ADHD can be a lifetime pursuit but this can change and be dealt with by yourself it is as hard as you must learn to gain control. Gaining control of the situation or your thoughts can be positive outcomes and not result in negative consequences.

Once in-control the next step is to guide your thought process to act/or react to situations on the things that are important and not on impulsively.


CBD & How It Help’s ADHDHow It Helps ADHD and CBD

CBD (Cannabinoid) know as the cousin of Marijuana (THC), has come so far to help others with disorders and many others use it to stay healthy. Individuals that use CBD expect results and continue to use these products that have value that others don’t see. Or believe in?

ADHD can take over people’s lives if allowed. DON’T ALLOW IT.

Tinctures are what we want to introduce you all to and the way it works.

Many uses (CBD) to cope with ADHD as well as (THC) have effective effects on many and finding results in the more you use the product. This can calm you down and allow you to think more clearly and about what comes next instead of being scatterbrain and everywhere.

It’s like boggle you have the words in place than to just get shaken up and new ideas come so quickly, it’s hard to keep up with thoughts.

It can change so fast in the blink of an eye new thoughts come in sometimes overwhelming, hard to keep in your thoughts long enough to remember but end up forgetting.

Most ADHD individuals forget where they put things after they set them, down with ADHD their mind is going a hundred miles an hour.


Learn To Control Urges OF ADHD

  • The impulse of moving so much is hard also to pay attention for spans of time this can be helped with talking with a parent or even a doctor.
  • There are other regimes that help with urges to speaking out in turn blurting out at others, not Tourette syndrome but ADHD is hard to control at a young age with no help.
  • When you grow up with ADHD you learn to cope with the disorder, the plan you have always followed can be turning out good for you or can be a disaster. If the routine contains things such as schedules and planners managing time, this can help with forgetfulness and uneasiness.
  • CBD Tinctures can really help with the urges of being twenty places at once and you can only be at one for the moment it is proven to work through many successful stories. Look at how many kids it has helped with Epileptic seizures to Scoliosis, Autism & ADHD.
  • Helps improve teen’s and kid’s health if they are having disorders that you do not want them taking pills that can be so addicting in the end and have more complications. This will not cure your disorder at all we do not claim to make this take your problems away but rather a natural remedy.
  • Individuals that use CBD (Cannabidiol) can empathize with you and relate to the same things that most of us are going through and not talking about it. We are here to educate all in this natural medicine that has profound characteristics that pills don’t have.

Don’t feel that you are left to fend for yourself and not known or understand what you can be dealing with in the future if left untreated. The longer you leave ADHD untreated or thought of the more you will be that one, that can’t sit still with a natural reflex of moving and fidgety. Learn to control the urge to focus.2018 Farmers Bill

  • FDA products approved in 2018 calling it the (Farmers Bill) they have made this so that others can be treated with CBD and get the need meet from actual doctors. This was approved to treat two rarest disorders of epilepsy and is made solely for that purpose but others have found other disorders that help as well. Researchers find more and more things that CBD can help with along with (CBG).


These have tremendous impacts on people’s health and the way they do things every day this is to give you the stability of the brain allowing you to think about thought at a time. By taking CBD tinctures every day one once in the morning and start with that.

Then you feel to see if the regimen is working so that you can establish the amount that is suitable for your needs sometimes it could be more for the day. But then you take it again in the evening when you are working or doing activities that you need to stay focused on.

Being focused can change the way you do things through the day of getting projects done in timely matter meeting deadlines better.

  • The best thing that you don’t have to ever worry about is that you will never feel the psychoactive effect that you feel with THC.THC FREE

But the last tincture that you take is at night before you go off to bed so that you can stay asleep as well for the whole night.

  • If you have not taken this before then you are going to want to try this right away in the daytime so that you can recognize what you feel and how you feel at the time. This should be working but not as fast have to give it time to go through the digestive system to process right. If you inhale this it has the fastest effect on your body. Tincture work just as good that why you take it ahead of time and almost a schedule in place would be beneficial.

If your ADHD disorder is severe enough and needs other medication to keep you in line then we suggest that you consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

ADHD is a mental illness and needs to be talked about and brought up more from the community so that others can feel more comfortable getting help. It’s best to understand ADHD so that you can learn quickly if your teen has this or even at the young age of 7 to 10 years old. It can be treated but will not ever go away it just gets better with time if you ask questions or starts to read your body language.

When Will My Impulsiveness Deplete?

Dealing with it at firsthand can give you a head start rather than waiting for someone to tell you to get help this can improve your social skills and time management skills.

These will deplete the sooner you learn that you must live with ADHD than you gain control of the situation, this will not be easy but can be done with help.

At times, you will have the urge to misbehave or slip back to old ways learning from what works to what doesn’t work is a lifetime process.

  • Now that you are diagnosed with ADHD and do not want to take medication for this and want to discover new alternatives to dealing with ADHD. Lots of people use CBD natural remedies that end up not putting it down because it either works or they love the wonderful effects that come from CBD.

You must learn to manage your impulses and focus on the main things that need to be and not other things.


Fiction attributes that others believe

Many believe that ADHD individuals have no coping skills and can not focus for more than a few minutes?

  • That is not the case they can hold great conversations and are creative thinkers their mind is going a hundred miles a minute thus making them better thinkers and creators. They have the ability to be artistic and function without medication but have a hard time finishing things. Learn to manage this then you can have more projects to focus on and finish faster without disturbance from distractions.
  • This is not due to bad living: meaning unhealthy diets and eating sweets such as junk food does not contribute to this disorder at all. But the living situations can make this worse if you have no room to move around the way you need but not the cause of ADHD.


  • The ones that handle ADHD every day are great planners and organizers with many fantastic ideas to come up with on the fly. Can be great in unpredictable situations and can think fast to get out quickly enough if needed rather than others that react slowly to situations. Also, ADHD individuals that are in relationships tend to be more loving and can hold a relationship with a plan in place to set out future behaviors.

Last Thoughts

Where does ADHD come from or how is it formed and why.

People and kids with ADHD and CBD help to calm down how I know I’m a victim of ADHD and this is hard to deal with. Been part of my life and learned to deal with it and have to contain myself, but the power of THC and CBD has allowed me to calm down.

Researchers say that this has lots to do with genetics and genes from the parents and how they are related to all this ADHD disorder. Research has shown that pregnancy has a big part from

  • Drinking Alcohol and using drugs while pregnant.
  • Premature babies
  • low weight birth.
  • Tobacco use

These are all parts contributing to ADHD these are not the only reasons.

Brain damage can cause this and with your help can get better the more you work at it.

This situation can get better but not be cured at all the more you manage the way you move in life will result you making better life decisions of being impulsive at the wrong moments. We hope that we left you with anything that resonated in your head, we can think of the one thing that we use (CBD).

Get educated in the things that you want to take on in life and go all the way with self-treatment.

We thank you for the ear that you have provided and we hope to hear others comment on what they think about ADHD and CBD- Facts and fiction, of this disorder.




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Hi, there everyone we have put this site together to help educate and relate to others that have the same pain. Your wants or needs that we overlook when it comes to CBD. We want to teach you everything there is to know about that YOU need to know the benefits that come from CBD. The brands are trusted and lab-tested to be safe and ensure the quality that is produced. the fact that come from research and science studies that are done with precision and diligence. We make sure that you get the facts first, to show you that we are dealing with the same problems. Figuring out what alternative to turn to is the hardest part of the change. It does not change anything it is managing your pain levels and taking charge to the next step to relief. Cheers, Mathew&Deloris

6 thoughts on “About ADHD And CBD- Facts And Fiction

  1. I thought ADHD are for kids only and that it would go away when they grow up. But this article is talking about ADHD of adults. I know a lot of adults are suffering from depression and anxiety disorder. Well, that is the most common diagnosis and assumption to persons who wants to be “alone” and be left just by themselves. I wonder how to distinguish the two from ADHD.

    I wonder how this CBD is processed. Also, if it’s the cousin of marijuana doesn’t it have an addictive effect that could possibly lead to dependence and abuse?

    1. Thank you rose,
      For sharing your thoughts on what would like to say that kids teens and adults can have this and some may grow out of it or they can have the same issues if they never learn to cope. This can lead to negative behavior all kinds of people have this disorder one they have it under control, or two they are wild. You can consult with a doctor to really see if you are ADHD they could be hyper or can’t pay attention for long periods of time.

      The CBD is proceeded by extracting the CBD from the plant and can not get you HIGH they have 0.03% of THC and ISOLATE CBD has 99.9% CBD in it this does not have the addictive trait in it. THC has a psychoactive effect on people making it a head high and body CBD has on traits of acting on pain receptors and helping the pain specifically.
      You should see other articles that support what you have asked and want to know



  2. Hello Mathew and Deloris,

    Very informative article on ADHD and CBD. I’m sure most people have encountered or know someone personally who has ADHD. Personally, my oldest cousin has it and I never knew that CBD had benefits for it. Thanks for the information!


    1. Hi Eric,
      We like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories about CBD success and why this product is so powerful and Booming in the industry world of CBD.
      We hope that your cousin finds the right product for his ADHD he can cope well with this and benefit more than you think.


  3. Thank you for the informative article. This is really good research and details you have shared with us.

    Well done, and I hope people can find relief through your strategies noted included CBD Tinctures.

    1. Chris,
      We like to thank you for your time in sharing your thoughts with us and your kind words this is making us strive more to educate others on CBD and all there is to know.


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